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Leah Nov 5
For you
I want to be something more
The mere thought of your angelic name, brings a brush of wind on my skin
Taken, my heart will not let go of you
My brain says to run
My legs are moving slowly
And my heart is beating too fast
What do I do?
#feelings #crush #relationships
Leah Nov 5
I want to explore the lines of your skin
Read every curvature with my tongue
Your tall body will be my art tonight
And baby I always aim to please
Your innocence makes my words still on my tongue
Taunting to leave my mouth
But I leave you be
Innocently, exploring you and your body in my mind.
Leah Oct 21
A pain so strong can cause our mind to snap
Change the reality in front of you,
To see what you want,
Instead of what you need to see.
This is for those whose heart is broken or has lost someone. Losing someone to whether it be death or drifting apart can make your mind create a reality that isn't true so the pain can hurt a little less.
Leah Oct 8
I think im suffering from intimacy on both sides of the line
With a man...
With a friend
Since I've moved here I feel so...
Idk the right word to use,
When you feel like your insides are drowing,
Constantly surrounded my family and people on the street
I look around to check to see if anyone is looking at me.
No one.
Loneliness is one hell of a drug
Once you start feeling that,
It gets the better of you
Riddling your thoughts of foolery,
Tricking you into thinking no one is there
But is anyone here.
I see faces but no eyes.
Leah Oct 8
I made a mistake.
My first mistake was about writing about you.
My second mistake was thinking about you.
Leah May 27
I never told you the truth
We sit next to each other,
Words are trying to spill from my mouth.
I sip on my margarita, hoping the tequila will make the words disappear
The truth
The truth
I want to say it
You should know how I feel
You should know my thoughts, my wants, my desires
I look at you and wonder...
No, no, I tell myself
Drink, I tell myself
The tequila will make the thoughts go away
Except it doesnt
Three drinks later, 2 shots and 1 beer
I want you
I want your chocolate eyes and pink lips
I want your muscular arms and wide torso wrap in me
I want your minty taste on me
The thoughts come in waves, leaving me thirsty
So instead, I drink water
Water makes me sober and less thirsty
Water gives me some clarity
But nothing makes the thoughts stop.
This is me, telling the truth and what I do to not say it
Leah May 27
There is a door I want to open...
Instead we've open the window
I told you I dnt like to start things I cant finish
The breeze through this window feels amazing
It isnt wide open but just a little crack,
Letting me feel things I havent felt in a while
Summer just started and the chills on my skin makes my hair stand
I sit and stare at this window,
Thinking if I should open it more
Or just open the door.
This is a metaphor poem about starting something with someone but not wanting to indulge it. Just knowing things wont go the you want it so instead you just slowing start things up.
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