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Leah Aug 2020
Thousands of miles separate us
Who said long distance works?
I hate it
I want you here
My bed is cold
I sleep diagonal
When are you coming back?
I miss you
Come hold me again
Virtual dates & late night talks
Five minutes of holding you can change it all
Long distance is tough
Baby I want you
I miss you
Come hold me again.
Leah Aug 2020
I’m the invisible friend.
The one where everyone tells their problems to.
The one where everyone comes to for advice.
The one where everyone comes to for research.
The one where everyone’s goes to for fun time or random adventures.
The one where if I need a lending ear I’m alone.
The one where if I want to cry I find a corner.
The one where if I want to eat I eat alone.
The one where if I want to talk I better find my notebook & pen.
The invisible friend,
Always needed, never wanted.
Leah Aug 2020
Dating is like a new bottle of wine.
You don’t know what you’re going to get,
But you’re eager to finish the bottle
Leah Aug 2020
I can’t trust my heart because she betrays me.
I can’t trust my brain because it won’t tell me what I need.
They go back and forth.
The only thing I have constant in my life is a pen and paper.
They never let me believe something else.
Everything in front of me is black and white.
I trust my pen and paper.
Leah Mar 2020
I’ve loved you when I didn’t love myself
You loved me but you only loved yourself
I did everything for you
My heart and soul bled for you
Leaving blood marks on the sidewalks
But you let the wind blow it away
And you choose to see what you wanted
Some of you thinking, this is about my boyfriend
But listen, best friends can break your heart too.
She stuck that knife so deep in my back
There’s no way in hell Im ever going back
I took care of you cuz that’s what friends do
But I like I said, you only loved yourself
The first two lines is by an R&B artist, song call “myself.” I loved the way she described how you can put your all into someone and they can take it. I felt this way with my former best friend. I gave everything and she gave nothing
Leah Mar 2020
This is what disappointments feels like.
Getting your hopes up knowing you shouldn't
Waiting for something that you know in the back of your mind isn't going to happen
Predicting different outcomes hoping maybe one of them will be true
But when the lights turn on and you take off the shades
That deep feeling of dread sinks in because you did it to yourself again
I've felt it all my life
Leah Nov 2019
For you
I want to be something more
The mere thought of your angelic name, brings a brush of wind on my skin
Taken, my heart will not let go of you
My brain says to run
My legs are moving slowly
And my heart is beating too fast
What do I do?
#feelings #crush #relationships
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