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Cristine Aug 2019
You talk and I see your inside
You act and I see your scars
You react and I see your sickness
You hide and I see your fears
You hurt them and I see your heart
You hate and I see your love
You love and I see your selfishness
You grow up and I see your blidness
Cristine Dec 2018
Give me a minute so I can play my favorite song.
A minute to stop and listen to my heart.
A minute to feel something new.
Give me a minute so I can finish the last broken piece of the puzle and see reality as it is.
A reality that is far away from where I belong.
A reality that doesn't nourish my beliefs nor my soul.
Cristine Oct 2018
You were good to everyone else but never towards yourself. Maybe you thought you weren't good enough. Maybe you thought that all you can feel is pain and sadness. Maybe it was your broken memories that kept you up all night.
To every time you thought you didn't have the right to love yourself, I forgive you.
Cristine Sep 2018
Hey kid – You don’t know who you really are nor what’s happened to you.
You don’t remember when your dad called you dumb nor when you were hungry and your mum didn’t cook dinner.
But you can change it. You can change who you are. All it takes is one person, one situation, one moment to change your life forever. It can change your perspective and decorate your mind.
One **** moment that forces you to re-evaluate all your beliefs. You only have to decide if you want to live this way.
Cristine Sep 2018
The music was playing - softly
Standing on the balcony waiting for the fresh almond croissant
People are walking and riding their bikes in the old streets of Paris
A coffee shop and two old chairs outisde waiting for a reunion
I can hear her singing the lyrics and feeling the breeze
This moment was precious
Cristine Sep 2018
Why can’t you help me like a normal human being?
Why are you afraid from giving just a little from what you have?
It’s supposed to be easy and simple. We all say that life is hard so why don’t we all stick together? Why you wanna have it all when someone else is in need?
Is it fear from not having enough? Or is it the society that punishes our souls?
Cristine Sep 2018
Listen to me child.
You don't get to call her fat
nor to push her into the locker.
Did it even occur to you how she must have felt
when you tripped her in the hall ?
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