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O Darkness!
You occupy this wide universe
I am the son of a learned person
Aware of the modifications
Each life must experience.
Even though I dwell in light
Where ever light does not reach
I can see you.
I do not fear you.

I see you through my mind,
The mind is that which has desires.
My act of seeing you covers you.
Whatever I see projected
Upon you does not last forever.

O Darkness! You neither change nor age
Existing as you do now
From before the beginning of time,
You are the eternal bond.
Of what use is the light that shines if it instils fear
Makes me hide in your folds,          
It is light that also tells me about grief
Makes me seek relief in you.
Light can hide you, O Darkness, but
You cannot conceal light.
You are my origin,
One day, seeking a merger with you
I will walk towards you.
On a sunny afternoon
I sat in my wicker chair
Reading a letter
Posted some three months ago
When winter had just drawn its fangs
And compelled the air
To bite sharp and deep
Into my skin and mind.

The paper I hold is still cold,
The written words, icy and shrill.
I am accustomed to reading
More bad words said about me
The good ones are few,
To my surprise
The letter I hold in my hand contains
Many words of praise.
I usually earn praise
When I do nothing and stay idle
Week after week.
Small pleasure.

I have not seen Paradise,
My retired life cannot be any different.
But my friend who wrote this letter
Is not happy,
His name is not in the list of state awardees.
He is disappointed,
He is a fine writer though.
I love reading his poems,
I must pay him a visit.
Left at the river bank
To fend alone
I was busy counting my prayer beads.

When darkness descended,
I counted the stars
But not the ripples
That constantly rose and fell
On the river’s surface,
They lack certainty.

Bored and tired,
I was frightened too
By the sounds of the river and the night
That told me to go away.
Where to?

Expectations are valuable,
They are all fragile,
They do make one dream.
I want to dream.
My wisdom had left me in the wild
To be alone,
To find or weave a dream
I could connect with,
It had not abandoned me.
Only those who sleep well, dream.

I have not slept a wink
Owing to a nagging fear -
The fear of losing.
I can lose everything but not my hopes.
I did not wander in the woods
Only to retrace my steps
Because I cannot accept defeat;
Because I wish to dream again
I must find my sleep.
The sun has set
And darkness reigns,
Birds are silent
And the senses lulled
I have waited for you
All day
You did not come;
I am impatient
Now, what next?
The dagger was new and shiny,
It was long and sharp,
It proudly pierced my heart,
I felt no discomfort or pain
As it parted my ribs,
Only a sort of wetness of a ****** kind.

I died rather peacefully,
Without raising a cry for help.

At that moment
Only one thought,
One thought pestered me –
I had been foolish,
My greed had killed me;
I wanted to own everything
Other than my faults.
Dimly shines the moon in her tearless eyes
Highlighting the pain, she endures
While she waits for the return of happy times
She cannot forget even if she tried,
Her eyes scan the horizon and the sky.

No smile plays on her colourless dry lips,
The fountain of tales that had always overflowed
Is also dry, the words she spoke are silent,
Even the tall trees do not make the wind sing,
She survives because of her memories.

As she sits at the window surveying her world
The dos and don’ts play their roles,
She knows time must move on,
Over-ride all pretences and joys;
Her world must pulsate and make things count.
While I slept
I felt a sharp nudge
At my right side,
It brought me awake.

A face I knew
Peered down at me,
Asked me to vacate
The bed I occupied.

He needed it, he said,
The caretaker of daylight
Very tired and burnt out.

He wasn’t happy,
He knew why
He had disturbed me,
The patient groper
Of the dark nights
And their secrets,
He could not banish.
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