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Set me free from my pen and thoughts
They enslave me
And keep me bound to the sheaves of paper
Lying atop one another on my stilted shelf
Undusted, forgotten and yellowing
Stop me from writing the no-one-understands
Stop me from thinking about the inevitable
Cheer me up and make me smile again
O Vanity, make me write a song to you
Let me savour my presence
Allow me to mint words of praise afresh
Allow me to relive the old days today
I cannot wait for the tomorrows
That do not promise change
No one believes me.
I have just returned
From the other side of the sun,
No one believes me.
I should not speak about my travels
From one end of the universe to the other,
The journeys that I make all alone
To strange worlds.
I should not tell them what lies in the Beyond -
A sea of delight;
Their small reach
Does not allow them to believe me.
He wanted to be me,
Asked me to vacate the seat I occupied.
He thought this much would suffice,
He could replace me and rule as I did.
He was a man in a great hurry,
And very jealous.

I did not object.
As I was finding my work tiresome
I wanted freedom from the burden I carried
For so long
That I was eager to pass on.
He grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

You can find him on the hilltop
Pensive and lost.
Shake off the start from the beginning
If you would;
There will then be no pain, no regrets, no joy,
There will be no feel or sight either,
In that, pristine darkness already spread
Is the unspeakable formless one
Afterwards concealed
By the light of the risen stars
And felt by all beating hearts
To reveal its presence
That brightens all known worlds.
I thought
My long wait is over,
The solution found
I need no longer pay heed
To the approaching footfalls
Nor listen to the old songs
Or stories often told;
A voice, loud and clear,
Asks me to retrace my steps
And commence the beginning
That began with me.
O Cloud!
Nasty people,
Wicked and mean,
Roam the earth,
Ignore them.
Take me with you.
Take me
To wherever you go,
As a happy dream.
I will narrate tales,
Revive gaiety,
Release new songs,
Fill hearts with love.
No one will be sad.
Take me with you
As an arguable thought
That is wispy as a dream,
Warm and nosy,
To find and unravel
The secrets
Hidden from you
I ask you
To tag me on to you.
O Cloud,
Make me a part of you.
In dim starlight
Why for, if at all,
Measure the distance
Between you and me
With your eyes lowered
Surveying the floor.
Not afloat,
We man two extremes
As two distant parallels
Who never meet to tease.
Should we?
We do not cavil
Nor grieve or vie.
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