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Goblinssi Sep 2018
Technology - the opposite of antiquity
Antiquity - very old past
What if our past is
The technology of today?
If we are born today
And if we recognize that
Today's technology is antiquated
What would it be like
To live in modernity?
Mental faculties
Must move centuries forward
To advance the present
And escape this technological
#antiquity #modernity
Goblinssi Sep 2018
Photos, selfies
Captured years ago
Feelings, memories
Still vivid
All were just
Like yesterday.
#reminisce #growing
Goblinssi Sep 2018
We socially constructed
By age, by title
A hierarchy

What if we didn't?
What's the alternate
Of family, of community?

Are we wrong?

Can we undo
What was done?

But how?
What it'll be like?

Did we follow biology?
Did we follow culture?

In the hereinafter
Or in eternity
I wish it's better

Life on soil
Ups and downs
It's good still

Life in sky
Or in blackhole
Please be better

Joy or pain
In love or heartbroken
Any other choices?

Boss, chief
Client, customer
Idol, fanboy and fangirl

Why are we here?
What about ranks?
Slaves of time

Can we ever imagine
Everything we are not?

Can we ever become
Anything we are not?

So help me... God.
Goblinssi Aug 2018
A charming physician
Specializes in Internal Med
Whenever I see her
Do her rotation
I wish I am a doctor too
Not that there's no other way
To get to know her

I could only internalize
How hard she must have studied
From residency to fellowship
In my head, I wish I can "ship"
I ship her and myself

At this phase
Patient will I become
Not the adjective
But the noun

But I have to choose
My illness
It can't be neurological
It must be internal

Should I put poison in my food?
Can I put water in my lungs?
Must I have bacterial infection?

Any injury
In my upper extremity

May be a turning point (or not).
Goblinssi Aug 2018
There's a song
It is Korean
Neol saranghagesseo
That's the line
I could only remember

That song
That line
Neol saranghagesseo
I choose to love you
That's what it means

But why?
Why you?
Of all those around
Why you?
왜 or Wae?

This temporal world
Does not allow it
But my temporal lobe
Does not seem to care

The eternal world I know
May also not allow it
I'm restricted, yet
Neol saranghagesseo.
Goblinssi Aug 2018
Patience is hard.
They say it's worth it.
But does it mean silence?

Silence requires patience.
They say it's better.
But how will they know it's patience?

Am I patiently silent?
Or silently patient?
I do not know.

Nobody knows.
If I had known,
I wouldn't ask.

— The End —