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Julian D Aug 2018
You spat in my face,
stab me repeatedly,
degraded me, shunned me,
kept my head below sea level,
pounded my head in with a hammer and screws,
drove 200 miles per hour to strike me with your car unforeseen,
you slapped me, punched me, kicked me, shot me,
you drugged me, you betrayed me, but silent tears roam
down the mysterious lake, into a maggoty infested sewer undiscovered.
Julian D Aug 2018
Sipping on green tea
on a lonesome day
hearing the birds chirp
and the cars Vroom
lights luminous and neon
eyes flicking on and off
squirrels eating acorns
look into the distance
what do I see
my mind
is active
Julian D Aug 2018
Sat in my room for hours, glancing up into the ceiling,
confined walls narrowing me in, so deep I land in the pouch of the room,
jumping on the trampoline cushions to peek for the exit,
but I was stranded, in a cubicle that constricted me in, disallowing my
departure, I screamed for help, as the volume of the music heightened, where the ballroom danced, an army of people,
drinking champagne and wine,
I could hear the sound of laughter roar upstairs into my room where silence
could only hear the sound of a choir with bass violins sharpening the wood,
as they took a sudden pause, the music ceased,
I could hear them snickering silently but visibly, at my exile.
#lonewolf   #fortitude   #omission  #perseverance #outcast
Julian D Aug 2018
My mitten, I wear you in the cold, with the winds so speedy
deflecting pain from my threshold,
but the pain started to crinkle, was to intolerant and ultra lethal,
My mitten, collapse onto the ground, concealing the protector
that couldn't rebound, and there was I, a hand as numb as ice,
the price you take becomes a livid vice, with minimum sacrifice.
Julian D Aug 2018
Greed is power, power to detain,
the weakened, the fallen,
the selfishly ways,
the egos the narcissist that love the endless appraise,
Greed is material, new sneakers, jewelry, clothes, houses, cars and money,
the things people emphasize even when their living situation is slummy,
priorities are backwards, that will cause a hazard, unconscious to life,
refrain from what you are inclined to entice,
and even when you cast your ballot to vote, that dictator is,
licking his chomps, as he patiently awaits his victory to be sudden atop,
now he can't be stopped.
Greed can be a wickedly evil thing, but that's the way life swings. ****.
Julian D Aug 2018
Pass midnight, 1AM on a monday morning, he opened up the curtains,
and heard a loud squeal, he saw a lady and a child in a terrifying ordeal,
and their stood the attacker built like a football linebacker, he yelled at
the woman and child to get into the van, but the woman said,
"let go of my hand, I'm not getting in that sedan,"
as her child starts to crumble, the man attempts to grab him, he fumbles
and stumbles on a rock, as the woman and child plot for their escape,
the man got up hurriedly and was truly irate, he chased and chased,
the woman to a ditch, where he tried to grapple but she responded,
with DE-FENSE, this situation was getting very, very intense,
so suspenseful the man gave up, he ran back to his car with both of his hands up, "Freeze, time to put you in handcuffs,"
the woman and child got away, as they pray to see another day.
Julian D Aug 2018
Plant this seed in my garden, she says,
this is our territory, our domain to our destiny,
we protect our colony and shall not let anyone interfere,
not a raging bull or a firefly,
we will instill nutrients, accountability, toughness, civility,
in their chests with titanium strength, so indestructible,
it will not affect ones capability to bloom, to flourish into the wind,
knocking down an ogre that looks to crush our kingdom,
because we are the shield that fortifies our family, unity.
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