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703 · Nov 2020
She changed me.
The person who I am now
Would have hated the person I was
I have you to thank for that, so take a bow.
I lacked so much inspiration in my life
Then you came, and removed all my strife
Now i want to do more and be better
Im no romantic, yet here im writing a letter
A letter of gratitude for the joy uve given me
Held by chains of loneliness, i am now free
Gave me a reason to live, filled me with fire
Im changing, for you are my only desire.
543 · Apr 2019
Her smile radiates warmth
Its the middle of winter
Its supposed to be cold
Yet for some reason
Im sweating like a sprinter

Temperature is freezing
With plenty of snow
Yet for some reason
I feel warmth that is pleasing

And all she did was smile at me
And winter suddenly ended
And spring hurriedly arrived
She has warmed me, I am filled with glee
512 · Mar 2019
She is a burden!
She is a burden I carry
All her worries and troubles
Add to the number of mine
I worry so much, it is quite scary

She, herself, is something I carry
I think about her day and night
As she whispers in my head
With a voice, as sweet as a berry.

Her troubles, and all she goes through bad or merry
Are a part of me
And yet the pain of hers I carry
Is nice, our love Is a burden I like to carry
451 · Aug 2018
Atop my horse
I look around
Looking for the source
Of that melodious sound

I walk into a clearing
And see a sight
Of animals cheering
As the birds rise in flight

I call them back to sing
And motion to resume
The birds come and bring
Music that makes me bloom
I love how the nightingale sings decided to make a poem of it.
No one else lights my days
Not a single shadow
Just a world of color and light
My heart burned stronger than hay

No one else fills my nights
She stands shining down
As all glimmers and sparkles
Inside, she started many fights

No one else makes me think
She is different like the stars
And bright in every way
In this together we will sink
407 · Mar 2019
Love is a mystery...
Love is a blessing
Two people made one
Happy ever after it seems
All in all quite impressing

Love is a curse
You cant stop thinking of them
You long to be near them
Your heart is broken, there is nothing worse

Love is simple
Like black and white
Or blue and gold
Your love glitters like a crystal

Love is a mystery
No one can understand
It hangs over us
Since the beginning of history
I am not easy to light
And yet when I first saw her
I began to warm
Slowly,  as our love took flight

The touch of her hand
The sound of her voice
The wind in her hair
And her personality grand

It is not my fault
I burst into flames
Because of someone like her,
Who lights up my heart's cold vault
Why is it that whatever i do
Wherever I go
Whatever I say
Im always thinking about her

I cant sleep at night
I roll around in bed trying to get her out
When I fall asleep
I see her in my dreams as i try to fight
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