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The feel of the wind.
The rich mountain air.
The sun peeking over the hill.
The creatures playing.
The feel of nature.
Who doesn't like being in the wild?
The flowing stream.
Night falls,
The sun rises,
Yet it keeps flowing.
A boulder falls,
Blocking the stream.
Yet it turns,
And finds another path.
The simple dream
That dances in my mind
Every night.
The simple dream
That prances
Through my day.

That simple dream
Wanting nothing more
Than to love
And be loved.

That simple dream
To have a roof
Over your head
To have food and drink
On your table

The simple dream.
How many times
I've tried putting duty
Before persistent love
And all for nothing

How many times I fail
Cause chaos, fatal mistakes
and ignoring love completely
Yet it keeps coming

I want it,
But throw it to the rocks
And like a ****
It bursts through

From the very beginning
The battle was lost
Because love...
Love always returns
Our Love
Has been forged
From the hottest hardships
From the strongest materials
Of faith, trust, hope, and joy
We are now
The strongest item
That no sword can pierce
No ram can batter
Come what may
Our love forged
Will stand strong
What a powerful tool
It flows smoothly
Like a river
Yet after a while
Even the sturdy rocks
Slowly break apart
Seeming so innocent
Yet with a few lines
Has my heart captivated
And I yearn for more and more
Can be so beautiful
Yet so dark
Telling wondrous stories
Or horrendous tales
Seems to be forgotten at times
Yet it only lurks in the dark
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to make a change
What a mystery
Her words are like poetry
They flow so softly
Her voice is relaxing
Every word flowing
Like a calm stream
Flowing continuously
So peaceful, yet strong
Every word, warming
Like a cozy fire
Which you long to be near
In the dead of winter
Every word, almost singing
Like birds who greet
The rising sun
Her words are like poetry...
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