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It starts like a spinning top
Hypnotically spirals
Then it swirls
Round like a hurricane

I look into the eye of the storm
It seems to smoulder
Delicate and warm
Yet distant

Unstoppable and yet serene
The vortex drowning my thoughts
Swirling me round
A turbulent sea

But I feel also peaceful
Overcome with serenity
Harmonious music
Drunk on its melody

Does it draw me
Towards rocks or bliss?
This shimmering cocktail
Sweet and heady

Why is everything so hazy?
Is it steam?
Is that a swirling bath?
An aromatic lagoon

Stirred by a gentle hand
Soft skin and porcelain
Inviting me in
Beckoning me in

Does it invite me
Or does the door close?
Leaving me indignant
And alone in the dark

Like a ballerina
Ever faster, ever lighter
Seeming as if to rise
With each revolution

Up and up it goes
Swirling and swirling
Now slower and slower
As it quietly dissipates

It circles now above me
Finned silhouettes overhead
Swimming around and around
I hope they’re not sharks.
4 line 4 line 4 line
The way is foggy
There is no signal here
No maps, no roads
No lights, no signs
Nor signals to guide me
I am a stranger
To this one-horse town
I do not know

So I fall into slumber
To dreams of woods of umber
The ground still with frost
This icy chill biting at my heels
Are these the dogs of winter?
Is the cold of autumn or spring?
Am I the only one who
Feels anything?

As I climb it gets colder
The mist steals further in
More so I feel lost
Torn between the way home
And the way my heart leads
Though I do not know
Which of these is in front
Nor behind me

From love I draw strength
Blindly it pulls me onwards
I do not know if my path is true
If it leads me to you
If it leads to pastures new
If it leads me back to paths already trodden
Retraces unseen footprints
Through marsh and swamp

I feel so small
A speck in this vast landscape
Amidst unconquerable forces she commands
To which I am subject
Strong may be my legs
But a great load they carry
And I fear they may buckle
For weak, she can make me

— The End —