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Katia Arkasa May 27
The secrets I buried
When you come to visit
The house I built

You see the wild gardens
Filled with Roses
Strong from blood and sacrifices
Simply beautiful to your dulled naked eyes

You'll sit in my living room
Have a smoke and ask where I got my pillows
As ghosts walk through and stop to look at you
The warmth of the fireplace holding you tight

You'll walk to my bedroom
Tell me you love the sweet sticky smell of candles I lit
The feeling of the covers, my skin
The little fairy lights that cover my ceiling

But you don't know the monsters in my closet
I can't show you the bones that hold up this grieving refuge
My pain and decay under the foundations
You will never know

You are a guest
I'm so tired of people being insensitive and apathetic towards others' plights when they talk to me. They assume because I am happy now that I did not suffer before. That I was never a victim in the hands of those they so easily brush aside or worse, justify. They do not know what it took to build myself. But I cannot tell theem anyway, they will never understand.
Katia Arkasa May 2020
The only poems I have worth reading
Are the ones I write with tears blurring my vision
  Aug 2018 Katia Arkasa
SC Kelley
You are indescribably beautiful.
More than your breathtaking smile.
Or the way you look at me with those gorgeous brown eyes.
You are beautiful in this supernatural way that makes me yearn for an explanation.

It is such a beauty that makes me feel complete.
A tremendous burst of euphoria and bliss just by the thought of you.
Your bewitching emanation that makes my soul electrify.
As if we were split in a ****** world to search for one another.

Your immense beauty that is far beyond the physical.
It makes me suffer in the most amazing way.
Forces me to watch every careful step,
To not shatter the perfection of a thousand lifetimes.

A beauty that makes the world seem brand new and brilliant.
You make the flowers bloom fuller,
The grass greener,
And the birds sing finer.

You are the deity my heart has struggled to search for,
The divinity my soul has craved,
And the magnificence I have only dreamt of.
Your presence makes this life hold a more significant meaning.

You are the loveliest being,
I have ever had the pleasure of sharing an existence with.
You cause this intoxication in my very soul,
And make my heart skip every beat in the most tremendous way.

You have brought new meaning to my life.
Things that were once a blur now makes sense.
You have given love "at first sight" a true meaning.

~S.C. Kelley
For My Future Love
  Aug 2018 Katia Arkasa
SC Kelley
I write about the stars too much.

I blame you.

Eyes holding galaxies in sweet captivity.

That starstruck feeling when you look at me.

Lips that taste of constellations.

Ecstacy of cosmic proportions.

Words drawing me in like a black hole.

Your body, like a goddess swimming in stardust.

Accidental perfection parallel to the Milky Way.

Your laugh as bright as a thousand supernovas.

Heart made of stars, filling the space in my own.

I write about the stars too much.

But really, I just write about you, the best of them all.

~S.C. Kelley
For The One You Love

— The End —