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589 · Aug 2018
Fae Kay Aug 2018
my brain is a beehive.
always buzzing.
dripping with the honey of my thoughts.
571 · Nov 2018
Haiku #1
Fae Kay Nov 2018
calloused hands-
my therapist tells me
to up my meds
Fae Kay Aug 2018
The number 7
is a yellow lozenge.

He rolls around my brain with tumbleweed joy,
leaving an after-taste of citrus
and conviction.
316 · Sep 2018
For You
Fae Kay Sep 2018
I wish I could fire my brain
from firing for you.

I wish I could unwire my brain
from being wired for you.

Because the day I stop loving you
is the day I'm no longer myself.
307 · Oct 2018
Warrior Woman
Fae Kay Oct 2018
I came with a sword in one hand and a knife in the other.

You may not feel like one,
but you are a warrior.
You wield arms
you didn't think you could bear.
264 · Sep 2018
Call it an intervention
Fae Kay Sep 2018
She spent the night and left in the morning.

My brain broke the news to me later that day.
"There’s no easy way to say this,
but I think we’re falling apart."

She ignored me when I sat next to her the next day.

My brain consoled me as I laid in bed.
"I know this is hard for you,
it’s hard for me too."
197 · Dec 2018
Silly assumptions
Fae Kay Dec 2018
He said to me
"If you want to be a doctor
you'll have to give up everything".

I said to him
"The only thing I don't want to give up
is being a doctor".

And my voice,
my female voice,
shook the room.

— The End —