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too bad I don’t know how we got this way
the pain the hate it’s been too late

for this to work I don’t know how I’ll funciton without you

I’ll be better off the next life will show it
it’s okay , I’ll always see you in the next loop
unitless Jan 19
everything you say ends up being the opposite
I’m getting away , it’s hard I’m still trying
unitless Nov 2018
I am worth a million
I don’t deserve to be wailing
I now understand, I can’t keep this broken heart from breathing
I am capable of recovery
Thank you for the tears, they taught me all i need to know about your kind.
unitless Sep 2018
I’m sober yet I want to die
I am numb depression hurts internally
I miss you but I hate you but I love you more than the lungs I need to breath but I know you can’t just love me yet I know I could still spend eternity loving you
I’m gaining in friends but I’m losing myself it was you but 2 of us and it was all I ever needed
I hate my mind and my heart they fight a lot
unitless Sep 2018
enlighten me
lie to me
just leave
unitless Sep 2018
I’m screaming into my pillowcase
tears rushing
mascara rubbing imitating eyes onto the wet pillowcase
I can only think of what was
How to continue
With a heart so broken
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