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 Aug 2019 Suhas Ghoke
I have written you into eternity.
Please will you whisper my name
to the trees so that I might live forever too,
and never be without you.
When eyes are blinking,and heart is sinking,
Then express your love,what are you
 Aug 2019 Suhas Ghoke
You are my poem
I write it
You are my tears
I let it bath me
You are my flowers
I let it blossom through my being
You are my pain
I let it take me deep within
You are my spark of love
I let it burn me as a bonfire
Letting  the flame e of our love
Raise higher and higher

 Jul 2019 Suhas Ghoke
Dear Love,

Love, my dear.


I just send this poem to a poemcontest with the theme Love and appreciation. hope for the best!:)
 Jul 2019 Suhas Ghoke
I can go back years in my mind
and still
that changes nothing for today

I am such as I have never been before
and still
she is not enough

For to me all things
even dreams and death
are tangible

And such that I could touch
life and love alike
but the world spins in it's own way

I retrograde in my emotions
and there is no center
to loss and losing

My only comfort is this, you
and still I cling
knuckles white and bleeding

There is none and nothing to surround me
Still my body chokes
On air fouled with memories

And dreams
oh nightmares
that they would leave their scars and go

But the world and whims of life
are not as such
and such I should have known

Fools live and die
and I am still afraid
of life and death at once

The coffin of my mind is unburied
and such these memories renew
a soul tired in its journeying

This is now still
a day to remember
though many I still forget

For time passes like water
through this life
and on into the next

These scars I carry
though the weight not the same
still I feel its presence

Let me pass
just as I am
in the shadows of the overgrown

Into that which calls me
by my own name
in the dying light of the stars

This day is still only a rising
that will set into the past
and I will let you go

As I have done so many before
such is the way of the world
still she spins, in fields of flowers
व्हाट्सएप पर मैसेज पढ़ा
फिर जाना करके ट्रिन
आज नया रोल निभाया
सुखद है आज का दिन
अनन्या एग्जोमी करती है
असम बाढ़ के लिए काम
ना रुपए ,ना गहने
इकट्ठा करती सामान आम
चार किलो कपड़े भेजे
पाया खुशी का मुकाम
मनुष्य वही है
जो मुश्किल को समझे
और झटपट दे अंजाम
थोड़ा सा दूर रख दो
सिर्फ अपने लिए जीना
फिर देखो मुश्किल नहीं
खुशियों को ढूंढना
रोज-रोज नहीं आते
ऐसे कुदरती तूफान
रख लो‌ थोड़ा सा
मानवता का भी ध्यान।
Ananya Axomi (Assamese ladies association) is a womens group is collecting clothes, medicines, soaps, surf, senetary pads, odomos etc for assam flood hit persons at gurgaon.
 Jul 2019 Suhas Ghoke
Lara P
11 p.m.
It's time to go to bed
With weird thoughts in my head.
Maybe dreams will be better.

12 a.m.
Midnight has come.
I can't feel, I'm numb.
When will sleep fall on my eyes?

1 a.m.
It's already too late
For me to still be awake.
Yet I can't fall asleep because of you.

2 a.m.
Oh, here they come.
I've been waiting them for long.
Bad thoughts are back.

3 a.m.
Everything is peaceful
But my heart and my lungs.
Anxiety, why won't you go away?

4 a.m.
Dawn is here, and I'm still awake.
Everything is calm, my heart doesn't ache.
It's too late to fall asleep now.

5 a.m.
I breathe in cold, fresh air,
Everything around me seems so fair.
New day, new chance. I'm glad to be alive.
Sometimes sleepless nights show you just how beautiful life can be.
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