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Mar 2020 · 190
By Gones
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
Be gone, you bygones
But there’s nothing wrong
With letting them go on
To morph into better songs
A sort of eulogy to their long
Mar 2020 · 125
Lonely Places
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I withdraw to these lonely places
I didn’t choose it before, but now I’m grateful
For how God has placed it, and created it
And now I’m home as I retrace it
The past few nights, I’ve felt kinda lonely. But now, I can reflect on the places God has gotten me through, and how easy I can get through these ones with Him

Luke 5:16 ~ But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
Mar 2020 · 122
Simple Eyes
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I see You simplizing things
I see Your simple eyes gleam
I see You beneath the trees
I see You don’t hold a string
Mar 2020 · 167
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I don’t like saying slaying
To me it seems profane
But I’m speaking the language of my friends
Ones with cool words
Who’ve been around that bend
And know of those burns
They don’t cover up, blubbering on
But it’s a phenomenon, a loving song
So I speak their language
The language of knowing the pages
My friends that are the color yellow mean a lot to me.
Mar 2020 · 103
301st poem
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I think it’s interesting that my most famous poem
Is one that I underestimated
But it gives the message I want behind each piece
It has one like, and had never trended
But somehow it has the most reads
And I think that’s interesting
Just a thought
Mar 2020 · 85
Turning Around the Cube
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’m turning around the cube
To get a different point of view
I’m in a different field now
And I know exactly how
When I don’t really think about it
But when I write it out
I can start to go back
But then I see the pact
That God has my back
And He has my front
And each side of the line
Knowing where He wants me to go
So I’ll be staying on the low
My 300th poem, interesting
Mar 2020 · 276
None The Less
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
We can all know Him, personally
And we can all speak in, verbal melody
I can’t pretend that You don’t exist
Cause I can’t resist the heaviness
I’ve been enlisted in
But I can feel Your willingness
And I want it to be me none the less
Mar 2020 · 102
True Light
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
When the sun and the moon bid their goodbyes
And the monsoons will break frozen ocean-sides
And our emotions no longer change like the tides
The only thing left will be the true light
The thing we’ve seen since the beginning of time
I wrote this this morning, thinking about the things going on in this world. It talks about how the moon will fly out of orbit and the sun will run out of gas some day, but it also applies to not worrying about the things of this world, and knowing our hope rests in God. Remember, in the beginning, He made the “light” before He made the sun and the moon and the stars to “reflect” that light, and I think that’s cool symbolism...and we reflect that light too :)
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’m not alone in my loneliness
I’m in a war like many were before
I’m in a battle like other cowards
Along with the houses around town
I’m not gonna let them down tonight
I’m gonna put up a fight
If not for me, for all the other teammates
And I believe, we’ll win at this rate
And even if they choose to take their life
I’m not choosing to take mine
Cause there’s another standing in line
So why would I give up on them
If we intend to impend carrying on then
Cause the dark has no right
To any houses around town
So I’m not gonna let them down tonight
I’m gonna put up a fight
Mar 2020 · 88
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’ve doubted if it has to do with seasons
I’ve just made it past the spring leap
It’s getting warmer, and I’m doing better
Is it correlating, with those past reverberations
Mar 2020 · 80
Two Fingers
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’ve been pressing ******* to my temple
Wishing it was a bit more simple
When I should be pressing them to my wrist
Just to know there’s a pulse within
Mar 2020 · 128
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I don’t believe in breath as to talk
I like what you can do with chalk

I won’t drag my nails on a blackboard
Rather I’ll let it passively pour

I don’t believe in breath as to talk
I like what you can do with chalk
Mar 2020 · 77
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’m looking back in the woods
I know that I could
I see a forest, earnest for me to go towards it
But I don’t feel drawn like a was before
Yet I know the dawn will break in retort
But I can see through the trees right now
At how I got through the wondering about
And I reflect on the previous thicket
To those first poems I has written
About not believing the fields were real
But then I experienced the glorious seal
But then again I denied the deal
And relied again on what I feel
Right now I’m going back to that metaphor
To help me again in going toward
I have been going forward all this time
But that is because of someOne divine
The line is not straight, but there’s the gate
Always there with the line drawn in the sand
So I won’t toss about like a boat without land
I am docked, even when my ship is rocked
Because I know of the final island
And I will sing to Eden
In the darkness of the highlands
Unlocking the rocky road to freedom
Mar 2020 · 81
just be
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
Maybe I’m just lonely
I know I don’t need a relationship right now
But maybe we could just be
I know you’re good so I was wondering how
Mar 2020 · 92
We Exist
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
We have enough faith to say
That we do not exist
As we live every single day
If it’s a reality like this
I haven’t written a lot of lyrics lately, and I think it’s actually been good. But just a thought this morning ~ we say that we don’t exist, or that we’re not alive inside. But we are every day, in reality, no matter what you want to think. We don’t compare to the glory of God, but that glory can live in us. I wrote something a few days ago that say, “If God is real, look at Him.” Playing with this idea of if He actually exists, and how we can feel if He does. God is as big and real as existence itself. Kind of references Moses talking to the burning bush.

Also, the title references Arcade Fire’s song “We Exist” talking about how people with depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts are real. Granted, there is a God much bigger than those things that also exists for a reason. The fact that there is evil and darkness shows that there must be light, and there must be God.
Mar 2020 · 69
man in my skin
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
There’s the man in the moon
An ancient rune in the sky
That is sadly too soon to die
And beneath it’s absence I lie
Laying here I’ve radically tried
But I’ve twisted the history
For some victory to sing lyrically
Waxing theological
Maxing cynically
Making it wane honorably
Hating the finical
So what about the man in my skin
And what battles does he win
None, so what’s fun about the sun
What have I to shine light on
Other than a late night care ride without brights on
So I hide away and play it renegade style
Cause the sun’s a definite
But my hope’s in the moon who hasn’t come around in a while
But my clockwork isn’t really legit
Because he was there a few days ago
I’m just stereotyping the ergo in my ego
Mar 2020 · 65
try something new
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
You’re barely keeping your head above the water
Why don’t I try something new and craft a boat
And maybe it will work and you can climb aboard
Because what’s the point if that’s not floating you
Feb 2020 · 52
Deeper Still
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse
When it’s cold and that’s the sum, I revert
Chaos calls to chaos, it the tune of rapids
Day gone falls to trade off, then blooms habit
My deep need calls out to Your deep kindness
My feet leave by my soul is lead in blindness
Your breaking surf, Your mighty crashing
You’re making hurt, Your tidying my gnashing
Your waterfalls of weeping
Sends waves of sorrow
So I will be keeping
Because You long tomorrow
Over my soul, and cary me away
Over my roll, and wary of the way
Cascading over like a thundering cataract
Masquerade but lovingly I remain intact
God has promised to love me all day
And in the hardship I will obey
I will sing songs all through the night
For my life is a prayer
And through the morning light
Because my strife is His care
From other translations of Psalm 42:7.

I was laughing at a SpongeBob meme earlier, and I don’t know how many of you will get this, but I was about to tell my friend this as a joke, but I mean it. As long as these pants are square and this sponge is bob, I won’t let you down. God especially won’t. His pants are always square and His sponge is always Bob.....if that makes sense. A new way of putting it, just thought I might add that in here in case it’s relatable.
Feb 2020 · 167
Deep calls to Deep
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
Deep calls to deep
Feet walking to the steep
With the roar of Your waterfalls
Unlike before I’m on the tall part
All Your waves and breakers
Pavement of the Maker
Have swept over me
And met me gladly
I made a poem around Psalm 42:7 before, and it was more doubtful. I called it “the fall”. Over a year later, I’ve come through many “other sides”. Some other sides were through darker areas, but it’s made me stronger in my faith.
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
The light over my desk is still broken
I’ve been waiting for you to open
But now I only see that you’re moping
There’s something in you that’s been stolen
And I’ve been waiting for that light to hope
It’s an easy fix so when will you show it
(Lady in the Water by Shyamalan reference)
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
What’s the purpose of fun
When there is nothing new under the sun
What’s the purpose of music
When you can’t find a new way to use it
Is there any way to tune it now?
Now that we already know how
So I don’t understand how it’s a different sight
Because it was that way in the Bible times
But did the old modern times have such suicide heights
Or is if implicitly implied to stay alive for the light
Feb 2020 · 66
probably needs more soap.
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
I have something to confess
Before I make another fourteen track step
Don’t look at this as me moping
Sure I may need some more soaping
For the dark about to come out my mouth
But I think it’s part of the kaleidoscopes
And I think it’s part of the steaming found
And I can’t really hold with back with a rope
I’ve given myself some time to know it more
So that it won’t be like just another eyesore
This sort of poem references three songs I’ve written around September of last year - Kaleidoscopes, about how God opens up our eyes to new things and deeper faith, Steam in my Lungs, about this passion for writing God has given me, and Soar of the Eyesores, about how I should keep writing if I feel like it’s what God is telling me to do.

Since then, I have written songs about some deep darkness I have gone through. I have stopped, but it still faces me sometimes. And I know some of you all go through it or have gone through it. I’m lucky to be saved and alive, and God will do the same for you.

I still debate on whether I should release these songs about it. I want them to be encouraging, but also real. looking back on these songs I wrote in September, it shows me how I led up to all those songs I wrote about that deals with darker things. And I’m still unsure if songwriting is suppose to be what I’m suppose to do. I want to make sure it’s good for people, and not out of a place of selfishness.
Feb 2020 · 143
“Bless you”
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
What if sneezing allowed us to rid us of the demons
Instead of blessing flowing from our noses
Our greeting are for the devil’s fleeting
Rejoicing in this enforcement
Contorting the very distortion
And reversing how we curse us
A different stanza to put on our mantle
I might add on some more. God bless y’all
Feb 2020 · 75
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
I think I stopped for a girl
Because there’d be no love in that turmoil
And I stopped for my friend
She made it through and me back again
Turns out it was for the Savior
By Him and through Him He made it
Because I was not connected
When I cut myself by selection
But our God went ahead and intervened
Planting seeds between everything
That’s the way our God works
And by this love we are saved from hurts
I obliged and I thanked Him
I die by living for Him
It was no mistake and I was not His favorite
His love is for all at the door hinges
I wrote a poem called “10 Days Clean (kinda)” last year, and I’d like to update you on the subject. This is solely the power of God; I could not do this. And He can do it for you too
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
I wish I wrote a different song no one’s ever heard
I wish my mom would just admit she’s sick of every word
Overplayed, overstayed, it was a smash hit
Funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
I was told my true fans don’t like this song
But I hope they sing along,
I hope they sing along
At one concert in 2016, Twenty One Pilots changed the first verse to Stressed Out to this, and I find it very interesting. For one, he didn’t make “hit” rhyme with “sh*t”, and it doesn’t sound too well out loud, but I bet that’s on purpose. That makes it kinda deep I think, how even that goes against the norm and what people want. I just think it’s bold and true, and that we can learn from it
Feb 2020 · 72
Name for myself
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
I wanna make a name for myself
But this tower is not to be built
And I did not address You
So You made us a messy tooth
But God defies His own odds
Because right after he made a promise
And after hundreds of years
He proved himself honest and clear

So don’t tell me quite now
I’m okay with that rouse now
Because I found out the voucher
A discount on our amount
That prevents us from feeling
A reinvented sort of seedlings
A halfway sort of meeting
Between everything and nothing
Varying on if I feel something
The name we have for ourself is the Name of the Lord, whose wisdom surpasses all understanding, and whose peace is greater than anything we can conjure on our own. So I’m joyful whenever I accept His Name as my own and allow it to define me, because that’s when I find my wholeness
Feb 2020 · 191
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
I’ve been trying for so long to be the poet
When all I’ve wanted is to be the poem
I’ve been trying for so long to be the poet
When all I’ve wanted is to be the poem
Feb 2020 · 129
Heap Burning Coals
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
Heap burning coals on my head
When I am starving, You give food
When I am thirsty, You give water
When I push it away, it doesn’t grow old
When I fit, You know my mood
When I puke it back up, You give more, vintner
Heap burning coals on my head
My face will burn red
At what I know You have fed
But nothing is wasted
It’s there and I can still taste it
It’s there and I can still taste it
Heap burning coals on my head
Heal me and I want a changed me
Feb 2020 · 62
Modus Ponens
Gabriel Bonney Feb 2020
My premise, would have been my demise
Chalk full of lies, my head hung high
The modus ponens, my mind now opened
Cloaked in codes, now a humble abode
The reprise, will open eyes
Just don’t say it’s unspoken
Take notes, and hold Your tokens
There is hope, coming with vies
Been a while. Hope this is inspiring. There’s always something deeper to look forward to, I believe
Sep 2019 · 112
10 days clean (kinda)
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I’ve been covering up my wrists already
For when it’s bliss they’ll still be steady
Yeah, you heard that right, you ready?
To listen to something kinda heavy?
Heavy in my heart, I feel their part
The parts of them that don’t want to win
The kin of the devil that lives within
We were promised the law of death in Christ
So why won’t all these things die already
This weight feels too heavy for the paid price
Thrice, I tried to lie to you but now it comes through
That my roof is proof that I lose
Because it’s so low and caves with snow
That I’ve shown you it glows, but now you know
Rightfully so, I owe, it to you to blow
No, I won’t close, because what’s posed, at my nose
I know, I feel the flow, in your show, so I’ll go, I’ll row
Sep 2019 · 109
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Am I to be committed to wrestling?
Is it all just part of testing?
Am I to strive to be besting?
To be honored with the blessing
I’m oppressed and yet caressed
And God, I’m fessing
And handing it over for their resting
‘Cause I can’t do it by my messing
But You can save them by my messes!
Sep 2019 · 99
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I’m even doubting my salvation
If I’ve become a new creation
He said there’s no condensation
So why am I condemned, to bend
Why am I not ridden of this sin
Is it so that I’m so concerned
About the burns and what’s learned
In order for you to be able to form
Am I working towards the kingdom
By debating about my freedom
Or is it doubt in the One that’s freed us
Is it good I worry about bleeding
Is this God’s way of freeing, me
Is it so you can see
I was meeting with a friend, and I told him I even wonder if I’m saved or not. Which, your salvation is only between you and Jesus. But he said that since I’m worried about it, I genuinely want to. He said if I didn’t care about being saved, I would be like “Eh,” and move on.
Sep 2019 · 149
A Way Out
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Would I rather die than give my life to You?
Would I still be in a state of solemn blue?
Surely the angels will catch me
Surely the angels will catch me
But it’s just testing
Surely the angels will catch me
But it’s just testing the Spirit
God testing me so see I’ll surely make it through
Because there’s nothing He puts me through
That He will not deliver me from, so I won’t lose
I know He’s given me a way out, that I don’t doubt
Sep 2019 · 202
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Artists askin’ if they’re alone
These voices don’t want you to know
So obviously they’re not if there’s so many
But still I won’t let it be blown
Because I’m askin’ if I’m the only one lonely
But me and my homies, you know me
You and me, we’re both lonely
It’s like we were made to be homies!
(my Kind)
Sep 2019 · 235
alongside death
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
You cried when You had to face betrayal
Did such a sin make You feel the veil?
And if so, since we feel this curtain
Is feeling death so certain?
Must it always be at my side?
Must I always want to die?
I’m in-between, two meanings
And I find each side can be fleeting
You seeing, my meaning, friend?
Is it seeming we must always be between
Always lost if we’re being honest?
alongside life
Sep 2019 · 114
Wax Catcher
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Wax catcher, shake it out!
Catch all the gunk in my head
I rather stuff you in my ears
I prefer a wax catcher rather than Scripture
Because it’s a lot more simpler
There’s not much to it, and no chance I blew it
Sep 2019 · 70
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Jesus, I want the skin on Your bones
How am I Your kin if I’m the only one alone?
Did you mean it, did You feed it?
Was all lost, up on that cross?
Jesus, I want the skin on Your bones
To show me You win when You roll back that stone
How’d You stay awake those three days You were dead?
Because it’s the weekend again and I’m so lonely, unfed
Sep 2019 · 234
Midnight Poets
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019

(My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?
Why are You so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish?)

Verse 1
You midnight poets
Do you know it?
Do you show it?
Do you plan to blow it?
Saying “Is hope so far from this moment?”
You poet at heart
The night your art
It’s the poet that wrote it
But it was you and you know it
You’re still awake
So don’t debate
The reason you stay

I saw my Kind but I was blind to their eyes
Before I realized I lied to my pride on what’s inside
But now when I cry I realize the reason Christ died

I felt chills for the thrill
The bill of what they ****
So I plead to dread what they said
The thread of those long dead
And I felt it in my head
But with the need I am indeed
Unable to read with tendency to bleed
I see, but incapable of feeding
I saw the rot and decay
The King came to stay
So I will say, so I will say
Shoot your gun my way

Verse 2
I am not as fine as I make it out to be
I am not as cool as I doubt to seem
Oh God, am I only enough for surviving?
My God, I barely feel alive
I want to be thriving, living a life more than just getting by
I cannot see my soul but I know it’s cold
Mold me I told You but where have You gone?
How can my heart, stray so far
The very thing keeping me alive
I’m feeling cold inside, oh Adonai
I haven’t held it in sacrifice, oh Adonai

I saw my Kind but I was blind to their eyes
Before I realized I lied to my pride on what’s inside
But now when I cry I realize the reason Christ died

Chorus (x2)
I felt chills for the thrill
The bill of what they ****
So I plead to dread what they said
The thread of those long dead
And I felt it in my head
But with the need I am indeed
Unable to read with tendency to bleed
I see, but incapable of feeding
I saw the rot and decay
The King came to stay
So I will say, so I will say
Shoot your gun my way

Verse 3
Listen it’s important and informant
To the dormant storm that we conform to
It’s a door that no one likes on foreheads
Confined to our earbuds, all that does
Is wrap up, our cut ups, and rope ups
Until the music can’t muse us
And the next day we’re gone, so far from
What I should have done
I’m staying awake tonight
‘Cause if I lie, who might fight
And my peeps might have nothing to site
So I write for us to stay alive
I do anyway, out of fright
For those who might die

In the hopeless, I notice
Take a moment, to hold it
In the focus, I notice
Take it, embrace it
The taste in, the grace of
The Father, His water
The breathing, is lingering
There within, I’m feeling, seep-ing, in

We don’t need to adjust to society
Society needs to adjust to us, for our justice
It’s injustice to make a fuss of us
So do the slits in our wrists conflict
With the holes in the hands of Jesus
Or can He use our tools that fool us
In His hands if we believe He freed us

I worry this part of the song
So don’t sing along
If you don’t belong
Stop and end it
So I don’t bend it
But if you’re suppose to stay
Know it’s okay

Verse 4
Suicide’s always been an option
Oh no—I did it again
Well, I’m trying to be real
So can you be sincere?
Nothing you need to worry for
Just enough to know the door
But I sometimes consider doing terrible things
So if You don’t mind God
Show me You’re winning

‘Cause spring is the most depressing season
It’s seeming the worst time of the year
Because we think by then we’re in the clear
But God does not wait in the spring
His nature of love forever reigns

Break 1
Has hope ever wanted to make you **** yourself, though?
How do I keep going, even if I know it?
I see it there before me, but I still want to end it
I know it’s the endgame, but it just offends it
Like I won’t make it, like I’ll never shake it
Even though hope stands up for me to defend

Break 2
Why do I want to fall asleep forever?
Why do I want to slip my earbuds on?
Why do I find myself fighting back tears?

Verse 5
Nah it’s selfish so I won’t relish
The embellishment society’s selling
I sometimes consider ceasing
Finding some relief in this sleep
Maybe it’d be better for God, my peeps, and me
But as I write so you take away the knife
I look in and find my memories
So give it a second for life to resurface
Take a moment to switch the killing sprees
It’s there in your lungs, there’s a way to learn it
So for the sake of my peeps and me, you must believe
We’re doing anything we can just to feel free
What they’re doing, they’re cutting themselves
What we’re doing, we imprison ourselves
Either way we’re killing ourselves
So help us step out of this cell
Because I don’t know if they’ll live by the end of this track
Take a look and realize your mind isn’t on track
Walk with them, it’s what they lack
It’s okay to recognize the black
Or if you’re deep under the attack
I’m in the boat so I got your back

Bridge (x3)
I can tell that you wanna **** me
When I’m thinking it’ll be easy-er
Well, yer gonna need something stronger
Because you got the same ol’ routine
You aint got no new schemes
You’re the one that’s bleeding
‘Cause you know you don’t hold my meaning

(You are enthroned as the Holy One
They trusted and You delivered them
From You comes the theme of my praise
Before those who fear You I will fulfill my vows)
I think this song is very important, and I hope it helps! I’ll probably add on over time, and repost it, but check it out
Sep 2019 · 93
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I think it’s high time to die
Because I’ve been coming back to life
Just for the thrill of it
I need You to **** me
Because I’m tired of taking my own life
Sep 2019 · 81
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
What a shock
Things unfought
Stories not sought
Maybe another plot?
From what I got?
Will I thought?
A different shot?
Will I be caught?
Who cares, it’s not
Their slot
It’s not locked
So I trot
What if they bought
Or if it’s snot
And if they choose cots
I like the name Montauk
Just a little quick side project

Did you know Stranger Things’ conspiracies around Hawkins are actually based off of conspiracies around the real town Montauk. Such a cool name. But they didn’t use that location, because it’s “Amity Island” in Jaws, and it would be too familiar. Anyways, it would be a cool idea to make a show called Montauk, because it’s such a cool name I think. My idea—you can’t have it!!

Eh, I probably won’t make it into anything. But if you can, go ahead!
Sep 2019 · 131
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I’m not your Savior
Although I can mistake myself to be
I’m just trying to pave in the way of, the Lord
Just a player in this game He wins in
Am I to, march in, this parade
Is it my duty, to pervade
To march in the dark, to bring sight to the light
Sep 2019 · 64
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Does it work?
To shove light down their throats?
Apparently it does, praise be to God because
But does it feel short? Like a buzz a bit?
Short of our suicide notes
Tell me if I’m wrong
But I feel like I’ve been placed here to remain
As a different form of worship song
To drive with you in your lanes
Not to take the blame but raise His name
Sep 2019 · 77
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
People pour out straight light
But that doesn’t seem exactly right
I don’t believe that’s straight truth
Because there’s truth in the night
So I’m going down to help you out
Sep 2019 · 81
Pie in the sky
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
If I fly, will it be a pie in the sky?
But I’d feel like that’d be lying
Because every day a part of us is dying
But I’m trying, because it wouldn’t feel right
To look to the sky when everything’s alright
Sep 2019 · 58
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Am I like Orpheus? Am I morphing this?
Sent to reach into death for the arrested?
Show them they are not owned?
But am I not to look behind, less overthrown?
And if so, will they be taken below?
Sep 2019 · 57
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
These artists, why can’t they find it?
How come they don’t see it?
How many people feel this way?
But all these half-mooned artists
How come they still stay on it?
Heart hardened, but never departed
Sep 2019 · 75
Tame my tongue
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Tame my tongue, for the lessons you want
So they will be sung, so I’ll put down my gun
Sep 2019 · 118
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Tame the tongue, but it’s difficult to tame what is sung
Why’s it so hard to tame the tongue of the things I don’t want?
‘Cause it’s sung by a liger, half the liar, half the pride
I’ve tried to raise him right, but something’s on the other side
Tugging at his leash, and I begin to lose my peace
You probably don’t even know what that is!
Only if you’re a nerd, that’s right
Is it fantasy or is it reality? Either way, it’s half of me
So how can I tame it, if I don’t even know what its name is?
See, Liger is just something to take pride in, to hide in, to get high by
I’m trying to put down the gun, but there’s something he wants
It’s like my mind is speaking in tongues
Of things incapable of being sung
What do you want?
What do you want?!
Sep 2019 · 67
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I feel bound by these lines, using the same old rhymes
It’s the same crimes every time
The same debate between dying
Is it my duty to keep going back to this music
Re-do it, to prove that, He uses
Our flaws to draw them all to calling?
Am I falling and balling to honor is this all that
I’m called to, to show you, through my music?
Sep 2019 · 69
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
I wanna pout, scream and shout!
Let it all out, fuss around!
Down for the count, freak you out!
But that ain’t His mouth, that ain’t His fount
That’s just my font, I’d like the flaunt
Because it taunts anyways, and I thought
If I haunt it, it would eventually stop
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