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RonliSong Aug 23
I'm a bird in a cage that I willingly walked into,
Ignorantly, naively, blindly, but still willingly,
Now that cage is overgrown with suffocating vines,
Threatening to violently consume me,
Closer and closer they creep toward me,
They've already blocked out the sun,
But not all of it...
I have to find the way out,
And blossom and bloom,
And of course, fly.
RonliSong Aug 22
Pull me out of the fearful shadows,
New familiar light warming the edges of me,
Will I have the strength to let it seep,

Can this cold body crackle to life,
Climbing out from the Earth like dead roots breaking,

Open my eyes, embracing the light,
Granting it permission to enter my soul,
Puncture my heart with golden yellow,

Melt me and remould me,
A breath of resurrected life,
Warmth now seeping out
RonliSong Aug 21
I want to pour out of myself,
Into my true self,
From the deep, the unknown, the unrealized,
Dark and light,
As there can't be one without the other,
I want the More that whispers from the ignored shadows to be realized,
I want that burning and drumming whispered shouting to scream out of me,
To burst and burn all that's in its way,

I am not here to be mediocre,
I am not here for a mundane human experience,
I am not here to be politely good or broken bad,
I am not here to serve,
I am not here for you,
I am here to Burn.
RonliSong Aug 15
Crack open the hidden, the shaded, the unknown, the unrealized parts of your mind. Rip out of the small shell and see more, be more...
'Who's worse, the guy that puts the bolt in the cow's skull, guilty, or, or, the people that sit around a restaurant and eat it. '

Line from the series 'Based on a true story'. I love this line as it's thought provoking, brings a new awareness.
RonliSong Aug 3
My core feels shattered, scattered, isolated and alone,
Am I to believe we are one voice, one soul,
When I can't even find my own?
*Prompt: 'One voice, one soul' 40 words max
RonliSong Jul 29
I am not even an island,
I don't share the growth of the fauna,
The energy of the wildlife,
Or the touch of the waves on my shore,
I am barren and sore.
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