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Yenson Aug 24
We wear the same skin
she could be a sister, auntie
any of the faces you see regularly at church
sure she's someone mother, someone's wife
but to me that sunny day
she was Lucifer with a smile
I had sat there in hope of the best care
she approached, uniformed and businesslike
this is a pre-op procedure she informed
her name badge read Ruby
but she was not Ruby Tuesday and I was not going to miss her
I need to drop a few drops, she said
and with that, she lunged at my lower eyelid
I felt nails grip that soft skin and a firm hard pinch
I felt the kind of pain that makes grown men cry
I recoiled sharply with a loud gasp
oh! did that hurt, she inquired, a smirk on her face
look, I've got to put the drops in, she said
I looked at her perplexed, in pain, speechless
I've had this done at least fifty times before
no one had gripped my eyelids with their nails and pinched
braving up, I offered my face again
what a bad mistake
for this time her nails knew the traction and twist required
the pain to me was double its former
my skin broke, she had drawn blood
look, she said triumphantly, you are bleeding
The long/short was I couldn't proceed with what I came for

Ruby was a stranger, though we wore the same skin
I had never met her before, much less cause her any harm
yet only God will know the pain Ruby inflicted on me
all I said to her was 'God will help us'
I know why she did what she did, I could hear her Master's voice
I cannot blame her only pity her
it is a theme that runs through centuries
it is from brutality that one learns how to brutalise
and bloodshed can easily become blood sacrifice
Our mothers no longer breed or own their off-springs
we all no longer speak our mothertongues
and wearing the same skin merely means its you or I
Ruby as thousands of others has to do anything to survive
'God will help us' I said to her,
I meant that earnestly.....
Yenson Aug 21
Poor things
look how many years down the line
and our semi-illiterates still do not know
how to join the dots
Yenson Aug 19
The Title of me is me and a title
not me entitled
harlequins aping disrespect are
thee without self-respect
waltzing in stunted dulled minds
they somersault in self-deciet
unable to atest or own
real equality is from thee sublime
to thou sublime unseasoned
the voiceless glory of reason et grace
unlike the blunt tools
the roosters who flare and pirouette
chicken wings agape
puffed in chicken dance ridicule
look y'all
we rule the roost around our cages
( perhaps till the Colonel from Kentucky arrives)

Who needs to prove aimless strength
but the weak et doubtfuls
who rattles the sabre but the poltroon
in his father's barrack
do cults print postage stamps et currency
when its merely a refuge
for similarly affected densed in private signals
hark ye go drink from wisdom's well
raging at Title is accepting your inferiority
your shadow boxing is confirmation
Dignity confidence self assurance and grace
will look you straight in the eyes
and say
I am civil and will treat you fairly and equally
and on merit  till you show me otherwise

But we know you cannot do as such
and how we laugh and indulge
for lacking in self respect and self assurance
the Title dominates your minds and spirit
and with little or no merit
all you can manage is puff out hollow chests
huffing and puffing
doing the chickens dance at the Republican Disco
in aid of the socially weak ******* maim and dumb
and confirming in all your intents and purposes
you can never be privileged
except only by others like you not by one as THEM....
Yenson Aug 19
Commoners with commoner's sense
is of course
not commonsense
commoners tastes are always tasteless
as without dignity
its all for the commons
no low is too low
when its all about scrapping the barrels
its the common
way of life
the pettiness of the raggle taggle
in common fayre
is all too common
with no sense
Yenson Aug 14
Inorganic BEETRAYALL is an amatuerish den-brewed beer
a sham concoction by some asinine metro-hicks and chavs

Its so weak and pueril as in made by bleached dregs for dregs
and only one like brainless moonshiners would buy this

Its so frothy and dense and a telling reflection of its Makers
as are all the other products by this Really Useless Group

In anodyne suspended disbelief they coralled some sheep
as propagandists to blah blah BEETRAYAL repeatedly

God knows how many times down the lines they still can't see
WHAT is inorganic is not REAL no matter how many times
you parade denseness and artificially infused BEETRAYALL

And anyway with all your bribery coercions and intimidations
people can tell and see you are nothing but a bunch of fools
peddling hogwash and bleached acidic moonshine

BEETRAYALL my foot, you've betrayed yourselves!!!
What does it mean to be inorganic? not arising from natural growth : artificial, made-up, contrived, a set-up, manifactured and so on and so on...NOT REAL
Yenson Aug 11
From their sources
all the hysterics, histronics, dramas and operas
from this view
nothing resonates, nothing is remotely evocative
nothing triggers nothing
the clone in their crosshairs
so far removed other than perhaps the mere physicalities
this was Chris and Joan's 'Truman Show'
sanity was and is never never a party to any of all this
and The Emperor's new Clothes meets Pin the Tail on the Donkey
and people are led down the garden path
who said 'you can#t fool all of the people all of the time'
and do you think crminals are sometimes called Racketeers
because they play Lawn Tennis, of course, Not
say what you like, but
at least our gangsters are nefariously adaptable
when Chris and Joan smeared their lies
they were sure the target would run away soon into the aftermath
who is going to brave Hell
he didn't run
and he faced Hell full on
So its his fault if we keep on making it up as we go along
the charade continues
its psyche warfare, its Neuro-linguistic programming
its perceptions Assualts, oh its Sensitizing, no its Anchoring
no, no, no try Haunting, how about just Bullying and Harassment
who will tell them they are fighting a clone
I just have a Front Row seat
and I'm munching Cashew nuts
Yenson Aug 7
When you've been hoodwinked
into believing somebody is a puppet
its near impossible for you to realize
that its actually you that is the puppet
its sure fire foolproof reverse psychology
you're being played as you think
you're pulling strings
Someone somewhere has got your measure
they are dribbling with your ego
and cartwheeling your senses
and the beauty is
you in total unawareness
do not have the slightest clue
haha hahaha haha
its so funny
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