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Jan 6 · 75
Just you
I've seen such beauty before
The sun shining into her hair
The breath froze in the air
As I looked into her eyes
For her soul was cold as ice

Blinded by the golden mane
But that wasn't your smile nor your name
She just wasn't you

I shall not see her like again
But then I saw you
Simple uniqueness of a rising flame
Above beauty and lust
It is just you

A hope, a promise of light
Drowned me into the delusion 
That the blaze will never fade
Yet here comes the night
Unable to see the mistakes I made
Bound to wonder in confusion

And maybe a new one shall blind my heart
But she won't have your smile nor your name
She won't be you

She just won't be you
Jan 5 · 82
I look above me, the sky gets dark
They say its snow, but it could be rain.
As I stand, waiting for the next train
Greyish clouds are wearing your mark.

The wind blows, red leaves spin in the air,
Shaking, like the waves on your hair.
A cigarette drops on the wet concrete floor
It feels like forever, I can't wait anymore.

It gets cold, my heart beats stronger,
The breath hitching deep in my chest,
The teeth clench with shame and anger.
Your smile... I can't remember the rest.

An ice cold tear slowly slashes my eye
Dropping memories I won't see again.
Washed away as a meaningless lie,
As a childish delusion,
As a cigarette on the floor,
As a butterfly in the rain.
Jul 2018 · 16.2k
Cannon fodder
Nereo Cafolla Jul 2018
Over the icy hills you hear a breath;
As this field sinks in the frigid blue
It spreads in the soul a fear of death.
The hope to return still lives in you.

How can you be so blind not to see?      
That even your worst foe could be      
Your best friend behind these lines.       
A scream drowns in the darkness,
Now he is rotting as the moon shines.
There are no heroes in this grey mess.
Is it worth to waste human meat?
What is victory but a lucky defeat?

— The End —