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anonymous Dec 2018
Why don't you love me as much anymore?
It hurts, you know?
It hurts that you want to talk to me less,
See me less,
Touch me less.
It hurts.
A lot.

It feels like I'm drowning.
As though you're sitting on my chest.
Whilst I just lay there.
Under water.
Not able to breathe  
Not able to move.

I don't know who I am without you.
We've been together for so many years.
What do I do?
When the day comes?
That day, I hate to think of it.
But I can feel it coming closer by the second.
I see it creeping upon us.
The day we stop seeing each other.
It hurts.
So much.
anonymous Jul 2018
I know you don’t love me like I love you.
You don’t care for me as much as you used to.
I can tell.  

I can tell by the way you look at her,
Your whole face lights up,
And you forget about everything else,
You forget about me.
When you’re with her.

I can tell by the way you touch her.
I can see the electricity,
Bouncing off the both of you,
When you’re with her.

I can tell that the fire you once had,
That burned bright for me is dying.
When you’re with her I can tell,
That you’ve forgotten all about me.

I know you don’t want me anymore.
I know you want her instead.
I can tell.
anonymous Jul 2018
I hate you.
Such a powerful word.
Such a cruel word.
I never thought i would hate anyone.
To use it in a sentence and mean it.
But I do.
I truly hate you.
You've betrayed me time and time again.
And now I hate you.
Now hearing your name makes my stomach turn,
Makes my toes curl.
And it's all because of him,
Because of the guy.
The guy that you claimed to be unhappy with.
Although you still chose him,
Over me.
A choice I did not know you had to make.
I hate you.
And I hope one day
That he will hate you too.

— The End —