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Sandra-Lee Hutt Dec 2019
Welcome 20/20 with a double growth of your faith.
2019 showed us how some mean ones worked in teams to rob and steal.  It brought forth seasons in the growth of many bad seeds planted, grew in good soil.  A few passed through, never dropped out of the batch.
2019 tested strengths and plays of our NFL east coast teams.
2019 showered sadness in many of our days and nights, I just can't forget the shouts, the screams ending a ten year decade in high- profile corporate lifestyles to the city streets all in greed "shots fired"  from bullets flying in 2019. Too many school shootings including public outrage, an uncertainty for the future of our youth. Some dreams. images and visions were dismissed in 2019.
Let not your anger, frustrations, fears consume you.
Pray often, more to increase your faith in a nation to do better, get better, provide us all a better ten year stretch to a new decade to live in a more secure place.
A force exists that awaits your mind-set and body to follow persuasions, manipulations, methods, madness to make one mean like the few sprouted "bad seeds"  in 2019.
The "war between good and evil" is real and will continue on.
Mother nature's wrath slow down the process in evil works with no promise that many will survive, faith is a belief,  not a promise that all will live in peace to pray and forgive.  Faith is not the solution it does give light to the sight in the "silver lining behind a dark cloud" to rebuild, replenish.  The sight of a rainbow following a rain brings a smile that tomorrow the sun will shine.  You are here to tell your story, face challenges in uncertainty accept a double-give, a double-take in your faith. Tell of your method to survive the test in the temptations you had to face.  2019 in its' decade was a strain and a drain on our emotions in decisions  accepting "this too will pass".
God is still in control of the heavens, a home for your soul in eternity.
Sandra-Lee Hutt Dec 2019
Writing gives me rights , a release in my struggled silent speech in days right into nights.  Writing has removed me from the woods, instilled wisdom in my growth.  Oftentimes, I have walked, pranced, pounced through a forest, in-between trees, stepped on and over soil tilted paths, paved by survivors, many sacrificed their lives, forbidden to express dreams,  never given the rights in freedom I express in my writes. My silent speech speaks of the struggles they endured just to lessen pain I may have to suffer in this life. Many had visions, I see images. My rights are a welcomed blessing from their dreams and clearly defined in my writes.
Sandra-Lee Hutt Nov 2019
I must keep my writings light, I am the ride on the carousel, the "merry-go round". A ride this life shall survive. I am chosen to live the life from whence I write.  Moments in loneliness, loved-less, hopelessness, harshness, torn strings in my heart,  fearfulness, sorrow to shame,  I just can't seem to escape. Times, before my writes, I loved, received love, sensations in sweet scents sensitive to self, my soul.  Now, all disappear, flee this comfort zone, my ear to sobs between tears, sight to sadness, strength to weakness, right advice in writes.  I must keep my writings light, to move forward, swiftly far away, I tarry not, to flee from my pen, the write weapon,  a share, wings in flight to my life, steady my hand, keep my Writings in the Light.
Sandra-Lee Hutt Nov 2019
I don't miss that "certain yesterday",  
lingered, layered, lessons lasting too long, filled with pain, promises, and punishments.  Lost in ignorant pleasures, just to please.   I choose not to pick-up or return to what generated a feeling in sadness, sorrow in a sulky way.  It took today's Wisdom to bring me to never wanting to return to that "certain yesterday".  Glad for the break, it was the best escape.  Grateful for this day, yesterday's tomorrow, born to clear a path from fears, tears, it brings me joy, laughter, a two-way love to accept me, an ear to my frets, one who accepts my faults.  Bye, Bye, to that "certain yesterday",  a secret spy telescoping me reacting to your demands, following your commands had me living my life as an excessive wreck.
Sandra-Lee Hutt Sep 2019
When two lose a love, as that season ends; should one go back to the seeds in the soil, now a wilt of weeds, scattered leaves follow a trail to a stalk or two, bent stems from when two in love planted promises.
should one  breathe in a new breath of air to a new season? Should one tilt the soil, harvest the moment, release those memories suspended in the fog restricting a visibility of an image of two, misty, clouded in sight?  
should one refresh the sweats, welcome a super strength in sight, wisdom, and self-esteem in one look to the sun, it shines a glow in a path, just to alter one's steps as it blocks one attempt to turn back?
Sandra-Lee Hutt May 2019
For, it was I who sat by the shore,
my fortune in vessel tossed to the ships,
                     "passed in the night"
I saw it all!
Time was not right to make it known that it was I, in sight.
A "sight to see", happened that night.
A light from the lighthouse, bright and beamed from afar.
Oh, it was plenty and many were there!.
Faces of laughter, who really cared.
For, it was I, who sat by the shore that night.
To see the couple disrobe in sheer delight.
I saw his kiss on her lips as they joined at the
hip and a "Stackhouse of Smoke" circled every stroke.
Sandra-Lee Hutt Feb 2019
Every failed love, heartache, break-up, rejection  needs a  storm in snow, rains, to come down heavy, wash away the tears, winds to roar, blow the pain away , a melt-down on its' way to remove fears that the sun will never shine again...then comes a new season.
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