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James Study Aug 2019
flower scent linger
kind hearts soft voices mingle
white horse at pasture
James Study Jul 2019
I saw the shadow on the wall
nobody here at all
I heard the music in the air
nobody anywhere
I heard my name spoke out so clear
nobody around here
I heard the steps upon the floor
nobody here no more
Somebody trying to get ahold of me
I truly do
I do believe
somebody trying to get ahold of me
James Study Jul 2019
nodding daydream sun
shade tree nap with flower scent
windchime song awake
James Study Jul 2019
I remember the two story frame house
surrounded by a gold sea of wheat
and the summer morning before the heat
the sounds from the creek would be my rouse

the sound of water running over rocks
held no fascination as it ran
it was the clinking sound of a tin can
that made me run to the door with no locks

the sound that came drifting up from the creek
the sound of voices of just a few
a kitchen match being struck on a shoe
in the summer maybe just a week

where do they come from and where do they go
they don't live in a house like I've known
they don't eat at a table in a home
I don't question for fear they don't know

I sit and listen for name of a town
and highway numbers I hear them say
and names of rivers a new one today
I know there is much more to be found

lying on our backs we watch clouds roll by
they seem to be more like puffs of steam
going the same direction as the stream
these people move like clouds in the sky

suddenly I would stir and look about
hearing my mother calling my name
and just as before I've always came
then one day so distant my mothers shout
James Study Jul 2019
tracks of the cross hid from sight
the blood that shed dust now blend
nails of iron frail and light
wood has rot as wood does tend
breath of Christ alive in the wind
James Study Jul 2019
I knew him as a search light
his attraction to the needy was magical
the slow and mentally challenged and disabled
the downtrodden and introverted alike

he was not a physician
nor was he trained in the field of mental health
he had no degree to hang on the wall or show
to sweep mop and dust was his daily position

he was a lifeboat adrift
in a sea of despair loneliness and distress
about his chores he went smiling and nodding all
towards him a wave troubled hands would often lift

his last class of school grade ten
no education training could teach what he knew
there were patients who ignored and never spoke a word
but his smile and nod alone would bring out hi Jim
James Study Jun 2019
one I knew
many years ago
all was fun
we didn't know
life was short
many years ago
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