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James Study Nov 16
plywood windows
              dusty streets
                         faded graffiti
James Study Nov 12
Whenever he spoke it was a shout
He charged through life like a boxing bout
He took the blows and stood
He was a tree of hardwood
But soft his voice when I would doubt
James Study Jul 20
Here is a song and poem of mine
I will play the tune for you
Also sing the words that rhyme
Lucky you are the one I do
Give valuable time and talent to
To be in love how lucky you be
For me the day a total loss
I share with you my love for me
I may never know the cost
I do forgive you the time lost
With you some would change places now
As you find with much regret
But I don't believe I know how
There is anyway you could forget
My compassion and humble mindset
James Study Jul 16
Standing at top the stairs at night
Through the window frame came the light
The form appear on steps below
I come to stop can this be so
Again I resume my descend
The ray of light kept rushing in
Each step I made while going down
The form got larger and surround
Problems trials enter my life
Many a sleepless night the strife
All the weight was lift off me
From the cross of moonlight I see
Prayers answered by light of the cross
Of course my problems not at loss
But I can bear and face up to
All for me Jesus went through
James Study May 26
Oh choir sing high
so all won't hear this dead man cry
Oh tears for me
won't wash me clean or set me free
Oh bed of death
no time to pray before last breath
Oh grave I pray
God take my soul my bones here stay
Oh pray you should
before you hear dirt on wood
James Study Apr 16
You struggle with right and wrong
I watch and worry so
With prayers I helped along
Now time for me to go
Who will pray when I am gone
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