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Mei Aug 2020
When you said
you wanted us an end,
my heart raced,
skipped a beat,
died a bit.

I was torn-
a little,
in two,
in pieces.
And not knowing when all of my pieces will stick back together...
I have gifted myself a permanent hug so I'll never have to pick it up again in case I fall...
Mei Aug 2020
Forget about the
tarnished pages, tingy blues,
tattered memories, ties severed, a love that died long ago.

Papers stained of sweaty inks, tear scented poetry,
someone lives
between the lines-
Don't let a poet fall for you if you don't want to hear yourself in every scribbled notes she writes.
Mei Aug 2020
To trust someone
is something frail
you give others.

They break it with ease,
You're left alone to fix.
Mei Jul 2020
The stars need the night to shine
How perfect the velvet midnight under the dazzling stars is
How pleasant it is when we notice not only those that shine.

The rain needs sun
To be allowed an embrace to its mother nature
Only when they are together
The children of the earth endure.

Plants cannot bear fruits with only roots alone
It is when all its other parts share the work together
From Earth's gentle bossoms
life  blooms.

And we are the kind of halos that cannot soar alone
For each of us is an angel with only one wing
And we can only fly
By pair or more  if we embrace one another.

Inspire by the words of Luciano De Crescenzo

"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”
Mei Jul 2020
To feel jealous
about something
you shouldn't be,

Is like tugging a
knot against

And trying to tie
it on your neck
so tightly.
Mei Jul 2020
May we teach our children
the love for the unloved things-
the bee and its sting, the out casts,
an ugly duckling.

Children who sense rainbow needs rain
and find muddy puddles fun
as much as they ran
under the warm summer sun.

And when they're grown,
may they see kindness
has no color, shape, nor size
To listen to unheard utters-
a bird's forgotten musings,
the wind's coldest sigh,
a breaking heart.

May they keep pacing with the slow
to reach a place where
all beautiful things glow.

And when they learn to
love the unloved things,
May they be fonder
Of all gentle things
And be the ones.
This is inspired by May we raise children who love the unloved things,” by Nicolette Sowder

And Nishu Mathur's version. I just love the idea so I made a version of my own.  Thank you Nishu and Nicollete for the inspiration. I will always look up to you guys.
Mei Jun 2020
Some days, someone stays late
Not to write
But to sort things out-
A messy house
A healthy meal
And a tiny fellow to rear.

In early dawn someone wakes
Not to read, nor gather thoughts
To write a piece of poem
But strength for all the chores-
From toasting breads
And scrambling eggs,
To determining some life choices
And more.

Sometimes she gets drunk
Not with words nor with wine
But of thinking
Where time has gone
For quite a while
A dead poet has lived within her
For so long.
For everyone has a dead poet within
When time comes
Let us allow it
To live once more

And write some more lovely poems...
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