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herooooo1 Jul 22
Many days have passed,
Days that I hide it from you all,
From all people I hide it,
Still I need to hide most of it,
Because I'm embarrassed of it,
Yeah man,

When in your head, there are many dark beaks,
Problems take you near the wall,
Open your guard to be stronger,
Understand that all darkness is a kind of temptations.
herooooo1 Mar 11
My future passed it a long time ago  
Melted and dropped on my cheeks, like snow pieces
It doesn't matter what happens after this  
It's important that I'm still alive  
I'm the person that after his death  
Everyone says he is still alive  

I gave you my tears  
I saw all eyes are sleeping  
I made a grave from my room  
Wasted my breaths, my body got cold  
But I warmed my spirit in my stove  

I was always a loser in the paper  
But I always went forward in my way  
This world was bad with me  
My dice number was low  
I still haven't lost this gambling  


crime after crime  
war after war  
death after life, life after death  
I'm alive cuz killing me was a good news for my enemy

No don't go, WAIT,  
What to talk about?  
How to understand the difference between good and bad?  
I didn't forget the place I was in
But I should forget the place I'm in  
A lot of obsessions, in this dead cage, that even living is a crime  
After a dark night, it's morning turn
herooooo1 Mar 10
What will happen to the person that you treated badly?
The person that wanted good for you and you cut it, what will happen?
What will happen when you lose a friend?
You tell me that your intention was always to help people,
But when they need you, you weren't there, you, weren't there,
You tell me, they will be replaced,
You weren't there and you thought they will be replaced,

Your father believed in you, if you won't go backwards
Do the leading instead of bossing,
Learn to spend love instead of politics,
Learn that money is only a tool,
And being rich is a way of thinking,
First try to understand then spend,
Spend all of it, yeah spend all of it,
Because you will collect it again then spend it,

This world is a step away from nothing
The result of it is dependent on you and the result of your work
You know it well, even when you try to get away from it,
Salvation is difficult, but its not impossible,

People want to get rid of each other,
They get tired, they say its enough,
The end of war is obvious,
Boss's plate is empty and serfs eat bullets,
Both of them get hits,

Tell me what kinda bullets pass from cold heart?
Tell me what kinda army can end wars?
End pains? End ignorances? End...Sadness
herooooo1 Feb 17
Driving on the wrong way,
Oh so I am toned,
All these sands on the road,

I eat problems for breakfast,
Big bowl of conflicts,
Spoon in my hands,
Spill milk over all this,
That we cover but you best beware,
Of any sounds that you others,
Cause these animals can hear,
Over here

That would make you more vulnerable,
This the forest man, BRAAAAH
Where da hunger grows
You show teeth like, AGGHHHHHH
They could be under those
It's ******* stupid
Like a pack of younger hoes
Its ******* crazy
Like a ***** is getting old
This life is a ***** mate
The only thing you need to know
She ain't ever happy
Even though we sing the hope
To sail away of the sunset Mr ******* Pope

After all we living in the forest
As a hungry
So much more-on
I recall HOW WE DON'T GIVE A ****

I'm numbed for these pills dissolve
Bitter taste on my tongue, I cough
I'm numbed for these pills dissolve
Bitter taste on my tongue, I wash away
We dissolve faint,
I eat all mains,

Yes I do,
Because too much savage is delicious,
Slurp slurp slurp,
Sleeves up,
Napkin for my business,
Yeah we ain't event serve it yet,
These voucher in the kitchen,
Trying grab a bite of this and that,
Thats why I disinfect,
Its like its filthy,
I'm disengaged,
God don't even get me,
They try to milk me,
Like I'm this cat though,
Though I'm the tiger in the forest,

Eating you for the breakfast,
Then I'm so reckless,
Put you in my ******* checkless,
Eat your ******* neckless soft,
And **** all the blood
From your neck to brain to your vain goes soft

We're gone,
Go from here,
I don't wanna go up here,
But I have to grow up here
herooooo1 Jan 3
Wars comes and go,
But its our soldiers that stay eternal,
In the name of freedom,
In the name of blood,
I wish,

I wish our hands were holding together,
We take the world in a few days,
Tonight, no one was following you with a black mask,
I feel gloomy, badly,
Trees are dry, like people's life,
They bring wars between clouds, electronic powers,
They are preparing Iron Giant Wars,
Till we walk to cold Russian mines,
They try we reach death and annihilation,
We freeze in our place, We're all destroyed,
Without mothers, our kids don't have milk,
Without fathers, we are sad in raining nights,
I love your peaceful name,
I swear to your name, we are all sleeping,
Our kids died, There is no hero,
We are all in the cold winter after fall,

When my city's building fell from its place, its place,
I haven't see my friend, I reach to his death body,
I've seen the world died,
The bloods are falling from bodies and wars,
We are more savage in this game,

I've been a soulless skeleton on snow,
I've been looking for heat with a feeling like yesterday,
Soldiers were looking at my body,
I've been looking for my lost daughter,
There is a doll in my hand,
I'd never see myself in a combat suit,
I'd never thought I'll hear war sounds,
That I lose my path in burned nature,
The landscape starts to eat my souls,
Between trees looking for a smile,
You want to write it down,
The pen give you hatred,
You write down from humans that need air,
In delusion of healthy scales,
A part is in war, another part is in sleeping,
A person likes to hug a mine,
Another person build a mine for its money,

There is nothing left from Earth's Life,
Its time to stare at skies,
We don't make a gesture, Thinking a bit deeper,
To the day that won't come a foetus
Its better to grow a flower
and with a good heart, looking for another day,
You'll come close to home, near the golden river,
We'll be free from money's colourful power,
Speaking of the good sales of heavy weapons,
Look at the frozen farm of swords,
Nobody is left from 17th centuries,
Time passed, the suffering of the people increased,
A few people got the treasure of suffering,
that other people brought chaos,
Your eyes looked at all of these evil and didn't got tired?
Why did you let them do that to people bodies?

Aah, These were a bad dream, a bad sleeping
I hope it has a good interpretation
herooooo1 Aug 2018
We put in the strongbox everything that is valuable,
We just see its width, n never ask for its height
We don't know what we are looking for
Day n Night
Night you reach home
Tired, you just wanna woke up next morning
It's worst than 100 wars,
Bunch of zombies together
Without thinkin, feelin
Our Heart is worst than 100 stones
It's a machine era
We can't be tired
Our fathers plowed and its our time to spray seeds

I am from a dead city
A place where men are beneath ground

In this dead city we are all bitter n pessimistic
Looking for weakness
Every time looking to repeat ourselves
They make us big with promises
They got promise from us to be go the right direction
In this crowded city, you got mature soon
You want to survive? So tell lies lies
Breath, Breath
The cage got bigger
Everything that smells human, its a trap trap
They sell you a world that you never saw before
Raw paradox between appearance n conscience
Repeat it, repeat
We won't be wise n mature

I am from a dead city
A place where men are beneath ground

Dead city is where I am from
It doesn't know before it dies
Nobody can pass it's border
The city was just one
Open minded
Looking for building not just consuming
But we forgot to feeling to be n being alive is just wasted
When our sights got changed
Our city got poorer like us
Looking for other cities
When our neighbours chicken become a goose
Everyone stays in yesterday, nobody will tell about tomorrow  
I come from there
That money make purposes
N weeds get smoked
So I see dead bodies in mornings
Streets got near me n alley got further
Our gardens left us
Only roots survived

— The End —