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nafyaputri Nov 2018
dont be so harsh
if u cant be them

cause it wont change a thing
if u stare jealousy

just take a deep breath
and think twice
about what u have that she/he doesnt

put a huge smile on ur face
let them know who u are
make them see that ur spotless

u will never be perfect
if u never see urself
as a perfect human

so just be you
dont bother to copy others
nafyaputri Jun 2018
Whenever i see the appealing blue sky,
And unique clouds passing by,
It reminds me of how i use to love watching clouds.
But seeing it was never enough,
So i gave an effort to reach and get it.
And the next thing you know
I fell,
Then i feared hope.
Sometimes its better to just see,
Than trying to follow your ego and make it yours,
But you fall instead with no more hopes.
Because impossibilities can hurt our feelings too.
nafyaputri Jun 2018
Woke up with a cloudy morning
With heavy thoughts haunting me
Thinking of what could happen next
Worrying about who's gonna leave again
Having fear of feelin depressed
Noticing scars dont heal fast
Replacing a broken heart with a much fragile one
Giving a fake happy life to the world

— The End —