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Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Always like the light

Always like the light
Of a star, flickering,
You are becoming
While you are,
By night so silent
You cannot even
Hear a wing beat.
Or the throbbing
Of your own heart.
Around you the smell,
Rotting and sweet,
Like autumn leaves
Of memories.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 29-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jun 2021
At dusk

This idea in the dusk
White, luminous
Scampering and bobbing about
Like a small fluffy dog
Being taken for a walk.
At the same time
The surrounding atmosphere
Turning black, poisonous
Deadly, unsurvivable,
Shadows and sounds
In the approaching night,
Memories like
The whisper of leaves.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 17-6-2021
Harald Pfeffer Nov 2021

In my head three were singing
And two were dancing.
I pondered the crab's immortality.
I wondered about blue almonds,
Dreamt of green horses on walls.
My head was in the clouds.
While in the moon,
I thought about the calf's death
And pregnant birds.
I was gathering wool
While away with the fairies.
I ate rice milk with angels.
I discussed the gecko tail's flexibility.
While gazing at the cypress tree.
I was swimming in watermelon juice.
Thinking about the rooster's eggs
While my soul was hanging
Upside down from a tree.
I was asleep with my eyes open
Thinking about sinking boats,
Dreaming about fodder like tired horses,
Building castles in the air.
Then a wind blew me
On a white horse and took me
To another valley where
I wandered about in a forest of cookies.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-11-2021
Harald Pfeffer Sep 2021
Explore that obscure point

Explore that obscure point,
Along lines of perspective,
Where life translates into
The second life of dreams,
Or where loss becomes words.

There is a subtext to everything
But it continously slips away,
Like love, like time. So we chant,
We invoke , resurrect, transmute
Our desires into language.

Our tongue lives in a dark cavity.
Ideas only exist by being reduced
To flesh and bone. You can hold
A hand, grasp a throat, but water
Always slips away despite being wet.

That taste or smell half forgotten,
That sorrow that squeezed your heart,
That joy that pulsed in your neck,
That clenched fear, that tenderness,
Dissolves, digested by the past.

To stop these being illusions,
We make a libary of symbols,
Of magic, a mystery voice.
It asks simple questions.
The answer is always the same.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 17-9-2021
Harald Pfeffer Apr 2021
If you don't look back

If you don't look back,
The future never happens.
You have to open the door to see
What might happen outside.
A long road full of adventure,
Discovery, stirs spirit and body.
One day you will finally know
What you had to do.
The day will have ended.
Stars begin to burn in the night.
Do we live in a world
That dreams of ending?
Are you still alive,
When there are no shadows?
I am emptying my pockets,
Laying it all on this table.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 25-4-2021
Harald Pfeffer May 2021
I have questions

I have questions
For the reason of ages;

Why this duality?

Life, death
Love, hate
Good, evil
Black, white
Positive, negative
On, off
Stasis, movement
Growth, decay
Ying, yang
I could go
On and on

Is this reality?

So many shades, colours
So many inbetweens
What we have
And have not seen;

How do we know
What it all means?

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 31-3-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
I have read enough to know

I have read enough to know,
We are all related in this story.
I can also tell you
That writing does not rescue.
We are all heathens.
Sins and devils we invented
Wear thin, if we want to blame
Them for rumours of our demise.
The pose we are in
Is not the one we have chosen,
If we are frozen in the act.
There is a gap in the air
You have never noticed.
Life rushes like water or wind
It does not measure anything
It is fine to be sentimental,
To howl at the moon and stars.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer May 2021
I know it is only temporary

I know it is only temporary,
Like taste dissolving
With the ripe fruit
On our tongue,
Like the colours
Of dawn or sunset
Like the smell,
The soft-shaped curves,
Voice, breath and shudder
Of us wrapped and entangled
In this warm bubble,

But the happiness, the joy,
Lingers, lingers.....

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 31-5-2021
Harald Pfeffer Mar 2021
In my heart full of joy

In my heart full of joy,
Gratitude for this life lived,
I know that eternity
Is not where I want to go.
Featureless, grey, endless,
Motion without direction.
So, give me this brief pleasure,
Sparkling stars in a sky.
Even red pain is better
Than a delusion or lie.
So what that it ends?
What treasure is there
In what does not pass?
How to measure worth
Without birth, beginning,
A journey with steps
That cannot be taken back,
Growth, decline, death?

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 28- 3 - 2021
Harald Pfeffer Oct 2021
Is Covid even real?

Is Covid even real?
If it is, is it really
Any worse than a flu?

It is all a conspiracy.
There must be
Someone behind it
That did this on purpose
Because of a hidden agenda.

Lockdowns don't work,
They lead to a police state
And authoritarianism.

Facemasks deprive
You brain of oxygen.

Enjoy life, we all have to die.
Have a Covid party
With ***** on the beach.
If young and healthy
You are going to be fine.

We are all going to be
Better off if the old and sick
Who might be at risk
Get killed off by Covid.

Do your own research
On the Covid vaccine.
Google and social media
Will give the answers
You can trust to you questions.

Perhaps your research will find a cure
Or simple alternative preventative measure
All these so-called clever people
Have missed or are hiding from us.

Don't give in to pressure,
Getting vaccinated is infringing
On your freedom of speech.

You don't owe society
Or those around you anything.

All vaccines are unnatural.
They alter your DNA,
Microchip you,
Magnetize your body
And do other things
You don't know about.

Vaccines are one of
The greatest failings
Of medical science

The Covid vaccine is unsafe,
Hasn't been tested properly,
Causes side effects,
Or maybe longterm problems
We don't know about.

Better to take
Your chances with Covid.
It is much safer to have
Natural herd immunity.

Anyway, most people
Are fine in their bubble.
Who wants to travel
Or return to normal anyway
As this is never going to end.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 2-10-2020
Harald Pfeffer Jun 2021
Is it time yet?

Is it time yet to say,
"Welcome, come sit,
Eat, have some wine?"
Let us talk you and I.
Your reflection has been
With me in my mirror.
These letters, these notes
Written in my busy life.
Let us take and peruse them,
Like a book from a shelf.
Make yourself comfortable
On this couch.
Put some music on.
Turn the pages, read,
Savour what has been until
It is time to turn off the light.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 5-6-2021
Harald Pfeffer May 2021
Judge me not

Judge me not
By the things
I know (or forgot).

Look to the intentions
Of a heart that is true,
And the things I do.

See the footprints
In the sand, that time
Will wash away.

Know that sometimes
I was lost, but that
I loved and was loved,

That I regret not my lot.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 7-5-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Kia whakatomuri te here whakamua - Maori proverb
(" I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on the past")

It is unwise to walk
Backwards into the future
While there is history
In the light of stars that guide us,
The mystery is here and now.

Our senses in the present tenses,
Are the only lenses to what is
And we stumble and fall
If we do not direct them forward.
To what is to come.

The past is as fallible as memory,
Is constant reinterpretation.
Our search for the path
From misty valley to hilltop sun,
Needs no distraction.

Forward vision needs
Attention to every step,
A clear and unfettered mind.
Only when we arrive
Can we rest awhile
Catch our breath,
Look back over the landscape,
See how far we have come,
See what we have become.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 14-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jun 2021

Ice here, ice there, everywhere
Muted colours, the whites
Whiter than white,
Gleaming with sparkling light,
Angles sharp, the line
Demarcating shade so clear
So right, the air so clear
So unforgiving, so cold,
So righteous, my eyes,
Unshielded, wept at the sight.
My heart took fright
At the infinite landscape
Urged me go back inside,
Hide in a warmer life.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 7-6-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Let there be

Let there be
Star-filled galaxies,
Oceans filled with
Plankton lessons
Bubbling up
From the deep,
Dark sea.
Or more wanton;
Four-leaved clovers
A field-full for luck.
Dappled light,
Flowers, flight,
Known and unknown
Faces, another life.
Also terrors
Best forgotten,
Fangs and fur,
Tearing teeth,
While you sleep
In a skin on skin
Embrace, tangle of
Limbs. All will
Be clear. Be careful
What you take.
It comes with you
When you awake.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 25-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021

Mellifluous is a lovely word
A merry yellow, a happy fellow
Smooth as curd (which isn't,
Better is butter, which doesn't
Rhyme and doesn't matter).
A conjoined twin, iambus-trochee
So mellow on both tongue and tooth,
A soothing voice in the melee,
Of harsher, shorter words
So often heard that crack like shots
Like fit and fat and lip and hot
And tick and tock and not and rot
And other monosyllabes that are
Not always pleasant and always curt.
In answer to these, to ease the pain
To stop the train of this refrain,
I give you honey, melon, liquid,
Amber, smooth, mellifluous.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 11-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Feb 2021
Music comes out of silence

Music comes out of silence
As if that explains love.

Freedom only exists
When there is structure and control.
That is probably true.

Watching paint dry
What do we learn?

I have no answers to your questions
I was lucky, I was young
I do not know what I have become.

These emotions, this irony,
It confuses me and what I see

Perhaps my children, the next generation
Will understand, see the future more clearly.

I will be in my bubble until it bursts.
Fascinated by movement, colours, variety
The changes with time.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 20-2-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
One day

One day you or I
Will wake and reach
For what was ours
And touch emptiness.
A landscape between us,
As familiar as our face
Will have only
A vaulted grey sky,
Hours of lead
Times of snow,.
Grief will enter
Eye and nose
Sharp as mace
Or the memory
Of a warm embrace

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 17-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Only if you lie very still

Only if you lie very still,
Breathe calmly in the dark
Will you become aware
Of motes of gold,
Moving in the shadows.
And only if you will,
You can dance with them
In a flaming rapture
With the fire torching
You mouth, scorching
Your tongue. A voice
Speaks a command
Incomplete. A longing
From the dark side
Of the moon pulls
Your voice to sing
To an unknown tune.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 28-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Apr 2021
Packing my suitcases

You have to select carefully
What to include and leave out.
There is always something
You cannot take,
Have to leave behind.

Space is limited.Will it fit?
Disparate shapes;
How to arrange them
In the confines
Of these dimensions.

Can it be compressed?
Some things are so full of air
That in a vacuum they
Would be hardly there,
But their weight has
To be considered too.

The clothes, the style
What colours go together
The folds you make.
Do you roll things up
Can one get to things
When they are unpacked?

Last minute won't do.
Better to prepare now.
There is uncertainty in the air,
Llike the woman
Who has a date
But doesn't know
When labour will start,
Or supplies assembled
For a civil emergency

Here I am packing suitcase
Dithering away time
Here I am packing suitcases
For a journey to come
On which I can take none

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 18-4-2021
Harald Pfeffer Aug 2021
Perhaps there is terror

Perhaps there is terror
In this dawn arriving
Too early, too bright.
A mirror is bound
By harmony as it reflects
On the world, but the noise
That makes birds
Not yet in flight take off,
Is asymmetric and unpredictable.
If you sever pheromones
Of fear from self, it belongs
Not to you, but everyone,
Like the colour red.
These phrases do not
Have enough elasticity.
When everything human
Has been betrayed,
Accompanied by an alarm,
Our limitations and apathy
Will end and be burnt away.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 7-8-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Poetry makes nothing happen

Poetry makes nothing happen.
Words do not soothe
Or warm or heal a broken heart.
A mouth speaking, a frozen eye
Aloud, alone, an elegant tone
Does not atone for what we see.
I would persuade you to rejoice
If I could with my voice in verse.
I would goad you to act
With disregard for your safety.
Alas, I can see how the world
Spins on its axis undeterred,
Unmoved, selfish.  Words
Are seldom heard, much less
Heeded. Concepts serve more
As tools for their masters
To control, to subjugate, explain,
Not as ideas that free us.
So to escape, soothe, bathe
In an ethereal light
Where I control what is
Right and not for you,
Is why I write.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 18-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Mar 2021

Give me the coffee in the morning
To face the day and  have the energy
To change things that I can change
Give me the red wine in the evening
To accept the things I could not change
and have a peaceful sleep

Harald Pfeffer 2-3-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Still stiff with morning cold

Still stiff with morning cold,
The hinge of the season
Is about to creak open
To let in spring.
Green lances from bulbs
Are tipped with
Flaming daffodils.
The wind changes direction.
Through the door a scene
Of blues mixed into blue
And air so clear, that soon
We will listen to every breath
And everything will sing.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 23-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Aug 2021
Stones mark endings

Stones mark endings.
Step away from the room
Full of people,
Beautiful music,
Liquid silence.
A canoe floats
On a lake
Or down a river
Underneath a bird
In an indigo dusk sky
With fire tinged clouds.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 26-8-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
The cadences of the evening

The cadences of the evening
Play dawn's reversal, the glow
Of pink and orange to indigo
That deepens into black and blues.
I have unpaid dues to the night.
Stars burn on the cloudless sky.
Gouge my retina, their history of light
Both proof and hope of life.
The frost that comes tomorrow
In the silence of the night like a thief,
Will lie white and opaque
On a resigned landscape, a blank sheath
To which the cold, pale winter sun,
Can provide no answers, no relief.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 6-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Aug 2021
The languid seeming lizard

The languid seeming lizard,
Like the floating log-like crocodile,
Deceives with its quiet guile,
For if the temperature is right
With just a violent flick of their tail,
They move like liquid lighting
Or water disappearing into sand,
Except one is frightened of
Whereas the other takes off
With your hand.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 21-8-2021
Harald Pfeffer Sep 2021
The morning

The morning walks down
A road between the valleys
Following the shining path
Of river towards the horizon,
Where the sun is still
Hazy and indistinct with sleep.

Narrow shoulders hunched forward
He braces against cold and rain
His steps are heavy
With night he leaves behind
Whose dark notes still play
In the recesses of his heart.

His head is strafed
With grey whispy clouds.
He is leaving,
Has somewhere to be
Not looking behind him,
Never coming back.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 12-9-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
We paraphrase the past

We paraphrase the past.
What was real, becomes a dream.
Drama and pain
Moves away from here.

Our current life,
Is translated, so we can relate
To others and move on.

Thus words are just a scar
Left behind after the burn,
Another person coping,
Hardly your concern.

The moon sings
In reflected glory
While you howl in the night.

I am just a wolf
Who speaks its language

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
With age cracks appear

With age cracks appear
On the skin and within.
The map outlined
In my palm was
There at the beginning.
I can only express
What I was given
Feels like excess,
When some are
Doing it tough and
Enough is much.
So when it bleeds
Through, when I hold
A leaking colander,
And as I breathe in
Lost time and a
Razor blade presses
On my skin,
Let me remember
To blame no one.
We cannot pretend
That every fine wine,
Every line, does not
Come to an end.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021

Grunts and screams
Drums pulsing
Violent scenes
Held breaths
Sudden touch
Involuntary spasms,
Unexpected sound
Constricted pupils
Knotted palms
Foetal position
Light or dark?
Where am I?
Is this birth?
Is this death?

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 18-7-2021

— The End —