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Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Only if you lie very still

Only if you lie very still,
Breathe calmly in the dark
Will you become aware
Of motes of gold,
Moving in the shadows.
And only if you will,
You can dance with them
In a flaming rapture
With the fire torching
You mouth, scorching
Your tongue. A voice
Speaks a command
Incomplete. A longing
From the dark side
Of the moon pulls
Your voice to sing
To an unknown tune.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 28-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Always like the light

Always like the light
Of a star, flickering,
You are becoming
While you are,
By night so silent
You cannot even
Hear a wing beat.
Or the throbbing
Of your own heart.
Around you the smell,
Rotting and sweet,
Like autumn leaves
Of memories.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 29-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
The cadences of the evening

The cadences of the evening
Play dawn's reversal, the glow
Of pink and orange to indigo
That deepens into black and blues.
I have unpaid dues to the night.
Stars burn on the cloudless sky.
Gouge my retina, their history of light
Both proof and hope of life.
The frost that comes tomorrow
In the silence of the night like a thief,
Will lie white and opaque
On a resigned landscape, a blank sheath
To which the cold, pale winter sun,
Can provide no answers, no relief.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 6-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
With age cracks appear

With age cracks appear
On the skin and within.
The map outlined
In my palm was
There at the beginning.
I can only express
What I was given
Feels like excess,
When some are
Doing it tough and
Enough is much.
So when it bleeds
Through, when I hold
A leaking colander,
And as I breathe in
Lost time and a
Razor blade presses
On my skin,
Let me remember
To blame no one.
We cannot pretend
That every fine wine,
Every line, does not
Come to an end.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
Let there be

Let there be
Star-filled galaxies,
Oceans filled with
Plankton lessons
Bubbling up
From the deep,
Dark sea.
Or more wanton;
Four-leaved clovers
A field-full for luck.
Dappled light,
Flowers, flight,
Known and unknown
Faces, another life.
Also terrors
Best forgotten,
Fangs and fur,
Tearing teeth,
While you sleep
In a skin on skin
Embrace, tangle of
Limbs. All will
Be clear. Be careful
What you take.
It comes with you
When you awake.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 25-7-2021
Harald Pfeffer Jul 2021
I have read enough to know

I have read enough to know,
We are all related in this story.
I can also tell you
That writing does not rescue.
We are all heathens.
Sins and devils we invented
Wear thin, if we want to blame
Them for rumours of our demise.
The pose we are in
Is not the one we have chosen,
If we are frozen in the act.
There is a gap in the air
You have never noticed.
Life rushes like water or wind
It does not measure anything
It is fine to be sentimental,
To howl at the moon and stars.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-7-2021
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