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Amongst other things

Amongst other things
There is too much
Poetry in this world.

Yet here we are.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 13-3-2020

Hope is like pale light,
Like faith in the dawn
While it is still night.

Absent light dominates
The sky. Stars are distant,
Burning out, are fading signs.

My heart speaks, leaps,
Feels joy, has no right,
Flies up like a balloon,

Expands, ignores the ruins,
Lands on the moon,
Controls all the tides

And soon it will be time,
I will be with you
And you will be mine.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 11-3-2020
Onward and outward

Onward and outward,
Nothing collapses.
The grand order
Is maintained.
Grass grows green
After the drought ends.
All storms subside.
It seemed chaos reigned.
We count the cost.
Yet we know, not
A single atom is lost.
It is natural to scramble,
Wriggle away, want
To escape, but after
The wave and its wake
The waters will collect,
Be mirror calm and you
Will be able to see
Your reflection in your
Reaction to the harm.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 11-3-2020
In the hour when birdsong stops

In the hour
When birdsong stops,
I lie on my belly
Arms sprawled out.
A restless clock
Ticks in my chest.
My spine twists
With ribs hanging
On a rack.
Silence listens
In the dark.
The day was good.
No guilty conscience.
Sleep should be
Able to find me,
Wrap around and bind me,
But something whines
Like an animal in pain
In my brain,
The last gasps
Of thoughts breathe
A laboured refrain.
I need a  drug,
A hypnotist
To dull the bass drums,
Or a kiss,
A soothing lullaby, a hum,
Or a ride that gently rocks,
Takes me up and away.
Soon the night
Can no longer stay,
Parts its black curtains,
Leaves and goes
Its separate way.
Then the morning
Staggers in drunk,
Stained full of light.
Ready and wanting to fight.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 10-3-2020
I am lost

Only their hand betray
Their other life,
Nails bitten to the quick.

City people abhor
What country folk think normal,
Children experiment, torture frogs

She trained as a bereavement
Counsellor after suffering
A series of losses.

I am not prone to dramatic
Gestures, I tested positive
After displaying symptoms.

The pollen of the African
Tulip tree is toxic
To native bees.

The oldest dust is the sweetest.
I wanted to say
Something particular,

But now you are dead,
And I am not,
And I am lost.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 8-3-2020
Orange of D, bright golden G

Give me a major key.
Orange of G
Better still
Bright golden D.

Don't care
What you call them
Slow-fast- slow as
Movements three.

There needs to be
A coda, a melody
Only dissonance
If it resolves.

You can add a finale
Repetition, pauses.
Brief changes in key
Are allowed, do not

Deny the pleasure
Of a classic symphony.
Escape the chaos.
Let music set you free.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 8-3-2020

We were lying down
On the track while
We kept looking back.
While some began to run
Others laughed, danced,
Were still having fun.
There was a sound,
Then silence before
The violence of the storm.
Keep moving,
Put your hands
Over your ears.
Look the other way
What is to come,
Is already hear.
Hold onto what you have.
It will build, it will last.
Don't expect it to fade fast.
Do what you have to,
Even if all you can
Is lock your door and pray.
It will be here,
While it stays.
Life is not just you,
Cannot last,
Is a fatal disease,
Yet continue,
When the crisis has passed.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 8-3-2020
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