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Nathalie Oct 4
I could see him
in the clouds
and I could hear
him through
the whisper in
in the trees
I could sense
his presence
in all that was
He lived in
the flame
growing in my heart
Never to be forgotten
The beauty in
every dream

Sep 29 · 95
Desired heart
Nathalie Sep 29
I drew from his lips
what he did not
dare say in words
I pulled him closer
and could feel his heart
as it beat in unison
with mine
There was no censoring
to this unraveling
desire shared
between two souls
simply wanting
to live in this
magical moment
of pure spontaneity.

Nathalie Sep 24
I am lifted
by the silence
of his love
I hear the words
that are not
spoken but felt
I know by the
rising emotions
within my being
That there is
something pure
and divine
being gifted here
An offering of
ebbs and flows;
the growing together
and slowly moving grow closer
It is a dance of
souls rising;
embracing and savouring
each tender moment
Trusting fully
that there is no
real seperation
as each are born
to carry the other
in their hearts.

Sep 24 · 107
Nathalie Sep 24
The tapestry of
all moments woven
together, edging
me to surrender
The alchemy of my
soul growing me
closer to the
blissful awakening
of my heart
The intuitive
calls resting in silence
lifting me higher

Sep 19 · 68
Witnessing love
Nathalie Sep 19
I trace your lips with my finger and I get lost in the deep pool of your eyes ... I let myself linger in the swell of these emotions that surrender me yours...mind, body and soul ... I embrace this dance with divine grace and a love so complete...I am witness to this gracious desire beating in my chest that knows no bounds and pushes me to the edges of my imagination...There is harmony and peace that is found at the centre of this unearthing devotion ... It has embodied a life all its own which lifts me to new heights in the temple of my dreams.

Sep 16 · 85
The Journey
Nathalie Sep 16
A journey is
one into the
deep cave
of your inner world
There is more than
what is existing
on the surface

Sep 15 · 47
Waves of devotion
Nathalie Sep 15
The ocean flows
with emotional
fluidity and arrives
at its destination
without competition
or force
It gives itself
without resistance
and simply follows
the current or the tides

Sep 15 · 139
Nathalie Sep 15
I open up
this flame
within my soul
I explore the
magic that
this deep love
brings forth
It lights the
way; shares
and multiplies
There is no
greater beauty
than this blossoming
grace growing
in my heart.

Sep 15 · 108
Undying love
Nathalie Sep 15
The light from
my eyes couldn't
mask the well of
emotions that
had made a home
inside my heart

The thought of
him would rise
at any time of
day without notice
and in surprise
but with such
welcome and warmth

I knew that in a
moment everything
had changed
That this love
harboured in
waiting was now
awakened; to
never sleep again.

Sep 15 · 61
Smiling grace
Nathalie Sep 15
I was admiring the
chickadees as they
picked at the seedlings
on the ground
They looked amused
and content with their
familial feast
Enjoying each other's
company and playing
in nature's playground

Sep 8 · 99
Love in bloom
Nathalie Sep 8
They shared a passionate
kiss under the sheltering
warmth of the full
grown cherry blossom tree

It appeared to glow
from all the electricity
and magnetic charm
rising through the air

There were no inhibitions
to the fluttering emotions
shared between these two
spirited lovers

Only the magic
of two hearts gifted
to the moment in love
of attraction for each other.

Aug 31 · 301
Soul bright
Nathalie Aug 31
Crossing paths with him
was fate; a piece of
the puzzle in my life
that I had yet to find
Only I had not a clue
of what was incomplete
before that whimsical
day when his
eyes looked right
into mine
A familiar feeling rose
to light from which my
soul overflowed with
dormant memories
of love to share...

Aug 24 · 91
Beautiful moment
Nathalie Aug 24
Surrender in
this moment
A most beautiful
Pause of the mind
Love pools
And emanates
Soul and heart combined

Aug 24 · 82
Breaking free
Nathalie Aug 24
Shame cannot survive
In a vessel of authenticity
Genuine integrity
Does not fall under
The guise or spell
Of an illusory
Standard of morality
It is only by
Discovering our
Own intrinsic value and worth
That the life we live
Births wings of choice
A freedom granted to
Everyone; once their awareness
Pierced through veils
Of inherited beliefs
And repeated limitations
A playback of the mind
That has been confined
Into fear induced programs
Which only serves
To repeat hurts  
Of lineages past

Jul 24 · 107
Shifting perspectives
Nathalie Jul 24
Life offers us a myriad of opportunities to look at different perspectives. This is ongoing and never stops presenting us with experiments of all kinds, whether that be in our business lives; friendships, love romantic relationships, health, family and every day dealings with situations with others.

Everyone get tested, but flexibility and adaptability in shifting
one’s focus to what may appear as an hindrance to seeing it as an opportunity is what makes life an adventure. Everyone has the choice, go through life struggling and stressing or participating and embracing the growth each experience brings and flip it, finding each sweet spot; revealing the beauty underneath.

Through each experiment and I call it an experiment because once you shift your focus, you realize that you are in control of changing the lenses, you are the one that can alter the game of life in that moment just by the way you think, feel, act and move forward. You can either resist or find the flow and through that course you will find your intuitive guidance which will ease you through anything.

Enjoy your daily adventures and find the play in them. It makes life a whole lot brighter and sweeter.

Jul 22 · 424
True love
Nathalie Jul 22
There is a moment
in everyone's life
where they feel
this love that just
overflows so beautifully
that they forget that they
ever felt any different
This powerful
flow of emotions
simply takes
over and can't help
but transform their whole
life with meaning and colour.

Jul 20 · 460
In love
Nathalie Jul 20
Our meeting was a catalyst
that birthed a love so
deep and true that it
transformed our lives
in an instant

Even though our physical
reality brought seperation
our souls were never apart
as it knew of no other
dimension than being together

Life brings us these
beautiful gifts wrapped
up in all kinds of packages
but it is only when our
hearts are open that we
can recognize them.

Jul 20 · 68
Natural love
Nathalie Jul 20
The branches reach for

One another in love

As the wind shakes the

Leaves off the trees

There is a rumbling thunder

That disturbs the clouds

But only for a moment

Until the showering rain

Replenishes the earth

The sky weeps and

Then turn towards

The warm glow of the sun

Which illuminates the arch of

colour long and wide

Across the distance

Jul 14 · 70
Love in motion
Nathalie Jul 14
He took a seat
beside me and held
out his hand
A smile crinkled
at the side of his
deep hazel eyes

The sound of
his voice
was lost under the
noise of the engine
as the train
gained momentum
but I sat stilled
and watched
as his lips moved

I felt the swell
of my chest
as I could
feel my breath
moving and in
and out of my
lungs; my
mouth widened
as a smile smothered
my whole face

I could see a small
box peeking from
the pocket of his
trousers and my
my heart welcomed
with complete faith
this lifetime
token of love that I
would soon be gifted.

Jul 9 · 201
Star bright
Nathalie Jul 9
The shooting star
winks from across the
midnight sky
Its brilliance destined
in delivering faithful
wishes to all
who believe in
the power of a dream

Their hearts dance
with purpose;
a bridge of
of sacred honour
vibrating colours of
love and oneness;
a soulful pledge
born to life

Jul 3 · 125
Strong will
Nathalie Jul 3
A strong will
requires a tender
grace and a
beautiful mind
Appreciation flows
from an inner
conviction to
learn fom patience
and acceptance
Every experiences
comes wrapped
up in memories and
lessons that initiate
and encourage us
to grow our hearts
bigger and wiser

Jul 3 · 254
Force of nature
Nathalie Jul 3
She dances with the
energy of the flame
that burns deep within
She finds her mirror
in nature and flows
with the rolling
rythmic sound
of the waves
She bathes in the
warmth of the
torrential rain
as she is taken
from the sheer
pleasure of the moment,
to the fiery impulses
that captures her whole

Jul 3 · 126
The size of your heart
Nathalie Jul 3
I see you spreading seeds
of kindness wherever you go
Your acts are filled with
generosity and compassion
Your smile can lift
and light up the darkess rooms
The energy you share
inspires trust and invites
others to participate
in sharing their
love which in turn
create these
beautiful waves of
acceptance and connection.

Nathalie Jul 2
I've wandered every
distance of my heart
I've travelled through
every valley in
search of what
I was truly looking for
I've challenged myself
and sometimes came
up short as every thing
I was ever wanting
was right there
all along within me
You showed me
the way, pointing
me in the direction
of my soul
and till this day
I never forget
when I feel lost
or misunderstood
Every forest
leads me back to

Jul 2 · 284
My heart
Nathalie Jul 2
I give to you
my heart without
resistance as
I know you will
take good care
of it
I can see
the light
in your eyes
the one that
only shines
for me
There is no
lie in your
embrace and I
can feel
that you
and I
are mapping

Jul 2 · 65
Touch of love
Nathalie Jul 2
My fingers lace
perfectly into yours
There is an inner
knowing that this
is completion
There is love here
and it brims my heart
with overflowing
gratitude and joy
There is no other
desire, you are
my everything in
this moment and
I choose you
and in every moment
after this one
You are still
the one I love
For now and always

Jun 30 · 73
The mind of the heart
Nathalie Jun 30
She escaped in agreement
With the reasoning of
Her mind
Although she knew
That only her heart
Had a clear grasp
In which direction
She should follow
Why was she
preoccuppied with
Irrelevant data
When the real
Truth  was
Rising from her
Intuition and feelings

Jun 30 · 110
Nathalie Jun 30
He drew from her lips
Tender notes of
Passion; affectionate
Bites of desire
Which only fueled
And elevated her craving
For which she tried
To tame but could
No longer contain
His powerful gaze
Pulled her even deeper
As his hands curved
Around her waist,
Inching closer
Into a warm embrace
They melted into
Each other with
Yearning understanding
And unspoken words
Of unhibited attraction

Jun 30 · 88
Art in Surrender
Nathalie Jun 30
The more you
Peel away
At the layers
Of yourself
The deeper
You go and
The more
Heart opening
The experience
Of curiosity and
Discovery becomes
Creativity begins
The moment you
Allow yourself
To be seen
Through your
Art and surrender
To the form
In which it
Chooses to take

Jun 29 · 299
Nathalie Jun 29
I set float to meet
In the paradise
Of our dreams
My final destination
Diving in the deep
Blue of your eyes
And frolicking
Under the shade
Of the palm trees
I can translate
Your silence
Which scripts
Tales of affection
Into my heart
I know the depth
And love
Of your soul
As you and I
Travel forever
Through time

Jun 29 · 83
Nathalie Jun 29
Golden opportunities in our lives are the ones that usually come without warning.  They poke from behind the unexpected and greet us with surprises. When we are open to receiving these offerings by surrendering our thoughts about their arrival; embracing trust and letting go of trying to control or manipulate the outcomes, we move in a state of witnessing the miracles that are meant to manifest from this divine timing… the unfolding begins.

Jun 29 · 77
Expression of hurt
Nathalie Jun 29
Sometimes we will hear the expression love hurts…It is not love that hurts but the closing of one’s heart when feeling disheartened grief or loneliness that hurts. It is the clasp of fear takes hold of our hearts and minds and this is what causes this sensation of pain. Love is filled with hope, bright new beginnings and it can also be brimmed with tears… a beautiful representations of glistening pearls of memories shared and dreams in flight...

Jun 29 · 205
Nathalie Jun 29
Romance for me is more than just our dance of hearts with our masculine; it is the sense and knowing of following through with our purpose, it is the beautiful sensuous feeling we get by being in touch with grace, it is the warmth and tenderness we feel when connecting with this formidable universe, it is the communication of our souls with each other by following our intuition,  it is the drawing of one’s heart and the merging with oneness; being part of something so wonderful and so majestic. It’s being in love with existence itself…

Jun 29 · 72
Spider's Art
Nathalie Jun 29
The sun was sneaking
Through an open wound
In the door
Illuminating in perfection
The luxurious crafted web
Each finely woven
Thread was glistening
Under the glow of brilliance
Showcasing the ingenious
Creativity of the eight legged
Totem of mystery and receptivity

Jun 29 · 73
Flowers delight
Nathalie Jun 29
They blossomed
In humble grace
Under the warmth
Of the brilliant sun
They flourished
With delight and colour
Under the sprinkles
Of summer’s rain
They nourished the
Honey bees and
Dazzled onlookers
Swaying in pretty flowing
Waves mirroring the
Breath of southern gales

Jun 29 · 94
Nathalie Jun 29
The pulse of their heart
Chimed with each breath
Mirroring the fluttering
Emotions that rose from
Their mingling attraction
The shimmer in their eyes
Revealed in full view
A blend of admiration;
Simmering sparks ranging
From light heartedness to
Full bodied intensity

Jun 22 · 91
Garden of dreams
Nathalie Jun 22
I dance through
the fields of marigolds
with keynotes of
love upon my tongue
I want to choose
the perfect moment
but I have a feeling
it will choose me
I may not even
have the opportunity
to say a word
as my eyes will
reveal to him
my emotions
and he will draw
from my lips
every word,
every verse
every nuance
that is bubbling
within my heart.

Nathalie Jun 21
A formidable ally becomes one that sees beyond the deception and lies...They do not cowar in the corner absorbing the blows of their oppressor... They do not play the game of adding fuel to the fire nor do they give them power by coddling them into victimhood...We do not offer any solace to those that betray their own sence of intrinsic value and love by allowing them to continue repeating cycles of abuse towards themselves and others... Their own bitterness is turning against them, a poison they have learned to devour in thinking that this gives them ultimate power...The illusion is that this power is not one that uplifts, on the contrary it slowly dips them further in the void of their melancholy and fiery rage... Every one that crosses our path is a teacher and when we are dedicated to truly doing our own inner work we can realize that each player is an intergral part of our journey.. Some people will inspire us by they greatness and some will inspire us by their weakness... Others will move us to act with integrity while others will remind us what happens when we withdraw in fear... There are no right or wrongs only a domino effect for that which we take part in...To fall back standing is when one understands that love doesn't come camouflaged in bows and ribbons...Love comes in all ways which means truth, openness, honesty and humility... Sometimes love is doing what's difficult instead of saying yes at all reprises and bowing to acts which we recognize as cover ups for genuine acts of kindness and generosity... People can only act from a place that they have come to learn and know...Anything other is a wolf in sheep's clothing which is a projection onto their world... The mirror play here is that they don't even realize they have become the wolf...

Jun 21 · 204
Love unchained
Nathalie Jun 21
She rose from the sofa
with elegance and grace
Her smile welcomed
him immediately

Her eyes were gentle
yet revealed an
attraction one
could not deny

From a first glance
she knew this
beautiful man
that stood before her
had lit her heart
like no other

She was prepared
to share her
and move towards
him without hesitation

There was no lie
in her offering
only pure
desire and love

Nathalie Jun 21
People that belittle others feel small so let then be little in their struggle to feel powerful ...It takes confidence to stand graceful in the face of those that suffer silently but speak loudly, trying to escape the grips of their own sense of unworthiness ...They do not see beyond their own shattered surfaces so need to display their broken pieces by trying to fragment others...To be resilient and loving means to see beyond those that are self destructing by their own means and not add to the emptiness they feel...There is so much to learn from listening and witnessing to those that reflect their darkest fears by telling their stories and displacing their agony in which they canvass by their exaggerated airs and  behaviours...Do not let others tear you down, level up and rise and hopefully some of that loving strength and kindness will in time have some influence on those that are begging to be free from their own chains of un-forgiveness and bitterness...  - Nathalie
Jun 20 · 84
Bubbling hope
Nathalie Jun 20
Hope is the spark
from which dreams
are lit and brought
to life from a heart
that comes alive

It is the shimmer
that brightens the
dark in someone
that feels lost
and whose path
is no longer clear

It is the breath
of warmth
that shoulders
the grieving soul
and bathes them
in the glow
of heavens hymns

Jun 19 · 399
Mirrored Flame
Nathalie Jun 19
In this moment
I disappear in you
And you disappear in me
We are two yet
We are one
A reflection of
The other

I see you
And you see me
But we are seeing
The other reflecting
Back to itself

You are my light
And I am yours
Together we are
Sunbeams; illuminating
The open sky
And when nightfall comes
We light up the
Shadows and
Romance the moon
In the still of night

© Nathalie
Jun 19 · 194
Faithful kiss
Nathalie Jun 19
She stepped through
The portal with
Unwavering faith
Her initiation
Had begun
And this awareness
Grew her inward

He walked towards
Her with an air
Of confidence
And a look in his eyes
That drew him
Deeper into love

As they stood facing
One another
The white knight
Asked for her
Outstretched palm
And from his jacket
He removed a gold
Locket with two doves
And a heart

She watched him
Tenderly as he
Placed his hand over
The heart
And leaned in closer
From which he
Drew a faithful kiss.

© Nathalie
Jun 15 · 106
Nathalie Jun 15
I know that there
is more than what
my eyes can see
as I know that
when my heart
is open I can feel
the world around me
in a whole new way.

Jun 15 · 1.2k
Rain chimes
Nathalie Jun 15
I hear the rain as it
trickles down the
side of the window
I close my eyes to
capture the sound
that soothes
my wandering soul
There is gratitude
in this simple
moment filled
with promise
A new begining
into a world full of
flowering meadows
and ever lasting love

Jun 12 · 99
Nathalie Jun 12
The glistening pearls
Of dew mirrored
Tears kissing
The side of her face

Peering through the
Clear stained glass
Beauty stood outside
A display of nature's dance

Oak tree stood tall and proud
Radiating confidence and maturity
Endearing persistence to grow
And reach new heights

Raven soared through the air
Showing up in it's beautiful
Coat with black sheen
and flex of green, purple and blue

Beds of white and red roses
Uniting vows with heart
In the full bloom of love
One man stood in the middle
Of this magical scene
Her Beloved.

Jun 12 · 147
Trust in spirit
Nathalie Jun 12
When you merge intentionally

With the ingenuity

Of your spirit

You, in that moment

Choose to abandon

The constraints of your mind

And immerse yourself

In a world that is far

Greater than predictability

And controlling impulses

You give yourself

To the freedom of

Exploring and surrendering

To the flow of life

Which then favours

Your trust with unlimited

Richness and soul

Deepening experiences.

Jun 10 · 86
Nathalie Jun 10
We can either choose to live our day on default or on purpose. Living a life on default means that you are in and out, not really connecting with anything intentionally. You have things to do, people to see but even though there are bouts of flavour or some happy moments attached, your attention is already floating around to the next thing on your list or you are lost somewhere else in your mind. Living your life on purpose means you are taking real time to carve meaningful moments and truly be present to that time. There is no rush to get anywhere but be all in wherever you are. Your conversations are deeper, your connection is stronger, your emotions are magnified and your heart is in expansion. You don't need anything to enhance the experience such as superficial stimulies as you become the experience and therein lies the alchemy and beauty in that very moment.

Jun 9 · 84
Waves of love
Nathalie Jun 9
I am kissed by the essence and waves

Of energy that moves through me

My heart is seduced in cascading

Streams of inspiration and love

These rousing emotions seek to be

Released and shared

In a dance of words that are

Strung by the whirling

Colours of my soul

There is peace within this well

Of clarity in which I dip

And float back to the surface

In tune with the lyrics

Of my heart which flow

In love, passion and spirit.

Nathalie Jun 9
When you find someone that you can laugh with as much as you can have long deep talks with; keep them close.

Your spirit shines your brightest when you are following your heart.

Sometimes people forget that there is are two equally important individuals in “We”

Don’t try to reason with someone that doesn’t believe they have a purpose; become the meaning behind what they choose to ignore.

If you are trying to make a choice with your mind that requires your heart; then you are missing the mark entirely.

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