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Nathalie Oct 4
I could see him
in the clouds
and I could hear
him through
the whisper in
in the trees
I could sense
his presence
in all that was
He lived in
the flame
growing in my heart
Never to be forgotten
The beauty in
every dream

Nathalie Sep 29
I drew from his lips
what he did not
dare say in words
I pulled him closer
and could feel his heart
as it beat in unison
with mine
There was no censoring
to this unraveling
desire shared
between two souls
simply wanting
to live in this
magical moment
of pure spontaneity.

Nathalie Sep 24
I am lifted
by the silence
of his love
I hear the words
that are not
spoken but felt
I know by the
rising emotions
within my being
That there is
something pure
and divine
being gifted here
An offering of
ebbs and flows;
the growing together
and slowly moving grow closer
It is a dance of
souls rising;
embracing and savouring
each tender moment
Trusting fully
that there is no
real seperation
as each are born
to carry the other
in their hearts.

Nathalie Sep 24
The tapestry of
all moments woven
together, edging
me to surrender
The alchemy of my
soul growing me
closer to the
blissful awakening
of my heart
The intuitive
calls resting in silence
lifting me higher

Nathalie Sep 19
I trace your lips with my finger and I get lost in the deep pool of your eyes ... I let myself linger in the swell of these emotions that surrender me yours...mind, body and soul ... I embrace this dance with divine grace and a love so complete...I am witness to this gracious desire beating in my chest that knows no bounds and pushes me to the edges of my imagination...There is harmony and peace that is found at the centre of this unearthing devotion ... It has embodied a life all its own which lifts me to new heights in the temple of my dreams.

Nathalie Sep 16
A journey is
one into the
deep cave
of your inner world
There is more than
what is existing
on the surface

Nathalie Sep 15
The ocean flows
with emotional
fluidity and arrives
at its destination
without competition
or force
It gives itself
without resistance
and simply follows
the current or the tides

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