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She channeled her loving feelings

in a pouring

Of heart rousing couplets

There was no ****** to

This echoing chant of resonating verses

As it enthused her soul

To contemplate; which

Came from the surge

of being at one

With her writing.

This was an invitation to go

Deeper into the gap

Encouraging the unraveling and

Leaps into richer insights

Wisdom that may have

Been left unanswered if not taking

Full benefit of this unrelenting flow

Of heightened sensitivity and awareness.

Yes ~

I agree

There is duality in this world

But at the beginning,

In the middle, at the end

And every moment in between

You are the one that holds the clout

Of which one you makes friends with.

There is light and there is dark

There is joy and there is sadness

There is love and there is hatred

There is the opposing force

Of every emotion or every

Thought you ever hold.

You can choose to forgive

Or hold on to resentment

You can choose to love

With an open heart

Or close yourself off

Because you shutter

In fear …

No one can ever hold

Your hand, if you

Don’t open to receive theirs

And no one chains

Your heart, unless

You’ve first shackled

Yourself first

Life is your very own

Chess match

You can see the moves

Way before they ever


You are the queen

Of your castle

Your kingdom

Being your body temple

You can be a great

Manifestor by

Holding the seed of intention

For good and truly

Amplify that feeling

Deep from within

Your heart.

Choose life

Live passionately

Create intentionally

Share generously

Rise and be all

That you can be…

Believe in all that you are …

The heralds of spring

Fashioned sunlight in young hearts

Grieving the pass

Of winter’s enchanting charms

Flurries of delight

Sprung from bursts

Of new life

Painting the fields in colour

The vitamin for the season

Rejuvenated frowns

Into smiles

And streams of laughter

Tiptoeing across a shaded room
I stop momentarily …
As I catch a glimpse of you sitting…
Peacefully…in mediation and prayer…
…Your aura is aglow…
As the most entrancing of suns…
The energy of the room shifts
To match the rising frequency…
A smile flirts upon my lips…
I can feel the love emanating
From you… Being…
Harmonizing with the serenity
That you breathe…I continue my journey
Leaving you at one in your inner sanctuary…
Carrying with me, the imaging
Splendour that has been imprinted on
My heart…

Nathalie Feb 10
When you merge intentionally

With the ingenuity

Of your spirit

You, in that moment

Choose to abandon

The constraints of your mind

And immerse yourself

In a world that is far

Greater than predictability

And controlling impulses

You give yourself

To the freedom of

Exploring and surrendering

To the flow of life

Which then favours

Your trust with unlimited

Richness and soul

Deepening experiences.

Nathalie Feb 10
Creativity can spring from the passion

And enthusiasm you feel for the beauty of life

The nuances of your innate nature or

Delving in the mysteries of the world around you

Creativity can also flow from the uncharted

Sentimental waves of your emotions

Which provides a depth of channeling

To explore and welcome those feelings

Creativity can be sparked by another

In which you feel an immediate and

Familiar resonance which strikes

A curiosity so profound that

Your spirit rises to entertain it;

In turn fueling and enlivening your art

By infusing it with light and love

Nathalie Feb 9
You feel

Like the rising sun

Your presence

Is one to behold

As it captivates

Me wholly

You become

My breath,

between breaths

As our lips touch

And I take in your kiss

With such fervent


I become intoxicated

From the fascination

That draws me in

So pure, so magnetic

One I accept

Humbly and gratefully

I feel the magic

In the pool

Of your eyes

The ones that enchant

And speak to me

Without saying a word

You are imprinted

In my soul

And undulate my

Heart in Heavenly Joy

You are my forever

Through time

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