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Aug 2019 · 828
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
Does it hurt? Loving someone you will never meet?
And i oop-
Aug 2019 · 338
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
It all started to hit me, all those faded and unnoticed memories that I would have never thought would come back to my consciousness. Sometimes life could happen to you in a blink of an eye, in a glimmer of a star, in a flicker of a street light, and you wouldn't even have the time to comprehend it all.

Five years. Five long, outrageous, adventurous, painful and beautiful years of my life was spent in this place. A place that I never thought would eventually be calling home.

When I knew that in just a short amount of time I would leave my newly found home, newly found friends, there was a moment that all my emotions was crumpled together like a forming blackhole. It was one of the first times where I had absolutely no idea how I was feeling in me. Sadness, relief, happiness, anger, hollowness, it all felt the same to me.

It took me awhile to understand where I was in my life. I was in an intersection. An intersection between two different chapters, eras and paths of my life. I never thought that the day would come. But it did. And now I finally understand it all.

Thank you. To everyone I met, everyone I loved, everyone I hated. We'll meet again soon one day eventually, so just for right now, goodbye;
from a short film i made of the same title
Aug 2019 · 286
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
Hold me tight
My memories.
Don't let go
Don't fade away.
Hold me close
Till infinity.
The ending feels so short.

But era's will begin and will end
Is it so bad to make it last
Last for eternity
I don't want you to let go of me

Hold me tight
My memories.
I won't let you fade away.
I'll make you last for infinity.
Even if I know I'm moving away.

Don't say your goodbyes to me
This is not the end
I will walk with all of you
One day again
Don't say goodbye
I know I will cry
One day we'll meet again

So goodbye for now.
Aug 2019 · 491
Star Trek
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
Stuck in this train
We're hours away
From the memories we've yet to create
Stars form to collide
To expand
And to die
Here we are on this warm day

Do you wish to stay?
Do you miss the train?
Do you think we're made this way?

Time only moves and people are what changes
You shouldn't hold on to something if it has already faded
A form of writing can save you from all the emotions that you hated
And for that we found each other through all those empty pages

Do you wish to stay?
Do you miss his face?
Do you think we're made this way?

I feel homesick
Can't sleep
My pain away
I know you feel
The same way

Empty pages
We wrote
Our mistakes
Now i give it to you
My friend

Who knows
Maybe friendships
Transcends through lifetimes
I give you the back pages
Of Star Trek
To a friend who shared a part of her soul into the back pages of my book, our poetries are written in the depths of my heart in which I will never forget.
Aug 2019 · 170
reminiscing pt. 2
Mr Quiet Aug 2019
You make me happy everytime we're together
You are the reason why I smile everyday
You shine like a star eventhough I feel so dark

You light my way

I don't know what should I do without you
You are my song and melody
I'm scared you're going to leave me
I don't want to live without you

I know you'll never know how I feel cuz we're not more than friends
I would like to say "I love you" but I can't.
Jul 2019 · 360
my last message for you
Mr Quiet Jul 2019
Hi. How are you? Are you still holding on well? We probably haven't spoken in quite a long time, well it depends on how long I've been keeping this note. Today is June 25, 2018 and surprisingly I haven't grown tired of you yet. Shocking though, I thought you were extremely annoying back then and yet now I cannot even imagine a day where you don't send me a message or a dank meme or especially a vine that I have yet to see. Pretty weird, right?

I'm writing this letter so that one day, in the vast future that scares both of us to death, I'll find it and give it to you as a hell of a throwback. Well there is a possibility that it could work... or I could totally forget about this note in a week and never see it again.

But for now, I'm just gonna say and ask a few things to you that I've been wondering alot lately. Are you actually fine now? You're the worst liar I know and that "i'm fine" crap that you keep blatantly saying to me is kinda making me worried. Are you still sending me those vines??? 'Cause if not then I'm probably going to miss out on alot of hidden references and that would be a disappointment. Are we still keeping that stupid pinky promise? I understand if one day you're going to break it, believe me I know how tough life can be sometimes, but I really hope whether you decide to keep it or not, you'll still wake up breathing and have something to live for, even just the tiniest bit of reason to live I hope you'll still have.

Are we even still even friends? It's strange to ask that because we're like super close at the moment and we're "bEsT FriEnDs" but I hope we still talk to each other alot when you read this. Do we still hang out in the cafeteria at the balcony? Am I still sitting on that same spot beside the door (****)?  How's your family? I hope things really do get better with all that's going on right now that I don't know in your life.

Welp this note is getting long so I'll end it with this. No matter what will happen in the future, I hope you read this and know that I care about you. I'll always be beside you and will always want to help you with whatever you're dealing with. I know I can be extremely annoying and who knows maybe I'll be abit clingy (i sure hope to god I won't) and will be a complete ******* to you and for that I'm so sorry. Istg if one day I'll be a bad person to you and not treat you like a human then I hope you beat my *** infinite amount of times 'cause I deserve that. Anyway, I hope non of that ever happens and that we'll still be friends and will still be talking to each other. Always remember that you are valid and loved and you're not who your anxieties tell you to be.

Your stupid filipino dude,
Found this in the deepest part of my closet as I was packing a few days before I leave Indonesia. Decided to post it here.
Jul 2019 · 415
Mr Quiet Jul 2019
The inevitable end
Yet the endless beginning
Jun 2019 · 241
Mr Quiet Jun 2019
Everyone's afraid of losing all the things that they prayed for.
Everyone's a saint, it's all fun and games playing a sequential religion.

We're too used to it.

Be careful what you say, you're piling up all the lies you say with such grace.
You just depend on coincidences, tell me a testimony about things you don't see everyday.
"Don't be filled with hate" "God is love" but where was that when you protested about Pride Parades.
I feel so ashamed by the way you nitpick sins the same way I nitpick pimples on my face.

You say you're a child of God but all the things you do behind our backs doesn't make up for what you say.
You act so spiritual and holy and it's kinda funny that it's only exclusive on Sundays.

Believe in miracles
But do what you say.
Only hypocrites lie
About their faith.

Still they act like saints
Jun 2019 · 227
Presque Vu
Mr Quiet Jun 2019
I've come so far
Bent down to the stars
Hoping they'll release
The peace of it's heart

I've fallen down
Like the leaves from the branches
Will I wither on the ground?
Will You not help me up now?

'Cause if I stay
Will You calm me down?
And when I awake from this night
Will I still feel the incompleteness of my life?
Will I still feel this heavy heart of mine?
'Cause if I stay?
Can you shed me a light?
If I stay.

I'm lying down on my bed
I've been lying to my friends
I want to see them happy even if I got no emotions left
So I lay on my bed
Weeping from exhaustion
Waiting for an end
End of this distress
May 2019 · 173
Mr Quiet May 2019
When I saw you all alone,
Don't you worry,
I'll let you know,
That I got your favorite treats,
So that you won't need to be sad around with me,
'Cause after all,
You're all I need.
No need to go to the awful world I know,
'Cause you're my one and only hope,
But you'll probably never know,
Still I won't care,
Because you are the cutest pet I own.

When I saw you in the night
I was half asleep
But you're still running on your wheels
It was 3 AM
I thought I'd wake up lonely
Then I remember that you got me
Cause after all
You're all I need
If I'm sad I know you're the first one I will go to
You're my one and only hope
Doesn't matter if you'll never know
Cause I will always care
Because you are the cutest pet I own

I know you don't like to talk
You'd rather sleep all day long
It's okay I'll take your silence
Cause your presence is already enough
For me
To be happy
this ones about my hamster
May 2019 · 179
Mr Quiet May 2019
Stayed up late to see your face
I hid behind the door
You'd pretend to be shocked
Even if I've done it a million times before

So many familiar faces
Yet I could spot you for miles
You're the only person
That can make my nightmares smile

I'll close my eyes
If I ever feel alone
Then I'll fantasize
About when I was 8 years old
And you would hold me close
To your side
I know I'm not alone
Then I open my eyes
I know I'll be alright

Remembered those times you always came home with a surprise
You know me so well you bought me Jollibee gravies with fries
I knew you'd be the best mom I will have ever since I was a child
Yes I was dumb but atleast I knew you were mine
This lovely mother of mine
Am, Em, Cmaj7, Gmaj7, D
May 2019 · 1.4k
You Win, I Miss You
Mr Quiet May 2019
It's been too long
I long for you when I'm alone
And even if I'm not
I know it's not that easy to move on

It's been too long
I was so slow and now you're cold
You pretend like I don't exist
You act like we've never met at all

You win, I miss you.

Can't take it anymore
I know you hate me for all I know
You don't want to see me
Can't stand to see me at all

It's been a year and we're still playing games
Ignoring each other as we pass by the hallways
Now I think of the days where we chat all day, all night and still had our ways
Our jokes, our laughs, our nights at Sundays.

You win, I miss you.

I'm moving on
But it takes so long
I'm moving on
Yet I still play our songs
******* why am i like this
Apr 2019 · 701
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it past midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.

But as the walls talked back and as the crowd faded away
I found comfort behind the silence
The sanctuary inside my pain
I saw no eyes
I saw no face
The only thing I saw was the infinite thoughts of my brain
A void of eternal sunshine that have put my attention astray
Avoid the sounds of each voices that comes outside of your inner-space.

An introduction to my soul
A faint whisper of my conscience speaks to me
Warns me of it's own destruction
Warns me of what could behold
What it fears
What it loves
What it trusts
What it holds
The complex continuity of my emotions in which my mind can barely control
Leading to a mass of questions from my cerebrum that leaves my answers untold
Why am I like this?
Confusing the wisdom that I already know.

As the sound of the crowd faded smaller and smaller
I fell in my cosmos and began to question everything
And everything became meaningless
But to find the meaning in the meaningless has become the same question as to why we exist.

Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it until midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.
this is a poem i guess
Apr 2019 · 295
question 2.0
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
What is wrong? What is right?
What is dark? What is light?
What if good was evil just for one night?
Who are you? Who am I?
What's your point? Where's your life?
Who are you to tell me who I am inside?

People are people because we are equal and we're all the same deep inside, right?
Don't mock if you're flawed, don't fight if you're strong.
Is it hard to have some self-control?

Fight for your life and strive for your rights,
What's the point if you are not who you like?
Embrace your weakness, embrace your mights,
The details of your skin, you are alright.

Nobody should tell who you should and shouldn't be,
You're you, you're unique, you're imperfect but you're growing,
You're not a burden, I'm sorry if you're hurting,
No one can identify you if you're constantly evolving.
Apr 2019 · 135
white boi
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
I like the tone of your skin
Light and smooth with a charming chin,
Jawline sharp like a mannequin's,
Sorry I can't help but to imagine.

Gimme them white bois,
They're my type,
I'd crawl into their skin at night,
Gimme them white bois,
They look so fine,
I'd gladly eat their jawline if they were mine.
I guess they're just my type

I like the way they look at things,
They ain't asian but they like to squint,
But they still look cool,
Yeah super cool.
I love their eyes,
It's everything,
Their hair, their smile,
Is something I would **** for,
Yeah I guess they're just too superior.

Gimme them white bois,
They're my type,
I like the ones with the young Leo DiCaprio vibe.
Gimme them white bois,
The Centineo kind,
I'm a ***** for Timothée Chalameť,
Yeah he's my type,
Of white bois.

Nick Robinson
Tom Holland
Ben Hardy
Michael B Jordan
Cody Fiern
Harry Styles
Ross Lynch
Chris Evan and Sebastian Stan can bite my lip.
Apr 2019 · 126
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
A lonely soul,
Isolated star,
An introvert,
With a solitary heart.

So far away from the distance of the nearby galaxies,
A spectator of the universe,
A lonely, introverted, creature is he.
Just another speck of dust out of the limitless stars,
A small percentage of a timeless infinity,
"I am nothing of importance" is what he thinks,
Is what he sees.

The 200 billion lights that's light-years away doesn't seem to be helping,
With the thought that one day or one night they'll find me and understand me sincerely.
It's been over a million years and still no contact from anybody over here,
Although I can't blame them since I'm so far away from the distance of how I truly feel.

Lonely, lonely star,
A billion light-years apart,
Hoping one to search for you,
Hoping one to come from afar,
Does it hurt you?
Does it urge you?
To just end it all.

Writing his feelings alone in his room,
Secluded yet safe is his heart,
Although it cannot save itself from the world's gloom,
All he can do now is gaze at the moon.

Why can't I be me without anybody blaming me for being me?
Why can't they see that I am who I want to be?
Is it the way that I act?
The way that I lack a sense of masculinity?
Is it the fact that I listen to music that doesn't really fit what you see in my body?
Oh I'm so 'this' and I'm so 'that',
Why can't you just say that I'm so me?
You should know that you don't know me but you only assume what you have already seen.

Lonely, lonely heart,
So isolated it falls apart,
Hoping one to search for you,
Hoping one to come from afar,
Does it hurt you?
Does it urge you?
To just end it all.

25000 light years away yet we're the same and feel the same way.
Apr 2019 · 153
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
I got everything,

Inspite of what I do or say,
I'll always end up in my room at the end of the day,
I find myself having a reflection,
Telling myself my flaws will always catch my attention.

I get confused 'cause I thought I was a narcissist but then I questioned why do I exist?
I am selfless then I'm selfish then I'm lazy then I don't know anymore, I'm helpless.
Restless, I feel hopeless and to be honest I don't even know myself.
I keep changing, I keep waking up and feeling a different opinion about myself.
Do I love me? Do I hate me? I just wanna live a life without this mindset.
Can he save me? Can she save me? 'Cause I know I can't even save myself.

Everynight I question my life and think I don't deserve it.
I'm not even smart and I'm not enough and I don't think I'm good enough for college.
I keep calling to God hoping He'll pick me up but to be honest sometimes I don't even believe Him.
I know He'll come around but I'm pretty lost now, because I know I just need one more reason.

I talked to myself at the mirror and I kept saying "I really don't want to lose ya"
For the emotion I repressed, I confess, I'd rather lock it all up in my Umbra.
I hate that I hate myself no matter what I do, so I'll just lock it all up in my Umbra.
I feel guilt everyday for the mistakes that I made so I would rather it lock it all up in my Umbra.
'Cause if I don't I'm afraid that I will lose ya.
I know it's too much for you and I really don't want to lose ya.
Apr 2019 · 244
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
Matanda'ng katawan pero malaki and puso,
Tahimik lang,
Masayahin pa.
Walang ginawang mali sa aking kabataan,
Bumabasa lang ng kanyang Biblia.

Lumilipas na ang oras niya,
Pero wala siyang pakealam.

Marami akong natutunan sayo,
Kahit hindi ka nagsasalita,
Kahit tahimik ka lang sa sopa.
Alamin mo lang ito,
Na influencia mo ako nung bata pa'ko,
At dahil doon,
Marami akong respeto sayo.

Walang galit ngunit ako'y maingay,
Madaldal na bata pero ika'y walang problema.
Kahit mahirap and iyong buhay,
Ngumingiti kapa at tumatawa,
Kasi katabi mo ang Diyos kahit kung saan ka lumalakbay.
G, C, D.
Em, D, C.
Am, Em, D.
Inspired by : Sweet Creature
Apr 2019 · 178
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
Walang magpapalit sa mahal ko sayo.
Naalala ko yung bata pa ako,
Maliit at masaya,
Englishero pa,
Pero naalala ko yung mga panahon na lumalambing lang ako sayo.

Ala mo ba na mahal kita?
Kahit na,
Nakatira na ako sa ibang bansa,
Kahit hindi na tayo nagkikita,
Alam ko naman kung saan ka nakatira,
Sa loob ng puso ko.

Mahal kita
Bbmaj7, Dm7, D#maj7, F7
Apr 2019 · 1.5k
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
An introspective voice within my mind have made me who I am today and in these days it gets harder to adapt and understand what our society and normality keeps spooning in our hats which overweight our minds to execrate what we can't understand.

In life we know we can't always have what we desire but despite the feeling of envy we should respect others and be inspired by their wealth and health to lead us into better paths of life which is only handed once so why not use it to help the tired and homeless and also the hopeless who you see at school but don't know they cut their wrists when they're alone in their room.

Sometimes you gotta realize depression exists, not only through shows that makes it look so legit and cool which we should not tolerate and we should put a stop to this, mental illness ain't a trend or an aesthetic and now its making me ******, I can see your IG stories, stop glorifying the things that made people cancel their existence. And so many people have gone through this, through anxiety and therapy and medication, and it don't help them if they were born with homosexuality 'cause their parents are part of the reality that they'll kick you out or beat you down if you were LGBT and I'm sick of all that nonsense if you're a Christian just like me, if you believed that God is love then why are they facing inhumanity.

I'm so sick all you Christians acting like the Pharisees,
Claiming you worship the God of love and then go curse the LGBT,
You really are a homophobic, hypocritical, narrow minded freak,
Go ahead and spread the Gospel even if you can't act what you believe in,
And please do read Romans 12 if it's the truth you wanna seek,
'Cause after all your lies, love should be without hypocrisy.

I'm just saying, I'm sick of society and all the hopeless things that they have done to me. I'm a slave for money and to the economy yet I know deep inside none of it benefit me or my dreams. But I won't care, nobody will mind 'cause I'm just another one of your "typical" guys so who am I to say such things like "love yourself" and "spread peace" when the world makes arrogance and ignorance its centerpiece.

Be kind, work hard, have respect and be decent.
How is that so hard for people especially to those who believe in God who's love and the model of perfection and correction and is supposed to teach aggresion is wrong but they keep raising their banners saying "HELL TO THE GAYS" and all that we can do is pray for better days.

But I won't take it anymore I'll use my voice as fire, hitting every ears that hears me and hope that this will inspires to make them think and make them realize the truth of the liars, the world is far from perfect but it can be decent if we tried harder. Man...
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
I found myself sleeping on my life,
A reluctant and dependent soul was I,
I need to learn how to be by my side,
Inside my mind is a beast that's dying to be on the spotlight,
Inside me is more than what you have yet to see with your eyes,
A flower blooming so high it can reach up above the skies.

It took me months just to figure out what I have to decide,
I need to let our memories go because I don't want to live a lie,
Don't want to be anchored down with your voice and your smile,
I need to realize you don't want me anymore and I'm just in denial.

I've got to stop crying and I don't want to whine,
I don't need to drink wine just to get you off my mind,
I can no longer see you in sight,
I now just see the past I have once left behind.

I'm more than a romantic with no other purpose deep inside,
I want to break free and find what I have put aside,
My ambitions and my passions and my goals in my life,
I'll show you my other side.

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
Inspired by The Truman Show
Mar 2019 · 126
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Well I guess that you were the one that was home for me,
I'd stay awake at late nights staring at the walls back when you left for Uni,
Wasted my time trying to fight over petty things when all I could've done was loved you back then,
'Cause now I'm realizing that I've missed you more than I could've been.

All those times we made memories,
For me it was history,
A monumental time that made me who I am today.
Now I catch myself reminiscing,
Those days where we played hide and seek,
And played with dolls and stuffed bears as we made them houses.
We stacked up all the cassette tapes,
Piled them up to make a domino gate,
All around the living room and we'd clean it before papa came...

You are home.
To me.

Wag ka magalit sa akin,
Kapag naiinis ka sa akin wag mo nalang akong pagisipin,
Isipin mo lang ang itong kanta,
At wag ka na magalit.
Matulog ka na lang habang pinapakinggan mo ang itong kanta na para sayo,
Wala ako dito kung hindi sa buhay mo.
G, A7, F#m, DM7
Mar 2019 · 415
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Deep into her wounds
She has never found herself
Nor will any man
But only pain will free her
She said to herself
another haiku.
My new EP "s e r e n d i p i t y" is out now on Soundcloud! Hope you enjoy it :))
Mar 2019 · 440
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
The boy lost in love
Confliction and confusion
Yet truce still arise
a haiku of a character i made named Denver
Mar 2019 · 801
please forget me
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Your life hurts and I can't save you,
And I feel like hell for promising better days,
You're depressed and I'd I hate to hate you,
I know my love won't fix you so I prayed.

I tried, I tried and I tried.
But you still cry, cry, cry and cry.

I feel so selfish for leaving you,
I knew you were hurt and broken.
I knew you had family issues,
And then I made you not believe in love again.

Promises were broken,
We were going down,
We knew where we're going,
I guess we're both criminals,
And victims at the same time,
We were both too young,
But deep inside I know it was my fault all along.

Please forget me.
Mar 2019 · 306
m e
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
m e
I am still depressed but there's no need to hide,
Atleast now I know the real reason to survive.

I hear the clock move forward and it mocks my postponed life,
My ears will bleed knowing that all it hears is the success of all my friends lives.
I wish I could stop doing nothing but what can I improve?
When breathing becomes exhausting and my mind gets bored of everything I used to do.

I know I'm not living in black and white,
I can see all the colors and all the light,
I can feel the heat of the sun in the day,
I can say I'm happy a million times but I know that's not the case.

Why can't I smile?
I can rearrange the muscles of my face but that doesn't define,
The true serenity that my soul left behind.
I feel as if my life has given me nothing to satisfy me.
I feel as if I'm alive just to unsatisfy me.

I breathe with boredom
Inhale exhaustion
And always feel the weight of my eyelids.
I know I'm hollow,
My motivation's shallow,
But I'm still curious if I will live to feel,
What the chemicals in my brain forbids.

I am still depressed but there's no need to hide,
Atleast now I know the real reason to survive.
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Well I think I've had enough,
We're at the bottom now,
Life hit us hard so I guess that's pretty tough.

Lost in our words,
Wasted our times,
We thought it was love,
Now we're having fights.
Guess our love was like fireflies,
Shines so bright but it quickly dies.


He said he'll love me for eternity,
Said his love for me was bigger than the galaxies.
He gave me hope and he gave reasons to stay alive,
Now looking at his face makes me want to die.
Such a shame I got choked up in his lies,
How I wish I could go and travel back to the time,
When we first met,
And tell myself that he isn't worth it.

Caught myself opening up to him,
Now he knows that I cut my wrists,
Yet he still leaves me,
Yeah he's such a ****.


Something's not adding up,
I thought we'd always have our luck,
I thought me loving you was enough,
I thought the world would let us live if we didn't give up.
Now I regret loving you if that's alright,
You said you love me to the moon,
Now that's a lie,
Said it's impossible to hate me,
Now that's a lie,
Said I'm the only reason you're alive,
But now you're still alive.

I hate this pain that I have in my brain,
I gave you everything I have without any shame,
Then one problem came and then you blocked my name.


The Ballad of Jules and Denver
A Failed Star-Crossed Lover
sometimes the universe just won't allow two people to just love each other
Mar 2019 · 280
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
But if I loved myself, will I leave me too?
just a thought
Mar 2019 · 503
Cherry Blossoms
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Look into the ceiling,
Watch me go all over the world with you.

Hands held tight till we bleed and
Hopefully we'll make our scars have a new
Meaning to the stars that we'll sleep in.

Cherry blossoms raining.
We can turn our lives into a film,
Where we dance in the planetarium.
The petals in your eyes that's falling
Tells me that the seasons going into an end,
But i know you'll come back again,
I'll make sure i'll be there stronger than a stem.

Well hello
Is this the end,
Or the winter that spring can't seem to comprehend?
to be honest i dont even know what i was saying
Mar 2019 · 513
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
I find myself in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by all my friends, I am quiet.
I find myself in a living room with my family, I am quiet.
But why?
Is it the laziness to speak to others and waste their time over an episode of awkward silences?
The fear of talking about something I am interested in and them disagreeing about it and proceeding into an hour debate and argument?
The awareness that my opinions aren't the same with their's?
The awareness that my opinions doesn't really matter to them because all they want me to be is to be someone that just follows along in their rules and their humor and their interest and will instantly brush me off if my opinions doesn't go with their's?

I live in fear of the consequences of my thoughts that is in need of a voice outside of my skull, thoughts that were meant to be talked about and acknowledged yet it is now belittled and pushed away.
I live in a world of blasphemous people and hypocrites, claiming that they welcome everyone, accepting of all voices and people, but I have seen their true faces and their hidden smirks behind their fake compliments.

I am not quiet but I am cautious.
Introverts are not flaws but are a result of a loud society, unacccepting of voices that doesn't compliment their thoughts.
Mar 2019 · 227
nvm i'll dance on my own
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Ever since you left me,
Been watching Youtube lately,
Been watching Netlfix shows,
BoJack's on,
If you don't mind I'd rather be alone.
There's no need to stalk me,
All I do is love me,
Play that Joji song,
Lights off,
I don't care I'll be dancing on my own.

Ever since you've gone away,
My life has been so fun.
Now I'm here all alone,
But I don't really mind at all.

Just to think,
I'll be sad,
Crying on my bed,
And to think,
You'll come back.

I've been fooled,
I've been played,
So hard but I will always re-spawn.
I'm alone,
I'm a joke,
But at least I can make me laugh.

Ever since you left me,
Been watching more movies lately,
Been watching Endgame nonstop,
Go ahead and laugh 'cause I'm a joke.
There's no need to stalk me,
'Cause all I do is love me,
Play that Joji song,
We used to dance along,
Nvm i'll dance on my own.

I just think I overthink about you too much before,
Now I'm free and I'm still me,
Looking at spicy memes and watching pewds because his content is galore.
this is just a lyric to a song i'm making hehe
Mar 2019 · 1.8k
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Do men really just ignore the fact that women bleed every month and have *** and still manages to have the energy to handle men's *******? Like bruh, women really are superheroes.
Mar 2019 · 364
my slogan
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
"**** politics, lets do some dancing."
- Matty Healy
i love him so much
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
"I moved on her like a *****"
- sitting President of the USA
America did an oopsie. Happy International Women's Day btw!
Mar 2019 · 231
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
And how well would you sleep at night, knowing you're the reason why someone wants to die?
Mar 2019 · 432
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
I just want to be an adult.

I don't want to pay taxes.
I don't want to pay bills.
I don't want to book my own appointments.
I don't want to buy my own pills.

I just want to be an adult.

I don't want to pay rent.
I don't want a 9 to 5 job.
I just want my parent's money.
'Cause I don't know how to apply for a job.
I don't want my own kids.
I don't want responsibilities.
I don't want to do groceries.
I just want to do as I will.

I just want to be an adult.
can I be an actual 9 year old again? those were peaceful times.
Mar 2019 · 3.1k
read this if you're ugly
Mr Quiet Mar 2019

**** you beautiful *****
Mar 2019 · 1.3k
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
i think i'm  f



                               ­ l



                   ­                          g


       ­                                               o

               ­                                        r



                                                              ­    u
                                                                ­       .


Feb 2019 · 533
Mr Quiet Feb 2019
Car lights.
Sunday nights.
Swing set.
The smell of you hair.
Familiar scent.
Your eyes.
Our stares.

Love you to the moon? I'd give you the universe if I could.

4 AM.
Late texts.
Birthday note.
Lying to my parents.
Your face.
Our break.

Car lights.
Sunday nights.
words are images that is in your mind, here's a few words that makes 2018 mine.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
Modernity Has Failed Us
Mr Quiet Feb 2019
Dying romantically over a bridge,
Taking snaps on our phones as we cut our wrists,
Let's go make fun of all the suicidal kids,
Mental illness is the trend,
Let's make money out of this.

Post tweets.
Tell them about you wanting to end your life.
Click. Send.
Now lets brag about how many people retweet and like.
IG stories.
The highlights of the night,
Show them your depression.
Then delete before sunrise,
Pics of sad poems,
Then pics of memes,
#relatable, right?

We're like a sponge filled with heavy solemness,
As we sqeeze our anxieties and drink our stress,
We all use drugs to treat our mess,
But we ain't redeemed yet,
Sweet Jesus, please make the pain less.

Drink out of misery,
It all turns out fine,
The first thirty minutes will be heaven for your mind,
Enjoy what is left,
Ignore and leave your problems behind,
They'll come back for sure but atleast you had a hell of a time.

Put the chemicals in,
Snort the*******,
If you're not gonna shoot in your school,
Atleast destroy your brain.
Put the chemicals in,
Enjoy what is left of your sanity.
Crystal ****.
A minor inconvenience that leads your death into ambiguity.

Our insecurities has never been more expressed or shown,
From all the popular kids with all their Gucci clothes,
Go ahead, make money out of the things that you don't know.
Go ahead, make money out of us since we're the joke.

We are the joke.
kids don't want rifles, they want Supreme.
Feb 2019 · 316
Mr Quiet Feb 2019
There was a moment,
A moment in time where I looked in her eyes and saw the benevolent shining of her soul,
She and I would've never thought of what could anything lead to.
A hope perhaps,
A spontanious glimering hope that pushed off all of our senses and so did it knock us out as the wailings of our youth took over.
Never did we realize how it could be the best feeling in the world yet at the same time the most crushing.
The serendipity we found,
We kept it as long as we could,
To grab hold of it was the only source of our happiness,
And thus we sacrificed our livelihood,
For this pulchritudinous love never blinded us,
But we humans only blind the unwanted and abhorrent truth.
If I only noticed the warning signs, I would've never ended up with you.
Jan 2019 · 492
Sunday Nights
Mr Quiet Jan 2019
I'm not even gonna lie,
I still miss having you by my side.
I would like to say hello,
But I know that ain't helping me to let go,
Of you.

But now I'm always reminiscing,
How did I ever lose you?
And now I'm always getting the feeling,
That you're also trying to forget about us too.

No more lying,
I still miss the smell of you hair on my shoulder.
No more hiding,
I still miss the smile you give when I come over.

Text me back like we always used to,
Tell me 'bout your day and I'll always say "I love you",
Like usual.

Sunday nights were highlights of my week,
Where we'd hangout in the backseat of the car,
And I'd always catch you falling asleep,
On me.

I know you'll never know what I feel,
'Cause we're not more than friends.
I would like to say "I love you",
But I can't...
I can't.
my friend actually wrote the ending of the lyrics a long time and today it inspired me to write this whole poem/song so thanks
Dec 2018 · 623
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
All my feelings stayed the same,
With the hope of someday it'll just fade away...
But I know it won't,
Yet I know we've changed,
But I wish you'd know,
I still feel the same.
Dec 2018 · 336
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
I still miss the smell of your hair on my shoulder,
I still miss the times when you'd text me before we were over,
I still miss the look in your eyes when I walk in and see you glow like an angels and give me the look that still makes me quiver.
The pulchritudinous quiver.

Time only moves and people are what changes,
And what's the point of love if it ain't permanent then it ain't worth it,
I don't want to break our hearts again but please come back and forget our hatred,
Let me slip again in your life please give me a sign and I'll take it.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you've moved on,
I say I don't want lies but please lie one more time just to hold on,
Oh please text me one more time tonight,
Let's pretend and forget everything slowly.

Let's go and do all the things we used to plan,
To go to the planetarium or maybe just stargaze while we're lying down on the grass,
Or you can just sleep on my shoulder again and let me be your man,
Please let me prove you that I can be your man,
another poem to reminisce my past relationship
Dec 2018 · 522
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
quite ironic that my heart tells me to let go yet it still beats for you
careful now its sad boi hours
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
How do people expect me to move on if everytime I look at you, all the memories of us punches me in the face.
Dec 2018 · 557
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
This hollow feeling that I want to erase,
In which leaves me to the temptation of every distraction I have yet to face,
I want answers and I want faith,
I want to believe.

I encountered you for some time,
Felt the Spirit but the doubts still intertwined,
Coincidences and Feelings are what I thought entered my mind,
Or atleast that's what I thought.
But then again who am I to say that,
I am lost.

I constantly find a way to disperse myself from finding the truth,
And I want to know it but I'm in disbelief of You,
I feel nothing but feelings that is chemicals in my brain but I still want to believe it's your calls that makes me question my faith.
Is it You?
I want to know but I feel like I'm being pulled when I get closer to the truth.

I want to believe,
I'm lost and I beg and I plead,
And I just want You to cleanse my belief,
Make it all stop,
I want to feel redeemed.
here's me questioning my faith in God yet again. Yay
Dec 2018 · 260
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
I'm here again...
Lost at the thought of us together at 4 AM.
Stop me now...
Because I still keep all of our memories.

I've let you go...
A million times,
Yet I still manage to lose control.
Because everytime anyone mentions your name....
It all comes back.
Come back...
totally off topic but please listen to The 1975's new album IT'S REALLY GOOD
Nov 2018 · 283
a tip.
Mr Quiet Nov 2018
Love isn't something you trade, it's something you give.
don't get upset when someone doesn't love you back, you're just giving it to the wrong person.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Mr Quiet Nov 2018
You love to fall for people that you know you barely even know,
Yet you get upset when you don't get all the cuddles because your brain is slow,
Ain't that funny though?
You fall only to feed your ego.

Miscommunication which lead you to feel feelings for someone you know isn't into your charm,
Now you're confused when she told you she don't want your affections 'cause she knows she don't want any harm.
You romanticize the feeling of your loneliness which creates this void for the hopeless romantic,
Which was all just you and your narcissistic conscience and now you've just redirected your own tactic.

Exaggerate your friend's intentions to convince yourself that they only want your love,
You only cared for them when they cared about you because them caring for themselves, for you, isn't enough.
Don't be surprised now that you're on your own,
You knew you were a snitch,
Because you crave for anyone's attention and affection 'cause you're too hollow to have yourself fixed.
i have no idea wut im writing about... Well i do but im not entirely sure.
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