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Mr Quiet Jun 2019
Everyone's afraid of losing all the things that they prayed for.
Everyone's a saint, it's all fun and games playing a sequential religion.

We're too used to it.

Be careful what you say, you're piling up all the lies you say with such grace.
You just depend on coincidences, tell me a testimony about things you don't see everyday.
"Don't be filled with hate" "God is love" but where was that when you protested about Pride Parades.
I feel so ashamed by the way you nitpick sins the same way I nitpick pimples on my face.

You say you're a child of God but all the things you do behind our backs doesn't make up for what you say.
You act so spiritual and holy and it's kinda funny that it's only exclusive on Sundays.

Believe in miracles
But do what you say.
Only hypocrites lie
About their faith.

Still they act like saints
Mr Quiet Jun 2019
I've come so far
Bent down to the stars
Hoping they'll release
The peace of it's heart

I've fallen down
Like the leaves from the branches
Will I wither on the ground?
Will You not help me up now?

'Cause if I stay
Will You calm me down?
And when I awake from this night
Will I still feel the incompleteness of my life?
Will I still feel this heavy heart of mine?
'Cause if I stay?
Can you shed me a light?
If I stay.

I'm lying down on my bed
I've been lying to my friends
I want to see them happy even if I got no emotions left
So I lay on my bed
Weeping from exhaustion
Waiting for an end
End of this distress
Mr Quiet May 2019
When I saw you all alone,
Don't you worry,
I'll let you know,
That I got your favorite treats,
So that you won't need to be sad around with me,
'Cause after all,
You're all I need.
No need to go to the awful world I know,
'Cause you're my one and only hope,
But you'll probably never know,
Still I won't care,
Because you are the cutest pet I own.

When I saw you in the night
I was half asleep
But you're still running on your wheels
It was 3 AM
I thought I'd wake up lonely
Then I remember that you got me
Cause after all
You're all I need
If I'm sad I know you're the first one I will go to
You're my one and only hope
Doesn't matter if you'll never know
Cause I will always care
Because you are the cutest pet I own

I know you don't like to talk
You'd rather sleep all day long
It's okay I'll take your silence
Cause your presence is already enough
For me
To be happy
this ones about my hamster
Mr Quiet May 2019
Stayed up late to see your face
I hid behind the door
You'd pretend to be shocked
Even if I've done it a million times before

So many familiar faces
Yet I could spot you for miles
You're the only person
That can make my nightmares smile

I'll close my eyes
If I ever feel alone
Then I'll fantasize
About when I was 8 years old
And you would hold me close
To your side
I know I'm not alone
Then I open my eyes
I know I'll be alright

Remembered those times you always came home with a surprise
You know me so well you bought me Jollibee gravies with fries
I knew you'd be the best mom I will have ever since I was a child
Yes I was dumb but atleast I knew you were mine
This lovely mother of mine
Am, Em, Cmaj7, Gmaj7, D
Mr Quiet May 2019
It's been too long
I long for you when I'm alone
And even if I'm not
I know it's not that easy to move on

It's been too long
I was so slow and now you're cold
You pretend like I don't exist
You act like we've never met at all

You win, I miss you.

Can't take it anymore
I know you hate me for all I know
You don't want to see me
Can't stand to see me at all

It's been a year and we're still playing games
Ignoring each other as we pass by the hallways
Now I think of the days where we chat all day, all night and still had our ways
Our jokes, our laughs, our nights at Sundays.

You win, I miss you.

I'm moving on
But it takes so long
I'm moving on
Yet I still play our songs
******* why am i like this
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it past midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.

But as the walls talked back and as the crowd faded away
I found comfort behind the silence
The sanctuary inside my pain
I saw no eyes
I saw no face
The only thing I saw was the infinite thoughts of my brain
A void of eternal sunshine that have put my attention astray
Avoid the sounds of each voices that comes outside of your inner-space.

An introduction to my soul
A faint whisper of my conscience speaks to me
Warns me of it's own destruction
Warns me of what could behold
What it fears
What it loves
What it trusts
What it holds
The complex continuity of my emotions in which my mind can barely control
Leading to a mass of questions from my cerebrum that leaves my answers untold
Why am I like this?
Confusing the wisdom that I already know.

As the sound of the crowd faded smaller and smaller
I fell in my cosmos and began to question everything
And everything became meaningless
But to find the meaning in the meaningless has become the same question as to why we exist.

Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it until midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.
this is a poem i guess
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
What is wrong? What is right?
What is dark? What is light?
What if good was evil just for one night?
Who are you? Who am I?
What's your point? Where's your life?
Who are you to tell me who I am inside?

People are people because we are equal and we're all the same deep inside, right?
Don't mock if you're flawed, don't fight if you're strong.
Is it hard to have some self-control?

Fight for your life and strive for your rights,
What's the point if you are not who you like?
Embrace your weakness, embrace your mights,
The details of your skin, you are alright.

Nobody should tell who you should and shouldn't be,
You're you, you're unique, you're imperfect but you're growing,
You're not a burden, I'm sorry if you're hurting,
No one can identify you if you're constantly evolving.
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