Mr Quiet Dec 3
I'm here again...
Lost at the thought of us together at 4 AM.
Stop me now...
Because I still keep all of our memories.

I've let you go...
A million times,
Yet I still manage to lose control.
Because everytime anyone mentions your name....
It all comes back.
Come back...
totally off topic but please listen to The 1975's new album IT'S REALLY GOOD
Mr Quiet Nov 22
Love isn't something you trade, it's something you give.
don't get upset when someone doesn't love you back, you're just giving it to the wrong person.
Mr Quiet Nov 21
You love to fall for people that you know you barely even know,
Yet you get upset when you don't get all the cuddles because your brain is slow,
Ain't that funny though?
You fall only to feed your ego.

Miscommunication which lead you to feel feelings for someone you know isn't into your charm,
Now you're confused when she told you she don't want your affections 'cause she knows she don't want any harm.
You romanticize the feeling of your loneliness which creates this void for the hopeless romantic,
Which was all just you and your narcissistic conscience and now you've just redirected your own tactic.

Exaggerate your friend's intentions to convince yourself that they only want your love,
You only cared for them when they cared about you because them caring for themselves, for you, isn't enough.
Don't be surprised now that you're on your own,
You knew you were a snitch,
Because you crave for anyone's attention and affection 'cause you're too hollow to have yourself fixed.
i have no idea wut im writing about... Well i do but im not entirely sure.
Mr Quiet Nov 16
Reminiscing all the times,
You slept on my shoulder and tried to be my side.
Hit me with nostalgic feels,
Because I see only memories when you're coming near.
I never thought this would happen,
I might try to sleep but it's still you stuck in my mind.
Can't help myself.

I don't want to wish to travel to back in time so we can be just friends,
I just hope that we can have better days that we can spend,
But it confuses me because I still want to hate you for what we did,
What I did also makes me want to hate me for what I've been.
And I can't put my emotions aside,
It's who I am,
A kinda funny guy with a poker face but exploding with tears within,
And if I could say one word that describes what I think about you,
I'd just like to say "Feels."

'Cause it feels like I'm alone,
'Cause it feels like you were my home,
'Cause it feels like you took me away,
Now I can't seem to escape,
You really made me feel this way.

Don't think that I'll be acting reckless,
I'm just letting out this mess so I can be myself for once without you making me feel all depressed,
And all hopeless,
I can't help but change my mind every time I think about you 'cause it changes all the time.
Oh NO I hate you,
Oh NOW I love you,
Oh just please keep your distance so I can put everything behind.
Because once you've left,
I felt my heart beat for myself for the first time in awhile.

And I don't want to confirm that I despise you,
Because I know there's a part of me that loves you,
But I hope you don't mind that I bury it away since all that feeling does is make me go insane.
And I really hope you feel the same way,
'Cause I'm losing myself.
And I can't think anymore.
I don't want to feel anymore.
Mr Quiet Nov 3
"No one will accept you."
Said my conscience to myself.
So what's the point of not being alone?
When no one's there to say you're not going to ****.

And you define my identity as a tragedy,
You don't want my truth so you just deny.
So for once in your ignorant life,
Please have an open mind.

And if you decide to stop your fight,
Maybe we can settle this conflict,
And have a good time.

"You're just confused, you're too young for this."
Yet you expect me to give chocolates to a girl,
And give her a kiss.
Double standard at it's best,
Just accept me as myself.
Don't think I'm perplexed,
I know who I am and you can't change who I am and tell me to be someone else.

You say you worship Him,
You say that He is LOVE.
You say He washed my sins,
Stop acting like I'm a criminal.
Stop saying that we'll go to ****,
You're like the Pharisees.
You spread the opposite of what He tells,
You homophobic, extremist wannabes.

And I'm a Christian kid,
I believe in Him,
And if you think He hates me for my sins,
Then go ahead,
Let's settle this.

Let me believe,
That He still wants me.
And let me see,
From your actions,
He still wants me.
The "You" stands for every homophobic people i know,
and yes, I am who I am and I still believe in ***. GOOD-BI!
Mr Quiet Oct 19
Driven by the rush of blood that flows through my veins,
Eyes wide open as the raindrops fall on my face,
The storms have stopped,
My hurricane.

Yet I still keep going,
I don't care what it takes,
I'm going to be happy,
I won't let myself make me prosaic.

My caricatured heart,
You made,
You put it on display,
Laughed at what you hate,
Yet it was yours anyway.
We got too satire,
A monotonous childish play,
That everyone will eventually execrate.
Nevertheless, don't be ashamed,
Because you're not the only one going through the pain.

As the sun shined through my dismay,
I lie awake at a commonplace,
The continuous mess that I used to numb away,
I'm leaving this abyss of heartaches,
I'll climb 'till I see the light of day.
just some of my final thoughts about my situation before
Mr Quiet Oct 12
I'm questioning everything and I got something to say,
Being heartbroken, secluded has made me completely insane,
But overall I felt dumb and then it all suddenly hit my brain,
Why did I let me break me when I know in the beginning you won't stay?

Hurting myself with doubt, always making me down, you didn't tear me down, I did it all by myself.
"But maybe I could've done something"
Maybe I should shut up and just be on my way,
You're done with me,
And I'm moving on,
End of the debate,
Yet I'm not done with this song.

I'm questioning everything that exists in my brain so it can exit and I can be me again.
Can I be me again from the time I was ten and so careless without me breaking hearts and losing friends?
Can you forgive me after all those bad events and hopefully we can talk about it using past tense?
But nevermind, I guess we are those past tenses.

Thinking about all the times we had fun and had a good laugh and had a good run,
Reminiscing times that ended our hearts,
From beating for one other,
'Cause now we're apart.

And now I am done,
Breaking myself 'cause now you're having fun with all your friends,
It's time for me to stop,
It's time for me to stop.

On and on again.
why do i keep thinking she'll come back, it gotta stop tbh
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