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Lostwithin Aug 2018
The rain is pouring outside
Reminding me of when u lied
While a piece of me died
As u walked out and i cried
Your last goodbye was so sad
That killed me so ******* bad
Hearing your name makes me weak
To a point i feel sick
So deeply i'll think
Till they scream my name and i freak
Nights are getting longer
When you're not here to make me stronger
So i'll just look at the stars
Instead of going to bars
Looking up at the sky
And remembering your eye
Your memories are everywhere
This is why life is unfair
Lostwithin Aug 2018
I would never tell anyone i'm busy
If missing you was easy

If you're asking how i feel
I don't feel like i'm real

With pains i deal
My mind is what they steal

Trying to be strong
Acting like nothing's wrong

But when i close my room's door
I don't feel free behind it anymore

My knees get weaker
And my heart beats quicker

Laying on the floor
Keep thinking more and more

Closing my eyes smelling death
Crying till barely breathe

I want to shout
A word won't come out

Getting drowned in silence
Hearing the voices loudness
Lostwithin Jul 2018
I wonder if anybody cares
When they see me with nonstop tears
While telling them about my fears
That i've been holding for years
Will they bring me any joy?
That i can truly enjoy?
Cause i can't stop the stares
Can't control the nightmares
When happiness becomes scarce
Where can i go?
what should i do?
I can be suicidal
But instead of being vital
I'll try to find a way
But here are the fears coming again
Scares me, eating my brain
I feel like I’m disdain

And I can’t take more of this pain
Lostwithin Jul 2018
I wish i came to your life later
So everything would've been greater
But this time i would've hugged you tighter
Would've made sure if you're alright
I would've never let you go
Like i did before, you know...

'Cause it's getting hard to sleep lately
The pain is achieving its goal greatly

I never knew it will hurt like this
When our past is all that i miss

The ache in my heart doesn't seem to stop
When i remember you, many tears will drop

Will that waiting ever end?
Is it possible to see you again?

Even if the answer is no
I'll be waiting, there is nowhere to go!

My dark room will be my friend
Till i see something that you'll send

I'll wake up with the same excitement
To see if u called,
telling me 'bout the life you spent

I will sleep with the memories of you
And the night sky will be my view
Till i see you
Then my life will renew

But please be quick
Before that makes me sick
Cause i'm so done, with looking at anyone
And remembering about our fun, being gone..

— The End —