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itsall iwrite Oct 2018
queen remix body language is body cam - freeek press 28.10.18

this is a statement
some will find it hard to swallow
i am aware so stop looking in amazement
making dough and the follow.
i don't care if you corrupt
put on me a stain
never will it end abrupt
for EVER i got down his pain.
the poetry you can dissect
cut out and put together
shopping for poetry is correct
now ended in biggest mistake for EVER.
change and spin
all forms of poetry some blunt
put own hands up on derogatory sin
will change name to jeremy hunt.
george never did bond
set up like a kipper
deep mistrust and not fond
was given the slipper.
all details are logged
but CCTV is the proof
date will be blogged
like papa and body cam under same roof.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
are all phillips corrupt with power 27.10.18


not sure of knighthood

but now aware of axing

is it better for greater good

if guilty claw back for effective taxing.

who is under the thumb

its so clever

on entering its a roll of a drum

reminds me of little mo's nutty trevor.

shop is a goner

like london programme ink

deserves no respect or honour

silence is key wink wink.

can not see similarity

just the name

prince phillip will give clarity

out spoken and no shame.

not going to stigmatise

that would not be clever

but going to summarise

what is it with people called phillip s trevor.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
***** dave escapes from H.M.P heading to costa del sol  27.10.18

fascinating documentary
crime and punishment explored
inmates and control not voluntary
shows H.M.P is flawed.
thank you for looking
what goes on behind closed doors
did not see any ****** cooking
but witnessed a ***** and corruption wars.
disappointed with work load
not run off there feet
all relaxed in casual mode
not got a full screen like cell suite.
the plan was genius
one ***** was the factor
done more damage then crimes heinous
proof this master mind is no actor.
not a close shave
it was elvis and jail sole
all went to plan ***** dave
i got your money and waiting on costa del sol.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
your country needs you 26.10.18

the days are drawing
so is the BB couplet
decision is purely on boring
akeem to go from triplet.
cian has been consistent
not sticking out like a thorn
nothing but resistant
how can you not love this leprechaun.
tomasz is adorable
its just the peculiarity
daddy obsession not curable
to much of the freeek is the clarity.
made the case
voters tonight need no clue
pointing my finger is a disgrace
tonight the eviction really needs you.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
flush east finchley commuter toilet  - vile pic included  below 25.10.18

thank you for providing
need one in every town
for sure would drop a few for sliding
categorically as always in kentish brown.
not sure if its got a sprinkler
2018 should have all mod cons
what will cover my henry winkler
to young poetry addicts google the fonz.
where goes the smell
i suppose full on air conditioning
can not see no pipes for swell
this bog has hidden features auditioning.
gold bog and not least
all commuters lining up actually
if george was here he would head east
LA toilets are open in finchley.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
lego is my paper queen 25.10.18

no matter how remix life hard
won't change my decision
from village gave red card
poetry is life not one vision.
pa pa gave me the tremor
that's why can not commit
thursday you mentioned the premiere
page 13 was connecting the remix man hit.
followed by 14 was no graces
familiar eyes were the sparkler
there must be more to life then oasis
might go out incognito in my  parka.
don't try so hard
appreciation shows i'm glad
but who ever gave me the red card
needs to reverse so i can drive highgate slightly mad.
love what your inviting
but you can not flatten me and be a scrapper
to show so much interest is delighting
lego is the love of my life my number one on paper.
itsall iwrite Oct 2018
shooting on day 40  24.10.18

it was very sinister
well orchestrated and not cheap
who try-ed to take out our prime minister
cowards as PM fast asleep.
three in locks and chains
but a separate crime punishing
talking nominations never drains
pure humour as zoe was flourishing.
a bit of insecurity
no nightmare or dream
narcissus now in community
not secure was akeem.
just had a shower
odds are now in
getting dressed up for paddy power
second is akeem but lewis set to win.
day 40 was a book
never before agree
still set on my winner brooke
says it all agreeing with india willoughby.
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