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19h · 90
Tasty Pole Milk
Lemme consume
Your tasty pole milk
Let it flow like refreshing waves
Upon my face
Make my temperature accelerate
In your state of greatness
Draw me nearer to your nirvana
As I rise in feverishness
Completely mesmerized
By his inviting excitation
1d · 34
Lusciously Bust
He is so deep
In my world
So sultry and muscly
Tanned brown enchantment
Stroking his wet, **** flesh
His mighty, ruthless missile whistle
Luring me into unending lust
Longing for him to lusciously bust
His streaming *****
Upon my womanly, perfumed breast
1d · 29
Without Ceasing
I want to scoop
Up into his crib
And feel something real
We can chill
We can even dance
Let our desires intertwine
Grab his nice, fine lap rocket
Feel every rhythmic, superb motion
Controlling his pecker lecker
We can create a ravishing
Thunder of fiery feelings
Sexing in ecstasy
Without ceasing
Even when he is straight
I see him in my state of mind
As my gay attraction
My rainbow radiancy
My rugged **** lover
So **** and sizzling
With his streaming slang
He is my refreshing
Sweet wine
My endless kingdom
Of formidable strength
Sweet new beginnings
That mean so much to me
I thought of him
In my quiet time
On the precious, passionate
Memories we shared
How you provided me
Sheer, dreamy pleasure
My emotions running wild
Thinking of his sun-kissed goldenness
Such an indestructible, gentlemanly man
Vibrant, masculine hairs
Flawlessly filling his flesh
Lips so enchantingly shimmery
I could kiss the fragrant fantasies
Within them and sift
Into every lovely, bearded strand
Surfacing his face
It was substantially sensational
Observing him hold
His chunky *** monster
Steady beating his meat
Giving me a deep fever
Flexing, dancing, serenading
My lips excitedly ready
For him to let loose
And shoot his gleaming cream
In my stream of femininity
4d · 20
Brown-Eyed Bliss
His captivating chocolate skin
Undoubtedly turns me on
So good, so smooth, so hood
Brown-eyed bliss
Emblazing in my face

He is an untouchable loveliness
That feels like massive magic
An invigoratingly cool breeze
That delivers continuous sweetness to me
He reminds me of spring
When the sunlight shimmers
In sightly designs
Emanating his golden creation

I fall in love
With his entrancing swagger
His divine, white J’s
His unattackable flex
His high-powered masculinity
Such a tempting tease
A pleasant-tasting man
That gave me irreplaceable deep sensations
4d · 22
I was suddenly moonstruck
When I caught sight
Of his elating, hazel eyes
So spellbinding I could glide
In his scintillating system

He had my heart racing
Like an unstoppable dodge charger
Cruising through the eastern streets

I was monomaniacal about him
Thinking of what I wanted to do with him
Wishing to see him strip
Step to me so masculinely
Making me defenseless to him
He instills the greatest
Sexiest fantasies in my mental
Desirous feelings I can’t ignore
The more I take in his allure

He is my treasurable obsession
A vivacious sweetness
That elevates my dreams
Makes me feel supreme
In his heartland
Of streaming, stimulated secrets
I was in love
With the masculine tight ***
So astounding, so muscle-bound
Monumental sweetness
So delicious to savor

I treasured the way
They walked so commandingly
Their mesmeric stance
When they flexed
Their stunning buns
Arousing me with all
Their hypnotic features

Men are so grippingly gorgeous
Gratifying music to my ears
Superhuman, majestically lionized
Razzle-dazzle swagger
Ravenous, riveting men
So enchanting to see them
When they bend over

I drift into nectareous nirvana
Dreaming of immense men
All amazing shades, shapes, and height
So mighty as a mountain
So stellarly sophisticated and brave
All the essential features I love in men
4d · 14
There was a constellation
Of ******* jams
Reverberating in my mental state
Each one reminding me
Of your loving existence
I never want to spend
My days and nights without you
I want to be your ladylove
I want to go where you go
And never fear any foreign
Territories we set foot on
Behind his thrilling toughness
And flaming wildness
I found a pure, caring man
That made me wish
To venture the world with him
Be his flamboyant rainbow flower
His feminine desire brightening
In his nearness
Being all that he largely loves
My womanly skin
Colossally seeks for him
To be incessantly caressed
Feel him laying beside me
With his chin on my shoulders
His legs interlocked with mine
His bare, masculine feet
Comforting mine
As I hold his firmly protective arms
4d · 26
There aren’t enough words
I can say to express
The enduring endearment
I have for you
I am so filled with amazement
When I gaze at your hazel eyes
Wondering how a man like you
Can be so topflight
So incredibly masculine and magical
Enchanting my endorphins
Making me so lovelorn over him
In the heat
Of enraptured fervor
I so desperately long
To grab his **** ***
Feel its hypnotic hardness
Marvel at the hotness
Of his Ethika boxers
How his phatty
Is so splashy
How I want
To keep my hands
Pressed on him
And cherish his grandeur
Let me feel
Your ravishing, muscular ***
Pull you to me
Place my hands
On your hot, stiff snake
Stroke you until you
Burst ******* passion
All over my strong, oiled hands
4d · 23
Vacant Location
Take me
With you
To a vacant location
Let’s get naked
And let our fingers
Fascinating places
Upon our bodies
We can kiss amorously
Let our flesh interlock
As our hearts
Create an array
Of enchantment
I found him to be
Completely breezy
And utterly exquisite
A bright, inviting goldenness
Keeping me trapped
In his untamed power

My soul longed
To flow in his fragrant flex
Deeply drift into his dopeness
Discover perpetual depth
About his electric masculinity
In his lambent nakedness
His skin so hot and suave
His aroma so intoxicating
I crave to devour
His long, dope pole
And taste the ample sensuality
Seeping through my throat
Awakening my vessel
Pouring utter lust upon me
Making me lastingly lovesick
For his rock-solid torpedo ****
I was ready to be with
A heavy-duty, super soothing man
Someone who knew how
To make me feel
All the amazing sweetness
In the world
Someone who could hold me
In the night
With his able-bodied arms around me
His hands clung to my womanly, full breast
Bringing me the best shelter I ever had
I can’t keep my fingers
Off his ravishing brick shaft
Caressing it, resting it on my tongue
Feeling its magical melodies
Run through me
Intrigue me, deliver me
To timeless paradise

Fill me with its resplendent energy
Its ceaseless bliss, its elevated allure
Put your bewitching ***** in my mouth
Let me bask in its refined taste
Feel the greatest dreams
Of your world seeping
Deeply in my system
When I catch sight
Of his stunning monster pipe
I get so excitedly high
Anxious to satisfy my appetite
And devour his inviting empire

I want his thoughts
To travel like a luxurious
Majestic cruise ship
Inside of me
Feel his steaminess
Let his impressive head
Ooze thick, sticky seductive
All over my mouthwatering lips
There was a strong
Urge within me
To pull down your pants
Grab your ardent chocolate sausage
**** on it, stroke it
Feel its stirring strength
Awaken in my mouth
I was glistening
In your sweetness
Licking all around
Your masculine treasure
Relishing its fragrant taste
How satisfied I was
Being so vulnerable
To your delicious delight
Travis Green Jul 24
Let the fire in me
Flow uncontrollably
Into your enchanting inland
Dynamize your dreams
Seep into your vessel
Mesmerize your flex game
Make you go crazy
As you ******* feminine sweetness
Jul 24 · 27
Erotic Wonders
Travis Green Jul 24
I knew I wanted
To **** his *****
Lovable magic stick
Feel my lips
Around the mesmeric head
Spit on it, swallow it, take it to the head
As I devoured his sensuous world

I wanted his starry charm
His lickable, kissable muscles
His electric chocolate *****
Put them in my mouth
Taste the rainbow in his soul
Become engulfed by all
Of his ****** wonders
Jul 24 · 23
Bedazzling Raptures
Travis Green Jul 24
He was the sexiest Daddy
I had ever been so close to before
A soul-stirring hotness
That made me desire
To succumb to his
Sensational creation

I was in bedazzling raptures
Deeply drunk off his infinite sublimity
How he looked lasciviously at me
Making me overemotional
With his nightly bright eyes
His seemly lips, his snazzy beard
So **** fantabulous and commanding to me
Jul 24 · 29
Emotion-Charged Ardor
Travis Green Jul 24
In your realm
Of emotion-charged ardor
I found ecstatic magic vivider
Than the moonlight above
More stem-winding
Than the galaxies above

I envisioned laying
Next to you
My face buried
In your pure, luring chest
So delightsome and innocent
As I embrace your upbeat breath
Conceptualizing the way
You give me maximal highs
Jul 24 · 22
Perfected Allure
Travis Green Jul 24
When I take in your perfected allure
All the major memories we have created
All the thrilling sensations
I have experienced with you
All the love we gave to each other
I am beyond gratified
I was allowed to encounter
Such an appreciable, prizable person like you
Jul 24 · 16
Never-Ending Bliss
Travis Green Jul 24
How did I allow my feelings
To go too far with you?
How did I allow myself to fall
In love with you?
It was never supposed
To be this serious
I thought we were just friends
But I soon found out
That friends can become lovers
That all the tremendous memories
We revolutionized together
There were subparts within them
That made me feel never-ending
Bliss in your existence
Jul 24 · 24
Punch-Drunk Beat
Travis Green Jul 24
You must have been
A ****-sounding melody
Playing passionately in my ears
A punch-drunk beat
So crunk I couldn’t
Stand the riveting heat
Jul 24 · 11
Blazing Hot Carnality
Travis Green Jul 24
I want explosive embracing
Blazing hot carnality elevating
Grander than the candescent galaxies
Feel your sure smooth skin
Commixing with mine
Shake my foundation
Make me feel your penetrating vibration
Rub your hands against
My hot, womanly breast
Galavant in my romantic continental
Vacation in my mental
Respire my elapsing dreams
As you rippingly flex your masculinity
Jul 24 · 18
Irradiated Halo
Travis Green Jul 24
I wanted you in my consciousness
Your enthused manhood
Cruising so truthfully
Within my mainland
Enchanting my womanly wants

I was highly electrified
In your spellbinding sensualism
Hailing your irradiated halo
How super good you stood
Like an ultra-hot baller
you had me taken aback

You accelerated my sensations
Gave me bright blasting magic
With your beardtastic beauty
Hotter than any flame in range
Jul 24 · 16
Satiny Passion
Travis Green Jul 24
You were a satiny passion
Jamming on an unmatchable soundtrack
Finessing my femininity
Begging to be deep within me
Circulating through my nakedness
Emanating illuminating delectation
Jul 24 · 20
Such A Damn Flex
Travis Green Jul 24
He was a debonair DJ
Rocking sway J’s
Irresistible drip
Sipping Alize
Making me
So captivated
By his dynamic slang
His studalicous dance moves
Such a **** flex
That had me spinning
In fulgurating nations
Travis Green Jul 23
I have traveled
The last mile
To reach the driveway
Leading to where you stay

A part of me
Wants to turn back
But I know I must
See this through
And let you know
How I feel about you

There’s a chance
You may turn me down
Tell me you don’t
Love me at all
Tell me to get
In my car and go home

But I’m going
To take a risk
And pray you will
Say I can stay
And we can love always
Travis Green Jul 23
You stare into my eyes
And I feel so cloudy
And blue on the inside

I don’t know where
We went wrong
But I don’t want
To say it’s over
Between you and me

Maybe I could’ve
Loved you differently
Gave you more freedom
To be the authentic individual
You so desperately wanted to be

Maybe I should’ve
Supported you
With your dreams
Showed you
I was there for you
And no one else

I should’ve done
Things differently
To prove to you
I was the one
Who could love you unreservedly
Travis Green Jul 22
I was bound
To his sturdily built kingdom
Venerating his beamful beauty
His manly stance
His naked greatness
Desiring to devour
His towering manliness
Crank up the ignition
To his flexing vehicle
Drive his desires
To the deepest consummation
Travis Green Jul 22
We can sip Steel Reserve
Submerge in fervent worlds
Becoming dead drunk
Stumbling, strumming super litty songs
Having so much fun

We can rouse our emotions
Through the night
Talk about everything
We wish to do with each other
Create a ******* scene
As we kinematically kiss
And crash into charismatically
Myriad enchantment
Jul 22 · 24
Alcoholic Hotness
Travis Green Jul 22
You can become
My sexalicous
Chocolate lover
Seep into my glorious
Storms of fervor
Let me serve you
An overdose of dopeness
A couple of cans of Four Loko’s
A bottle of hypnotic gin
Make you faded
When you taste
The alcoholic hotness
Ready to shift
Into fierce gears
Take you into my arms
And show you my salacious side
Jul 22 · 22
I Still Believe
Travis Green Jul 22
I still believe
In you and me
That our bodies
And souls
Will return
In togetherness

We will understand
How to love each other
How to keep the magic
Streaming and gleaming
So we can always
Be a supreme team
Caught up in the realms
Of ultimate love
Travis Green Jul 22
He was my newest
Luscious crush
Utterly seductive, tough
A young buck
A chocolate studalicious meltdown
Taking over my soul
The more I thought
About his magnetic suaveness
How I wanted him
To kindle my kingdom
Make me stumble
And become stunned
By his stunningness
Jul 22 · 29
Glorious Morning Wood
Travis Green Jul 22
It was within minutes
I was overtaken
With his amorous
And dangerous manliness
The intense heat escalating
My heart craving him
His glorious morning wood
Anxious to pounce on him
And satisfy my hot urges
Jul 22 · 32
Zesty Zaddy
Travis Green Jul 22
Flex for me zesty Zaddy
Stroke the dopeness
Right out of your savage shaft
Grab your masculine *****
Stare wildly at me
Seducing my mental
With your intoxicating energy

Talk nasty to me
With your lewd lips
Make me hunger
For your rapturous thunder
Your perpetual ecstasy
**** breaths covering
The air in gratified desires
Jul 22 · 20
Blazing Ardent Wood
Travis Green Jul 22
He fuels my womanly land
With his romantic hands
His enchantingly ****** heart
Raw words reverberating
In reverse motion
Turning up my soul

I yearn to discern
His dynasty of rarity
Flow in his close caresses
How he enkindles my limbs
Let him do me a solid
Rock me further afar
With his blazing, ardent wood
Jul 22 · 25
Travis Green Jul 22
His taste of greatness
Was all I needed
To feel electrified
To see his steamy
Hennessy eyes
And drown entirely
In his stupendousness
Jul 22 · 20
Fiery Enchantment
Travis Green Jul 22
I offer myself to you
So you can penetrate
And dominate my nation
Invade my trembling cells
Spark fiery enchantment
Inside of me
Jul 22 · 25
Imperishable Love
Travis Green Jul 22
I held him
In my system
So whenever
I missed him
I could always
Look from within me
And feel his imperishable love
Comforting my existence
Travis Green Jul 22
I felt perplexed
As I ventured through his
Stirring firmament
So hooked on his good looks
His sun-kissed swagger
So ravishingly bad
Immersing me in his
Sweet magicious masculinity
Jul 22 · 22
Smoky Sweetness
Travis Green Jul 22
I eased
Into the rhythm
Of his smoky sweetness
Inhaling his captivation
His dynamism
His leathery limbs
All of which
Bewitched my vessel
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