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I wanna explore the majesticness
Of your effervescent compelling realm
Burn with a vast passion
For your automatic smashing bedazzlement
Your impossible discharge
Of dauntless dominant hotness

I moan for your mad hot machoness
Soak in your dopeness
Beg for more of your inexorable knockout glory
Dumbfounding and overpowering profoundness
Untold smoking glowingness
With appealing lips and a fresh lustrous beard

I disclose my devotion to your heart and soul
And as I behold the enrapturing magic
In your all-knowing and commanding eyes
In your disarming and sparkling smile
I have desired to share boundless bright hours
On end with your effusive superhuman beauteousness

To be entangled in your insurmountable
Mind-blowing flame of high-powered amorosity
Melt into your sultry, seductive smoothness
Relishing your delicious riveting presence
How you move me with the slightest refined touch
You got my heart locked in love
With your luscious rugged construction
Unbreakable sensational Samson
My most treasured possession
My source of satisfaction
I gasp as I crash into your lip-smacking
Mouthwatering splashiness

Lovely lush hot stuff
You enter my inner space
And enamor my glamorous gayness
Stroke me slowly with your slick unyielding hands
Grab and galvanize my bouncy badass babylons

Lead me into your electric light
Where I delight in your out-of-sight strikingness
Slide your hunky tongue
On my kissable wicked *******
Let me float in your bold, imposing dopeness

Bask in the magical refreshing smell
Of your impeccable fetching vessel
You give me high heart-pounding vibes
As you mesmerize and surprise
My mind, body, and soul
You control me, and I lose control

You scope my tantalizing playground of ample proportions
You feed my need, you seize every part of me
You sheathe me in your completeness and sweetness
Take me beyond the bounds of reality
To marry with your sensuality
To be lost in your catchy crackerjack attraction
Dramatically dapper gallant
Sweet lubricious lips
Enticing eyes, black as night
Heavenly beardalicious
Lekker velvet neck

Delectable shredded chest
Divine man-size biceps
Flashy statuesque abs
Long, thick, and stupefying pipe
Dangling *******

Strong, indomitable thighs and legs
Splendid supple feet
Immeasurable irresistible formidableness
You are all I need
To hold on to for eternity

To share our worlds
Melt into each other
Lose ourselves in pure revered rapture
Kiss one another in the most ****** ways
Gawk at how you flaunt your thrilling teasable transcendency

You wink at me, and I sink into your adventurous infinity
Transpose your machoness into poetry in motion
Show me how you exercise your fire and desire
Flaunt your hearty hot sauce
Enthrall me, taunt me, make me feel your sexually arousing power
You are so exceedingly delicious
Like hot greasy fried chicken
Like fresh grilled catfish
Your unbelievably intriguing sweetness
Pleases and seizes me
Gives me a thrill

Lush southern grandeur
I love how your bang-up tight game is framed
How you excite me
Like a grand and festive bonfire
A truly towering invitingness
A jaunty jaw-dropping showstopper
With your rare legendary laughter

I yearn for your insurmountable shareable masterfulness
Breathe in your sumptuous ***** flesh
Feel your gorgeous moist hotness
Touch the hardness of your crushingly monster muscles
Such relishable compelling perfection
I long to caress your strongly saucy architecture

Feel your distinctive handsome beard
Your heavenly kissy lips
Unalterably charming eyes
That make me hanker to hide
In your astonishing and sprawling heartland
Rife with quaint high-ranking delight
I dream of being lost in your crystal-clear revered dreamland
Where I can gander at your seamless scenic supremeness
Lively inspiring enticer, vibrant, thriving flame
You tame my bright sublime frame
With your hot-off-the-fire high-octane game

I am so beguiled by your flashy dashing style
Your approving and loving smile
Your radically ravishing mantasticness
I long for our fresh **** lips to lock
And share a mad hot spark

My flamboyant, alluring bad boy
Such a sheer superior fearsomeness
Of the most unconquerable quality
Ripe spicy fierieness
I feel the magic of your flaming mountainous arousingness

An awe-striking and shining sight to take great delight in
Splendidly stupendous seamlessness
So gallant and talented, so pleasing and refreshing
Shocking and spectacular machoness
That consumes my mind, body, and soul

You make me tremble apprehensively
Just to brood over your rude smooth hoodness
Your groovy soothing cool
I want to divest you of your clothes
Probe your glowingness
So bowled over by your notably
Mind-blowing poetry in perpetual motion
Fold me in your soul-stirring superbness
Comfort my inner world
Caress every inch of my existence
Kiss me with your luscious lickable lips
Let me embrace your fierce imperial heat

Feel your strong-working hands
Massage my conquerable vulnerable body all over
Make me drown in your immense strengthful sea
Of boundless banging desires
Take me higher in the unchangeably brutal blue sky
To your first-ever stellar empire
Where you devour my gayness

Love me dangerously
Bewitch my full fragrant features
With your delightful fingers
My multi-layered mouthwatering magic man
The rarest enrapturing treasure
That feels safe to embrace

To press the side of my face
Against your prime powerful pecs
Take in your intensely fragrant
And heavy-blooming smoothness
Widely-popular wondrous wonderment
Such a luminous salubrious sight to see

I wanna be your smoking hot dish
To behold and hold, console and stroke
Stroll through the incredible celestial lands
Of unmanageable enchanting ecstasy
So possessed by your pleasant zesty finesse
Fold me in your soul-stirring superbness
Comfort my inner world
Caress every inch of my existence
Kiss me with your luscious lickable lips
Let me embrace your fierce imperial heat

Feel your strong-working hands
Massage my conquerable vulnerable body all over
Make me drown in your immense strengthful sea
Of boundless banging desires
Take me higher in the unchangeably brutal blue sky
To your first-ever stellar empire
Where you devour my gayness

Love me dangerously
Bewitch my full fragrant features
With your delightful fingers
My multi-layered mouthwatering magic man
The rarest enrapturing treasure
That feels safe to embrace

To press the side of my face
Against your prime powerful pecs
Take in your intensely fragrant
And heavy-blooming smoothness
Widely-popular wondrous wonderment
Such a luminous salubrious sight to see

I wanna be your smoking hot dish
To behold and hold, console and stroke
Stroll through the incredible celestial lands
Of unmanageable enchanting ecstasy
So possessed by your pleasant zesty finesse
Serene, lush **** boy
Furiously revered and rugged lover man
Full-blown flawless unconquerableness
Your beauteous sensuous masculineness
Makes me salivate to collapse
Into your magical refreshing embrace
In your teeming transcendent energy

You pierce through my queerness
You give me crazy **** urges
To marry with your immersiveness
Taste your inner space
In effortless togetherness
In your ebullient majestic freshness

You consume me, you move me
You make me dance like a high-spirited
And multi-talented cheerleader
I dream of you in a flaming chain
Of immense licentious events
Lost in your brick-solid, eye-popping arms
In the incomparable clarity of your majesty

You captivate me with your inspirational
And intoxicating vibration
Smother me in your mellow magnetic seductiveness
Control and probe my soul
Enclose me in your glowing and growing love
Where I blossom into a spectacular paradisiacal flower
Juicy sugary bruiser
Velvety zesty heavy
You are an impressive, treasured perfection
An authentic angelic vision
Of the greatest praisable amorosity
That I savor like a breathtaking
And exhilarating vacation

All-inclusive exclusive smoothness
Deluxe red-blooded lustiness
I burn with untameable desire
The more I hanker to steal away into your hideaway
Breathe you into my system
Like a sensually invigorating breeze

Feel the mergence of our dazzling merry worlds
Relax into your active fabulous splashiness
Such a mouthwatering sight
To delight in for hours on end
My supreme dream holiday

So sensational, like a stunning landscape
So eminent and experienced
Like a brilliant distinguished lawyer
I wanna groove with you in a private shining jacuzzi
Dive into your delightable invitable excitingness
Where your picturesque passionate presence
Holds me boundlessly spellbound
I wanna be around your profoundly crowning astoundingness
Feel your super sultry smoothness
Your ultra rude attitude, your juicy blooming pulchritude
Give me an overdose of your hypnotic narcotic machoness
Immerse me in the depths of your ardent bottler swagger

My top-drawer traffic stopper
Let me bask in your crash-hot passionate magic
Kiss your delicious thick neck, your gleaming pink lips
Gander into your deep-set heavenly eyes
How your sensual enchanting flame catches my attention

Draw me deeper and further into your picturesque dimension
Where you bewitch my existence
With your unconquered toxic hotness
You are a monolithic vision of brutal true-blue beauty
That intrigues me more than anything

A reflection of perfection, such dynamic elevated manliness
Such eclectic energetic finesse
Collectible incredible delectableness
In your peerless revered atmosphere
You shimmer effortlessly like the brilliant green trees
And supreme streaming seas

Sheathe me in your tender sweet-smelling sexiness
My prodigious sun-kissed whip
Your grand magnetic ambiance brings me to life
With your matchless statuesque radness
You dazzle my vessel every second of the night
When I look at you, I am enchanted
By your body of erotically mesmeric and poetic art
Every inventive perimeter of sheer immersing peerlessness
My peerless lyrical treasure
You are my sensual flaming kryptonite
Seamless mainstream winsomeness

I sink into your dynamic titanic enchantment
My luscious, robust drug
My wild exotic astonisher
The hottest top-tier rareness
That makes me delirious with happiness
The highest shining enticingness

More extravagant and gargantuan
Than any man I have seen in this universe
In your crowned sound paradise
You kiss and strengthen me
Immerse me in your stellar soul-stirring pleasure

You devour my brain power
Sneak into my dreams
And spread your heavenly affection
Make me so obsessed
With your jacked-smashing attractiveness
Like tasty, flavorful sweet potato jacks
You are the sweetest strong hot sauce
That takes me so deeply
Into your sleek exquisite dynasty
Of radiant salacious pleasure
Where I melt in your fragrant treasured perfection

The hottest must-have chocolate
That entrances my existence
Throughout the intensely
Dreamy and steamy night
Rich, firm, and deserving sturdy man

The most engrossing showstopper
That wins my heart and soul
That makes me feel venerated forever and a day
Immersing Hershey rarity
My sinfully lascivious mystery lover

A wild, virile virus that targets my entireness
A frosty, frothy, and chocolaty milkshake
That exhilarates my inner space
A sweet, satisfying sensation
That has my vessel superheated

I am so addicted to your hot, fluid grooviness
How your unprecedented deep-seated exquisiteness
Appeals to my thoughts and feelings
To sink into your bright crowned paradise
Of unmeasured succulent ecstasy
The best magic formula that hits me deep to the core
You fill me up with incomprehensible sensual pleasure
Arrest and undress me, caress and finesse me
My black soul king, my wondrous worshipful warrior
Somewhere I can stay and escape
Into your ****** exotic zone

My blooming and soothing rhythm of pulchritude
I swirl in your fervent worthy verve
My high-profile viperous kryptonite
You are smooth, inviting delight
That overpowers my world
Makes me thirst for your intoxicating vibe

You bring me to life when you check me out  
With your breathtaking bedroom eyes
You put a smile on my face
When I am watched by your delightable
And unforgettable machoness

You are enough lush robustness to make me blush
A very merry perfect lover boy
That raptures me incontrovertibly
You amuse me with indisputable smoothness
With meaningful tenderness that I can surrender to

Your deep, electric, and majestic voice
Makes me wanna fly into your insurmountable vibrant paradise
Allow you to divest me of everything I contain
Draw me into your compelling and refreshing scent
Sheathe me in it, embrace me tightly
Let me luxuriate in your exclusive and alluring greatness
Your top-drawer chocolate stalwartness
Makes me wanna be locked
In your arrestive protective arms
Feel your ardent supercharged muscles
All over my lush blushing construction
Your unrivaled, man-size chest
Pressed against my soft, enchanting cans

You drive me nuts when you touch me all over
When you make your move and kiss me
With your pure juicy lips
With your relishable affectionate utterances
You rock my heart non-stop
Gorge on me like a decadent cake
With magical cream cheese

Impassioned masculine splash
You are my unimaginably brilliant
And extraordinary destiny
When it comes to your timeless sublimeness
All I know is that I wanna
Bask in your fantastically flabbergasting freshness
Smell your ***** musk
So atomic, ******, and hypnotic

I ache to skate into your straightness
Taste your epoch-making irreplaceable greatness
Feel me with bright mind-blowing bliss
Tall unstoppable charmer
You have no idea how much you get to me
How bad I want you to smash my ***

Feel your slick, sticky sweetness
On my glittery silky lips
Your smooth, feel-good wood all up in my guts
Make me feel your screaming and shimmering fire
For mesmerizing hours on end
Luxuriously spectacular and sensual king
You are a titillating taste that captivates my senses
Masterful pleasurable delectableness
Fearless mysterious peerlessness
The rarest and sheerest passionateness
That takes me to your ocean floor
Of scorching hot euphoria

With your burning hot chocolateness
Your masculinity is so intensely tempting
So immense and incomprehensible
You steam up my dimension
With your mentionable sensual invincibleness
You dazzle my gaytasticness
With your savory satin splashiness

You capture me like a magic potion
Make me hanker to devour your aphrodisiac
Melt in your unparalleled, flavorful, and tantalizing paradise
Of fervent noteworthy rapture
So spankingly enticing and flaming
A nutty ***** **** that splashes
All around the waves of my mind
Breezy earthy superlativeness
Sheer swirling pizzazz

You put me in a contagious grand-slamming trance
When you flaunt your creamy, dreamy manliness
When you dance and enchant my feminineness
Too much flavorful penetrating handsomeness
That dynamizes and surprises my heart
Front-page persuavive amorosity
All the all-embracing melanin magic man
That overwhelms my realm
You are my hot chocolate candy bar
My hugely sugary confection
My caffeinated mocha cookie crumble frappuccino
Consumable, enjoyable, and heavenly made
Edible, velvety, and extra decadent
Intoxicating romantic entrancement

I can digest your flavored homemade tastiness
Like a salted caramel apple sundae
My impossibly hypnotic and strong addiction
Your milky manly masterpiece enraptures me unreservedly
I am out of control the more I behold
Your elevated greathearted machoness

Super sensual dream machine
Your delicious vigorous masculinity
Lingers on my tongue
Runs down the expressway of my throat
An exhilarating temptation
That takes me to the captivating gateway
To creative blazing elation

I ache for the vivid major-league sensation
Of your A-grade dominating takingness
Embrace the compelling and melting hot pleasures
Of your hot-blooded muscled ruggedness
So buzzing and seductive
A lovingly succulent and transcendent dream
That enlivens me the more I delight in thee
I long to sojourn in your swirling
Soul-stirring world of immersing
And shimmering grandeur
Cherish your unattackable crashing majesty
Your warm, charming hotness

Collapse into your smashing and thrashing masculineness
My head pressed tightly against your broad-toned pecs
Nothing else matters when I am in your gravity
When you grip my whip
And kiss my rich silken lips
When you engulf my lush, seductive voluptuosity

Light up my subliminal self
Capture me like the fiercest bloodthirsty criminal
Exclusive elusive hoodness
Delicious magnificent slickness
The keenest and coolest wheeler and dealer

You bring me the highest liveliest delight
Elevate and satiate my sensations
Penetrate the depths of my inner space
Travel through the titillating trails of my gayness
Enamor me like crazy
Manipulate me, take me, permeate me
With ******, red-hot thoughts

Let me get with your chillin’ libidinous litness
Splash out on my sassiness
Love me more than ever
Let me float through your headspace
In the throes of your strapping revolutionary mantuary
I wanna be your flaming fairy queen
Your dazzlingly impassioned
And most matchless spectacularness
Eminent and graceful feminineness
Invaluable, adorable hotness
Sole, bright delight
Greatest glorious sweetness

I wanna be locked in your all-powerful ardent arms
Lay on your resplendently dreamy chest
Such vivid, thrilling thoughts
That invade my mind’s frame
The more I take great delight
In your sumptuous supple seductiveness

Let me embrace your lush, dynamic nature
Your utter stupendous dreaminess
Queerly romantic enchantment
Ponderously hypnotic and rock-solid sturdy man
I yield to your unequivocal ideal slickness
I wish for you to consume me
Like smoky, slow-cooked baby back ribs
Like the finest finger-lickin’ barbecue chicken

You are so direct, fearless, and energetic
Inexpressibly amorous and dangerous
The hottest suavest sauce king
That makes my liveliness swing
That makes me have a fondness
For your legendary and impossible astonishingness
You are the purest magical splash
Exciting and striking, shining and satisfying
Physically gratifying kryptonite
Unrestrained spicy delight
Bright prizewinning invitingness
Lecherous red-letter heavy-hitter

Your ardent salty machoness is
So close to my heart and soul
******* rock-hard *******
I yearn to unravel your majesty
Take in your sexually titillating nature
Your untouchable lovable seductiveness

Feel your ripped appealing chest
Your glorious moist abs
Rest my head against your arched sparkling shoulders
As you scoff down my hotness
Toy with my lurid adorable core
Enhance my feminineness

Enamor me in your blazing fragrance embrace
I crave to feel your refined, fine-featured face against mine
Feel your radiant handsome manliness all over me
The way you etch your mystically wicked
Enchantment on my sleekly full and luscious bust

Make insanely wild and spontaneous love to me
Phenomenal sauce daddy
I wanna bask in your spectacular bare masculineness
And vanish from sight into your incomparable
Paradise of insurmountable delights
Your celebrious salubrious beauteousness
Enthuses and moves my mind and body
Rock and shock my hotness
With your rare debonair architecture

You are my passionate rapturous therapy
That solaces my inner world
Makes me yearn to linger in your eternity
Walk on air where your sensuously supreme singularity
Enraptures every fraction
Of my earthly effervescent existence

I wanna experience ****** fulfillment
With your sinfully scrumptious stunningness
Feel our lives collide and magnify
To greater heights of powerful, inviting delight

Your magically delicious splashiness
Fuels my innermost passions
Your deep, comforting voice
Provides me with pure and unexcelled pleasure

Your dark sparkling eyes
Make me wanna dive
Into your unbounded mountainous profoundness
Anchor me into your exemplary imperial majesty
Make my whole body shudder
In the electrifying wildness
Of your uncontrollable ferocious storm
I wanna take delight
In your moist, mouthwatering allure
Spend my days in your affectionate covetous embrace
Become amazed and dazed
So captivated by your flavorful taste
Your flashy aromatic magic

In your long luscious arms
I am ensnared in your impassioned
World-class rapture
In your whacking palace
Of calcium-rich nourishing mantasticness
Your beguiling and gratifying scent magnetizes me

I find myself lapsing deeper
Into the sinfully addictive sweetness
Of your masterful radical attraction
Such a strong sugar craving
For your tasteful venerational captivatingness
I love being in your iridescent presence
Falling for your highly infective
And effective manliness
Your rich revealing realm
So entrancingly mesmeric and psychedelic

You are so **** exhilarating
A heaven-sent sensual heavy-hitter
In your security, there is nowhere else I’d rather be
Attached to your fervent magical immersivity
You take me away to a cherishable picturesque place
That I never wish to escape
I am so crank about your bright flaming style
Your sprightly striking sight
My saucy evocative hot shot
Fraught with flawless top-notch hotness
That enthralls me wholeheartedly

Dark-haired, cosmic, and armored marvel
Rare spectacular treasure
Your matchless and unfathomable splashiness is
The most mind-blowing sight
That delights my liveliness
With your enamoring nature

You gaze into my luminous lovestruck eyes
While I gape at your breathtaking eyes
Your robust seductive lips
Make me wish to take a long
And uninterruptible trip
To non-stop, record-breaking ecstasy

Plunge into your indestructible deluxe thugness
Succumb to your vast vaunted volume
Of exotic narcotic machoness
Evanesce into your impeccably
Effervescent and stellar collection
Of sizzling hot perfection
In your port in a storm
You are my inexorable starry allure
My velvety mysterious, rugged man
Creative and invigorating like
A bright, inviting morning

So luscious and thuggish with it
So unbeatable and unfuckwithable
You fill me up with the hottest
And strongest love there is
I am rapt and smashed in your grasp

So fantatical about your magical malleable masculineness
Bedazzling and strapping
Abtastic, beardtastic, and superbtastic
I move in unison with your blooming true-blue beauty
So stimulating to my gay nature

A vibrant VIP vibe
There’s no doubt about it
I am highly excited and mesmerized
By my spicy delightful kryptonite
Your crash-hot pillow talk
Conquers my life force

I discover steamy tender dreams
When I am fenced in your immenseness
When you give me an amorous stare
You arouse and mount my desires
You make me feel so liberated
There’s not another man alive
That can make me feel so blissfully happy in this lifetime
When I am with you, it's so dreamlike and out of sight
You shine like the golden, rosy, and showy sunrise
You are the glowing and growing light of my life
My favorite engaging route to take that inspires me deeply
That brightens up my lush rainbow construction

I wanna wander away into your sensual tender infinity
Kiss you impassionedly, caress you everywhere
Eyes to eyes, lips against lips, flesh against flesh
Love me forever and a day, hard and deep
In your superheated sweetness and litastically magical heat

Drift into your translucent soothing dreamland
Traverse the radical paths of your majestic thugness
My main metallic man, you are all I need
All I wish to get lost in, to explore your extraordinariness
Stare at your ****** attractiveness
In the sheer shimmering mirrors of my submerged mind

Your tasty stimulating manliness commandeers my queerness
Makes me succumb to your buoyant flamboyant gorgeous
Feel-good flourishing freshness
Your evocative enthralling artisticness
Has me so high and stupefied

I don’t wanna be without your desirableness
I wanna be lost in your amazingly ample waves
Of jammin’ intoxicating enchantingness
Swim in your romantic oceanic sea
Of extreme licentious dreams
You are my jaunty hypnotic superstar
My marvelous macho man
So chocolicious, prodigious, and vicious
So sweet, dreamy, and fulfilling

Your incredibly fresh deliciousness
Titillates the depths of my inner space
Encases me within your exuberant sensuous winsomeness
Makes my heartbeat rise with exhilaration
Your fragrant sensational manliness
Scintillating before my eyes

Such a smooth, super colossal suaveness
My long and loving addiction
You cop and conquer my mind, body, and soul
Move me to endless steamy dimensions
Where you allure me
With your glorious glory of the highest quality

You are a vision of infinite tempting dreaminess
That makes me have a weakness for your sweets
Feel your legendary masculine passion
Caress your flexing shredded chest and biceps
Your hunky succulent abdomen
Your attractive tattooed arms

I wanna kiss your divine lissome lips
Look into your flashing and ravishing eyes
So enticed by your fieriness and stylishness
You are my ocean of bold, showstopping poetry
A splendid seamless gem, so brilliant and treasured
The choicest royal mandorableness
That holds me in the deepest magnetic trances ever
I am so into your breezy ebony majesty
I dig your delicious irresistible slickness
Your sweet regal beauty
Has me ceaselessly tripping
Feeling so bewitched by
Your commensurable sensual masculinity

I wanna examine your monumental transcendent chemistry
Taste your appealing kissable lips
Feel your breathless, brilliant heat all around me
My smooth, incredible majesticness
My smoking hot *** machine
I want every part of your exotic chocolate machoness

Feel your glowing and imposing ardency
Your self-made savory sensationalness
Sink into your creative, decadent mantuary
Where your perfect, earthy, and luxurious spectacularness
Commandeers my rare peerless sheerness

Be my clean supreme king
On a supercharged charcoal black charger
******* alive in the black velvet night
Where the bright heavenly moonlight
Rises and shines in sight
In your world of ****** attractiveness
I am down for your immaculate enrapturing splashiness
You capture and overmaster
My mellowness and tenderness
With your composedness and dopeness
Your glowingness and showiness
You keep me sweet
On your honeyed succulent love

My precious infectious sexiness
I crave you in so many ways
Venerate you forever and a day
Romanticize about your unparalleled enamoring greatness
Your congruent fluent pulchritude
Every trace of your engaging fragrance

So much untouchable ***** seductiveness to succumb to
To melt into your radiant, compelling freshness
When our lips meet
When we kiss and speak
With our vivid, wicked, and fierce expressions
When you move and soothe my world

When I am lost in your fantastic compassionate splashiness
Nothing else concerns me
But your adventurous and imaginative masculineness
In your enthusiastic and radical space
I acknowledge your spectacular savviness

Get off on your glistening, thrilling, and
Vitamin-enriched sauciness
You are so well-equipped with endless street credibility
So awe-inspiring and towering
Like a sturdy, seaworthy ship
Travis Green Jan 21
I wanna move my lucid loving hands
Across your fragrant enchanting canvas
Venerate your breathtaking and groundbreaking straightness
Your radically extravagant and nostalgic incomparableness

Fluid, soothing beauty, you are a glorious soaring hotness
So brand spanking new and spontaneous
Blue-blooded brother, I am so hung up
On your dreamy, tender frequency

How you capture me like
The bright, countless, and shining stars
I close my eyes, and I am instantly
Embroiled in your royal, joyful glory

Unforgettable rhythmic slickness
Your artful sparkling allure is
Born of adorned ginormous perfection
Your unutterable robust lusciousness is
An explorative and impressive museum

So admirable and veritable
So caressible and kissable
Your first-class smashing magicness is
So angelically compelling
In all your rich, vivid, and exquisite detail
Travis Green Jan 21
Move your electric shredded body with mine
Arms in arms, let our breaths mesh
Let our lovely indulgent lips lock
Make me feel alive in your awe-inspiring
And towering strikingness

The way your soft words swirl in my ear
Unravel my mind’s eye
The sure sultry touch
Of your smooth, seductive structure
So loving and pleasing to me

I wanna peruse and soothe your groovy cool
Rub your sheer, fashionable, and revered beard
Laudable upmarket prodigy
I hanker to dive into your bright lionlike delight
Like dashing and slashing waves
Making magical enthusiastic music with the shore

Your energetic enigmatic mantasticness
Takes me deep into your distinct transcendent depths
I wanna grab your impossibly masculine hips
My soft sweet hands pressed against
Your bare, capacious chest
I relish every brilliant, thrilling moment we share
Pure ecstatic bliss
I surrender to your static staggering splashiness
Travis Green Jan 21
Your undiminishable sensual distinguishableness
Makes my gayness sway all the way
Makes me melt into the magnetically
Mesmerizing melody of your aesthetic poetic majesticness
I revel in your effortless ebullient eminency
Your seamless streaming supremeness

With hands joined, I adore your inexorable immortal glory
Your far-out macho charmingness
How your rememberable refreshing flex
Connects me with your radiant, triumphant essence
I follow your superlative shimmering work of art
Such a fantastically eye-catching masterpiece
That dazzles and flabbergasts my totality

I dream of your impassioned matchless dapperness
I long for your carnal cosmic hot sauce
Your imperial terms of endearment
I burn for your delightable ignitable powerfulness
Your tastefully embraceable enchantingness and manliness
You are a full-blown strong addiction that haunts my existence
More than fiction, I am drunk on your essential sinuous rhythm
Travis Green Jan 20
I am attached to your magical litastical galaxy
So deeply enraptured by your cherishable world-class splashiness
Lost in your fantastically dazzling world
Where you enclasp me
In your impassioned indefatigable arms

Hold me tightly, kiss me wildly
Bring me into contact
With your incomparable swirling bedazzlement
Your ******* hypnotic hurricane
Unleash your glowing and smoldering dopeness
Upon my heart and soul

I hanker to go up in flames
When you break down my domain
Take down my sensations
Tame the flaming creations of my brain

Draw me deeper into your high-spirited hard-driving game
Where your mounting insurmountable amorosity
Has me ensnared in your sinfully dreamy web
Of endless monumental sensuosity

Tuned in to the sweet nothings
You whisper in my ear
Claim me as your shiny priceless pearl
For staggeringly spectacular years on end
Travis Green Jan 20
I wanna rock with your divine hard-line enticement
Your lurid torrid allure, your powerful hypersexual desirableness
Lean into your beseeching blissful existence
Taste your heavenly kissable sweetness
In the inviting and shining night

I pine for our worlds to intertwine
And defy the laws of the norm
Let me tour your unconquered stalwart form
The glorious moistness
Of your artistically absorbing alluringness
So alive and sublime
So top of the line with flaming hot spice

I wanna ride with you
Check out your luscious red-blooded construction
Your bright, delightful eyes
Your lovely pleasing lips
Your thick, exquisite beard

With the best-selling freshalicious swagger
Your cologne, so exhilarating and intoxicating
Creative house-made sensation
My cracking and everlasting attraction
You are the hottest wondrous treasure
That sparkles in my peerless imperial heartland
Jan 20 · 56
Rock-Hard Toy Boy
Travis Green Jan 20
I feel so safe in your amazing fragrant space
The way you encase me
In your amorous satiating takingness
Touch me ever so gently
Caress and impress me
Assess and finesse me
Arrest and undress me

My rock-hard toy boy
Your aesthetically appealing hotness
Runs deeper than you can imagine
In my vast passionate innerness
You blow my mind
With your sightly striking style
The way you lay your divine shining eyes
On my fresh fetching frame

You breathe so sweetly
On the nape of my neck
Up and down my spine
Cause me to drown
In your prime appetizing wildness
You tease me deeply and sexually

Cause me to need you badly
My delicious sensuous gent
I long to feel you enter my mind
And hypnotize my wildness
Make me so highly enticed
By your bright, high-quality spice
Travis Green Jan 19
I achingly anticipate tasting your rude juicy lips
Move my fingertips around the perfect frame
Of your fierce, fashionable beard
Stare impassionedly into your glistening grease-black eyes
Venerable v-shaped eyebrows
That make me wild about
Your flaming high-octane beguilement

Heavenly city-bred flex
I evanesce into perpetually
Breathless and electric ecstasy
When you finesse my steamy defenseless feminineness
With your chiseled concrete crest
Your flawless super colossal biceps and triceps
So athletic, dopacetic, and magnetically sexalicious

I fall deeply for your compelling street credibility
Your unspeakable rhythm of formidable gripping litness
Your supremely adventurous and stupendous masculineness
Grabs the attention of my essentialness
Makes me feen for your creamy, dreamy, and steamy sensuality
To be tackled by your measureless ****** attractiveness
Like an active, charismatic, and talented football player

Unbeatable skillful sweet talker
I love how you move like the deep, distant, and drifting clouds
How you sexually arouse my wildness
Make me covet to connect
With your unapologetic arrestive impressiveness
Submit to your jazzy kickass majesty
Travis Green Jan 19
I wanna delve into red-hot velvet enchantment
Lost in the surprisingly tranquil and hypnotizing hours
Where your sweet, dreamy tenderness sheathes me
In a divinely enticing sea of sizzling monolithic bewitchingness
Your rock-solid showstopping sauciness

Tall, toned top dog, I wanna swim
With your seemingly seamless and sensual supremeness
Envelop me in the consolement of your dopeness
Bathe me in your energetic, radiant captivation
Flavorful intangible manliness

I can’t help but gander
At your extravagant commanding grandeur
How I fantasize about your lushalicous thuggish ruggedness
Being in the center of your steamy licentious dreams
Willing to do anything you ask of me
Willing to prove to thee how much I treasure
Your aggressive frenetic heat

I am in tune with your smooth, youthful coolness
I bow down before your rudeness
Knowing where I belong
My strongly seductive superstar
Your warm taut voice allures me

The way you take charge of my softness
Has me so enthused and hooked
On the utter luscious touchingness
Of your number one muscled hunkiness
Everything I need to eat, sleep, and breathe
Travis Green Jan 19
Your top-level prepossessing magneticness
Mesmerizes the depths of my vessel
Arrests and possesses my homosexualness
Has me so affected by your dopacetic majestic finesse

You slay me with the way you display
Your contagious salacious engagingness
How you stand so firm and assertive
More than an enchantingly champion
And handsome Samson

An honorable hulking God
A hardy hearty hot shot
I am so lost in the unsurpassed
Impactfulness of your crashing masculine splashiness

So trapped in a tremendous tantalizing trance
So drunk in love with your crunkness
The way you bathe me in your unadulterated fragrant straightness
I close my eyes, and I romanticize
About your dangerous delightable divineness

Ready for you to slam into my embraceable tasty nakedness
With quenching massages and ardent liplocks
I wanna get lost in your formidable forbidden forest
Where you search every spectacular area
Of my elegant inner world

I wanna enjoy you to the core
Let you explore my sweet sensual concealments
Take me down, enamor my pristine perfumed playground
Make me feel the incomparable magic
Of your fantastic aromatic hardness

**** zesty Daddy
I wanna be controlled by your bold notable machoness
Feel your sexily manly flesh against  
My delicately fresh and perfect architecture

Gorge on my marvelous chocolate gorgeosity
Like barbecue bone-******* ribs
Let me melt in your mouth
As I relish the heavenly essence
Of your pleasurable treasured presence
Travis Green Jan 18
I wanna enter the creamy sensual limits
Of your dreamy, lean chemistry
Check out your sinfully succulent symmetry
Legendary long-lasting luminary

I hanker to lapse into the fashionable incomparable singularity
Of your fervent enrapturing territory
Where you re-invent my existence
With your supremely skilled slickness
Your imaginativeness and magicalness

Navigate the trail of my nerve cells
Captivate every inch of my amazing all-embracing foundation
I yearn to be closer to your perfect tender world
Traverse at the speed of light to peerless passionate rapture
Smashing strapping splash

To be in the presence of your luminescence
Takes me to your dynamically creative
And captivating gateway to emancipation
Permeate me with your majestic kinetic sexualness
Lead me into your wicked picturesque wilderness
Where I dance freely in your paradise of bright shining light
Travis Green Jan 18
You are the hottest thrilling brick
On the glossy ****-hot streets
That bewitches my system
I wanna breathe in your incredibly arresting finesse
Coalesce with your incomparable revolutionary flex

Wrap me in your insurmountable desirable fineness
Undress the depths of my vessel
Consume my cool, move my groovy voluptuous construction
Make me surrender to your rugged sumptuous thunder
In the company of your heavily built, hunky heavenliness

I feel your rampant rumbling rhythm
In my pristine prism of fresh, feminine dreams
A cherished chocolate charmer
That flabbergasts and impacts my rare ravishing masterpiece
You are like a sweet, eatable piece
Of rich, decadent chocolate cheesecake
That proceeds through the expressway
Of my throat into my heart and soul

I am so bowled over by your **** treasured majesticness
Your compelling pleasant-smelling enchantingness
When I am with you, there is no distance
Between the kinetically appealing rhythm of our beings
All I wanna do is travel the unfathomable impassioned paths
Of your assertive, expressive, and red-blooded attractiveness
And savor the adventurous, limitless, and seamless magic
Travis Green Jan 18
I fantasize about being in your dancing of enchanting light
Where I can delight in your freshalicious psychedelic arrestingness
Sink in your endless shimmering seas
Of breathable and readable sweetness

Delicious fully-equipped heavy-hitter
You ****** me your long luscious look
The volume of your alluring macho voice
You arrest and pleasure in the steamy hot seconds

I check out your appetizing and hypnotizing frame
So magically aromatic and mantastic
I get so ecstatic with the way you capture my imagination
Superlatively firm and immersive avenger
Decked out in the hottest top-drawer swagger

I yearn to lie with you, breathe in your stellar poetic notes
Your notable mind-blowing showiness
Surrender to your mainstream supreme dreaminess
The more you love me extra harder
From the impressive depths of my heart and soul
Make me fly above ground like a fierce imperial eagle
Travis Green Jan 17
The fresh **** smell of your unparalleled
Flavorful captivatingness makes me
Crave your ecstatic masculine vitality
Your magical bedazzling splashiness
Take in your succulent hundred-proof hunkiness

I want to travel the immeasurable depths
Of your accessible, incredible, and treasurable world
Caress your flexible shredded architecture
Get on my knees and kiss your feet
Let you see how I cherish your earthy masterful immaculacy

I yearn to research your mad passionate rareness
Slither my tongue along the titillating trail
Of your bare, hairy, and strapping legs
Feel the godlike hypnotizing power
Of your slick monolithic thighs

Allow my fingers to scrutinize
Every divinely elegant and effervescent sector
Of your top-shelf refreshing heavenliness
Cuddle up to your bang-up ***** thugness
My head against your deep-cut chest

You put your heavenly warm hands on my head
Take my breath away with your surprisingly sultry and sensual kisses
Let me slide into your dreamy liquid wonderland
Where your all-conquering applaudable awesome sauce
Enchants and finesses my vivid voluptuous velvetiness
Travis Green Jan 17
I dream of your dazzlingly dashing
Splashiness on a subconscious level
Extremely eccentric and inventive masculinity
That has me addicted to your kissable rhythmical irresistibleness
My profound, brown, and crowned Samson
My gentle, quintessential, and sensual king

I feen for the indispensable gleaming supremeness
Of your adventurous relentless wickedness
I yearn to experiment with the divergent reverent elements
Of your stellar sweet-smelling continent
Place my hot soft lips against yours
Share intense ardent kisses

Feel how the smooth juicy surface
Of your sweet teasing lips bewitch me
So abundantly seductive and triumphant
So upbeat and full of extra electric heat
Fully furnished with fervent cherished spectacularness
Let me be your jazzy hijackable rarity

Enclasp me in your dreamlike, satisfying warmth
My biteable indescribable kryptonite
My sublime prime mover
I hanker to house your entire enticing empire in my submerged mind
Become the imaginative and passionate author
Of your remarkable logical hotness
Travis Green Jan 17
You are my divine top-of-the-line live wire
My dangerous powerhouse game-changer
My inviting and shining flame
That enthralls my underconsciousness
Makes me pine to lie intertwined

Slide into the vileness and wildness
Of your enlivened, enticing entireness
Fall for your crash-hot shatterproof machoness
In the starry summer nights
Feel you make steamy supreme love
To my sweet sensual soul

Fragrant sensational engagingness
I ache to make endless romantic memories
With your eye-opening and glowing dopeness
Let you open the windows to the core of my homosexualness
Let your banging monster thunder

Run wild in my delightsomely framed domain
Devour me, Mister, clean, gleaming whip
I wanna be all that you will ever need
Breathe your thrilling electric heat into my system
Feel how your heavenly healing hotness solaces me

Sip on your unbeatable prodigious wickedness
Like straight-up intoxicating amaretto
Like full-bodied foamy beer
Lunch on your luminous scrumptious thugness
Like honey on tantalizingly brown toast
Travis Green Jan 16
I salivate to luxuriate
In your dynamic fragrant radiancy
Dance at the entrance
Of your dreamy, sensual thoughts and feelings

Run my crowned downy hands
Over your stellar shredded limbs
Peck your heavily handsome
And shimmering chest

Your sinfully supreme and wicked biceps
Cop a feel of your four-star rock-solid abs
Your industriously groovalicious
And lushalicious construction

Pure premier peerlessness
Beardalicious, freshalicious, and manlicious
Shamefully appetizing kryptonite
I wanna delight in you for all time

Feel you unleash your deep-seated heaps
Of wicked liquid sweetness all over me
Make me linger in your errorless tender grandeur
Your undisputed fluid hoodness

Succulent translucent entrancingness
I crave to be at the core of your extraordinary elevator door
Where you introduce me
To the greatest ever irreplaceable dreams
Travis Green Jan 16
I covet to delve into your measureless magnetic majesticness
Your satin strapping statuesqueness
My aromatic action-packed attraction
My enigmatic and talented lad

I pine to turn on the lights
In the darkest deep blue night
Where your shining sublime sightliness resides
Delight in your wide-ranging flaming game

Call out your name
Listen to how the electric compelling letters sound
As they make ground and surround
Your powerful prime profoundness

Drift into your slick wicked rhythmicity
A scented seasoned sweetness to be savored
To take in your full-flavored fascinating formation
Being face to face with your stately fragrant engagingness
Makes me so amazed and enamored

So dumbstruck and lovestruck
So drunk on your luscious industrious robustness
The passionate powerhouse platform
Of your adorned, alluring glory

I am so soft on your fathomable masterful debonairness
The flawless top-notch hotness
Of your delicious irresistible lips
The frame of your shiny, stylish beard

Dark, dazzling amber eyes that distract me
Got me dreaming of being
Bound to the royal capital towns
Of your astounding and galvanizing invitingness
Travis Green Jan 15
Hypnotic large-hearted charmer
Saucy sharp-witted sparkler
Slick strong-willed heavy-hitter
Your dope molded machoness
Makes me wanna feel you console my heart and soul

Take in the vileness of your spiciness and strikingness
My main melanin man
I wanna revel in your treasured heavenly freshness
Adrift in the visually stimulating rhythmicity
Of your storming hot allure

Feel how you tame my mind’s frame
How you melt my impressive effervescent homosexualness
Meddle with my vessel
Manhandle my danceable enchantable translucency
Plant your warm, luxurious lips
Against my peerless spectacular earthiness
Throughout time and space

I ache to venerate your bang-up-to-date game
Hot off the press, fashionably dressed finesser
You are my daily stately infatuation
My elevated motivated inspiration
I need to feel you in my system
Feel your delicious chillin’ virility
Getting down in my playful praisable playground
Travis Green Jan 15
There are moments when I feen
For a chance for you to romance
My brilliant significant existence
Dive into your fervent headline-worthy wonderland
Where your dreamy-scented transcendency
Entrances the depths of my benevolent reverent feminineness

You are the sweetest irresistible gent
With all-out ardent content
That sends me into the hottest all-star alternate universe
Where you unearth my inner person
In the incomparable magical January
Sojourning in your shareable worshipful mantuary

I yearn to marry your mad merry rarity
Taste your uncontestable edible lips
Trace your sheer, beardiful, and imperial beard
With my cleverly incredible and velvet hands
Slither my delicious, exquisite fingertips
Against your firm, spectacular cheeks
Your distinct, elegant eyebrows

Kiss the shimmering surface
Of your forehead and temples
Feel the eternal effervescent rhythm
Of your intriguing and thrilling virility
Voyaging to the core
Of my foxy four-star flawlessness
Travis Green Jan 15
I desire intensely to embrace every inch
Of your premium sensual rhythm
Your kissable steel muscles
Tight, out-of-sight sunshine
My fire-hot heart’s desire
My hottest high-style kryptonite

I keep thinking about
Your amorous boundless profoundness
The aesthetic perspective
Of your eclectic expressive impressiveness
To arrest and assess
Your flexing electric architecture

To delve into your energetic, frenetic aggressiveness
Revel in your stellar tender arrestingness
Your refreshing shredded delectableness
Be your velvet treasured possession
Sink into your comprehensible inventible sensualness

You are the glorious driving force
That allures and explores my core
Somewhere elsewhere, your rare earthy splashiness
Enraptures and murders my inner world
Carries me into the kinetic, romantic wonderland
Of your abundantly fragrant and tantalizing manliness
Travis Green Jan 14
Your ill ideal slickness intrigues and seizes me
Your addictive mystical irresistibleness
Makes me ache to inhale
Every blazing and exhilarating fraction of your beating heart

Feel you blossom every day in my bones
The way you breathe and speak with passion
The way you move with eclectic poetic rhythm
I need to be with you, to peel you like a ripe, biteable banana

Delight in your chiseled relishable perfection
The highly hypnotizing and vibrant canvas
Of your robust scrumptious thugness
Rich sizzling thrillingness

To be cocooned in your smooth and sensual rudeness
Drawn to your unstoppable saucy sumptuosity
My nerve endings ablaze
Encased in your extravagant radiant tastefulness

I wanna swallow down your sweet readable machoness
Like a cold refreshing beverage
Relax in the pleasant presence
Of your fresh, triumphant splashiness

I wanna undress your man-cellent reflective impressiveness
Lay my head on your firm, warm chest
Share incomparable rapturous stares and burning fervent kisses
Become your electric ethereal amazement and infatuation
Travis Green Jan 14
Dreamy gleaming weekends like this
I wish to delve deeper into your brilliant sensual ebulliency
Your authentic photogenic immensity
Rub up against your buffed-out thugged out structure

Etch a compelling love letter
On your wondrous, rock-hard chest
Locked in the fond, warm arms
Of a remarkable macho swan

I never want this moment to drop out of sight
I hanker to delight in your comforting cosmic charmingness
My smooth, soulful supernova
My prominent promising prodigy
My rare fervent universe

You are the bright, blissful bridge
That leads me to endless exorbitant ecstasy
The invigorating and scintillating ocean
That holds my attention

Let me serenade you with an extravagant romantic anthem
Show you how much I look up
To your supreme presentable handsomeness
A one-in-a-million dream lover
That touches me to a great degree like no other
Travis Green Jan 14
Wherever we are, whether it's in a masterfully made parallel universe
You will always be my crash-hot holiday destination
My radiant and ingratiating infatuation
My honest hypnotic heartthrob
My heavenly romantic eye candy

I am caught in your aromatic attention-grabbing web
Where your unfathomable masterful attraction is
So artfully ardent and long-lasting
So boldly bright and mind-blowing magicalness
That makes a sensational statement

You win me over with your elegant romantic machoness
Your soft, manly, and tasty lips
Your **** sweet cheeks
The flawless far-out charm
Sparkling in your midnight marble black eyes

I succumb to your monster-rumbling thunderstorm
Lying next to your sexually prepossessing majesticness
I am more obsessed
With your infinite resplendent dreaminess
Thinking of what you mean to me
The enchanting vantage point
Of your roaring and storming alluringness

Incomparable observable rarity
Rock-hard raw Romeo
I wanna be at the laudable starry altar
Of your unconquered much-vaunted suavity
Exalt your undauntable top-drawer sauciness
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