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Nov 11 · 19
All For You
Travis Green Nov 11
I love gazing at your masculine creation,
at the many pictures of you that are so
truthfully soothing, your light blue eyes
like the color of the sky, your soft, opulent
lips so flawlessly made, your masculine
cheekbones and strong chin, rubbing the surface
of the photograph with my fingers, just to feel
your energy, your gentleness, your sweetness.

Your pictures bring me the greatest pleasure,
wishing to press my face against your flesh,
on your warm, heavy-duty chest, dwelling
in the delicate derivatives of your scenic beauty,
loving the way I escape inside your existence,
how my heart is full of harmonic stars,
shimmering all for you.
Travis Green Nov 11
He is the enchanting land that I want to explore,
the love that I want to linger in my veins, to kiss him,
feel him, hug him, dive inside his tenderness,
wherever he goes, I go, to flow in his promising
poetry, being his eternity, his bouquet of blossoming roses,
the days and nights so perfect in his masculinity.
He is the most incredible man that I know, how he shines
like a starlight rhyme, all mine, in my mind constantly,
drunk off his burning ***, his flexing physique, his music
of ecstasy so special to me, a tantalizing man I can’t withstand.
Travis Green Nov 11
He was a night of bliss with fervent kisses and licking,
unconditional passion, a blaze of exploding escape
that kept me wanting more.  I was hypnotized
by the spectacular highs and vibes surrounding us
on this monumental moment.  I was catching
an increasing fever as his body caressed mine,
his big strong arms touching all over me, making
it hard to resist him.  His **** smell took me away
from reality into his steamy dynasty, marveling
at his slate grey eyes, his enticing smile,
his astonishing jawline, his powerful ride
so masculine and deeply inviting.  I could soak
in his ocean of extreme dreams, sift in his serenity,
feel the wholeness of his world stirring my soul,
so full off him and his entrancing romance.
Travis Green Nov 9
How could I have ever imagined
that being with you would take me
to places that I could never comprehend,
how your dreamy poetry glistened on me,
so magical and harmonious, feeling so sweet
for your sensuous breeze, how you move me
in a land of treasurable sapphires, blissful
hues, silky, hot ecstasy, melting away
in your handsomeness.
Nov 9 · 22
You Take Me Home
Travis Green Nov 9
I never thought you could make feel
the grandest desires of life, true passion
flowing through my flesh, so eager to please
you, feel your intense chemistry rise
in my bones, your sexiness like love letters
written on my chest, sensations brimming
in unparalleled universes, creating melodies
turning me on by the way you take me home.
Travis Green Nov 9
I dreamed of you holding my chocolate ****
and *****, playing and licking the tip of the head
with your tongue, stroking and ******* it, my moans
magnifying, then opening my legs as you stuffed
your fingers in my tight, ****** hole, the warmth
of your existence so refreshing, reeling me
into your sizzling seduction.

My mouth was filled with lust, the temperature
rising higher in me, addicted to your lightning ride,
how your muscles flexed with a surprising remix,
such strong hypnotica, lost in the rapture
of your masculine verses, your brightly burning
flame surrounding my being, keeping me glued
to you, such a hunk of a man feminizing my flesh,
sexing me with the best loving I ever had.
Nov 9 · 21
So Close To You
Travis Green Nov 9
Your bright city of smooth spice relaxes my mind,
inspires me to be a greater me, instilling depth
and intelligence in me, giving me abundant happiness
a burst of brightness in my brown eyes, so fly
that I wish you were nearby to excite my membranes,
make my heartbeat rise and release sweetness,

I need to be so close to you, to rub your lustrous
black hair, the waves so swimmingly deep
and ravishing, a peak of upbeat desires
climbing higher to ecstasy, so in tune
with the vivid veins surfacing your magnificent
being, like a gleaming mansion, you are a man
of high quality, a true representation of an iconic
figure fulfilling my soul.
Travis Green Nov 9
I saw you in my dreams, with your tight
and delightful body, your chest blooming
like an array of marigolds, your *******
so delectably adventurous, viewing your art
as you sparked my arms, making my heart
beat faster, wrapped up in passion, yearning
to kiss your abs and navel, relish your maze
of greatness, how every line in your frame
is a glowing geometry of superiority.

I want to make magic with your mouth,
lick the trailway of your jawline, oh my,
you taste is so mouthwatering, how your hazel
eyes shine like the sunrise, daydream
about your handsomeness, to devour you all
down to the soles of your feet, feeling the heat
as I hold onto your firm physique.
Nov 9 · 17
You Are My Art
Travis Green Nov 9
You are my art of scintillating stars,
brightening throughout the night,
your skin golden brown, like hazelnut
coffee, like a caramel macchiato, your lips
bathed in deep pink hues, your cheeks like
the lustrous leaves in autumn, drawing me
into your slim, sophisticated swagger.

The way your smile reveals the perfect
arches above your upper lips,
your smooth, **** beard so I revere,
your dark and gorgeous eyebrows a sight
of perfection, becoming enchanted by all
the artistic awesomeness covering your robust body.

You are the only vision that I can see
in my thoughts, all the love flooding like
a great rainfall around my town, such a tender
young man, your neck, chest, abs, so masterly
molded together, the way your shoulders
extend out precisely right, wishing to kiss your biceps
and triceps, lick from the top of your fingers
down to your palm, wrist, and arms, treasuring
it all, how you stand so sexaliciously, your swag
on deck, your slim shape making me run face first
into the walls of your wondrous home, lost in your
defined depths and excellence.
Nov 6 · 19
I Will Make You Mine
Travis Green Nov 6
I will make you mine,
strum my song upon your flesh,
press the keys to your existence
like a piano, hum so caringly
to your hypnotic body, your wholeness
like a vivacious violin, indulging
in your nakedness, in the passionate
innocence of your instrument.

I will hold you like a prized painting,
admiring your bewitchingly iridescent hues
of pink, orange, and yellow, your mellow
voice so meticulously orchestrated,
your radiance like the sweet rays
of the sun, projecting its light
inside my creation.
Travis Green Nov 6
Let me soak in your warm touch,
in your relaxing swagger, your kisses
and touches a sparkling moment of hotness
lingering on my lubricious lips, savoring
the scent of your minty breath, how you
illuminate the poetry revolving in my inner
thoughts, the rarest jewel alive and vibrant.

I want to ride your spellbinding roller coaster,
feel the amazement of your flesh shocking me
like a thousand waves of electricity, feeling
completely convulsed, sprung on your drumbeat,
unable to get off my feet, succumbing to the special
tune, never wishing to miss your sexiness.
Nov 6 · 27
A State Of Euphoria
Travis Green Nov 6
I found magic in the pools of your stunningly
supremeness, moving closer to the smell
of your Prada cologne as it wafted all around me,
so impressed by your flexing formation,
how your tight body presses and pauses
the button to the remote control of my soul,
turning the TV on to the home of my heart.

Your attraction made it hard for me to move
on to another, desiring all your seasons
of splashing passion, my emotions flooded
with your warmth and tranquility, your rainbow
memories, inside the dreams of your riveting beauty
and youthfulness, how you carry me into a state of euphoria.
Travis Green Nov 6
I melt in desirous heat with your juicy kisses,
your tongue a stroke of art enthralling my heart,
your love erupting onto my flesh, caressing
my tender spots, consuming my emotions,
such amiable gazes, firm, fascinating lips
full of hypnotizing hype, smoldering trances,
your taste so sweet like rich, sticky syrup.

You burn intensely in my lungs, so wild,
an inviting ecstasy expressing its purest
message to me, your eyes like emeralds,
flashing green lights, and shamrocks,
all tall, solid, creamy vanilla, your chest
of poetic pleasure so inspiring, admiring
your awesome being.
Nov 6 · 22
Let's Dance Together
Travis Green Nov 6
Let’s dance together tonight and feel
the powerful sparks erupt inside our hearts,
move from side to side, grinding, rewinding,
inviting, never mind the blinking traffic lights
outside and streetcars passing by, I just wanna
be here with you, holding each other, embracing
the heavenly beat filling the groovy room.

Let our desires brainwash each other’s thoughts,
watch the love connection grow and glow
as our souls intertwine in astonishing alignment,
the softness of your flesh, chest, and head
such a blessing, sexing me in my fantasies,
our eyes staring so deeply at each other,
lost in the moment, resting my face next
to yours, together again, encased in this joyfulness.
Nov 6 · 20
Like An Eagle
Travis Green Nov 6
I would love to soar like an eagle into your strong arms,
spread my wings out, let them rest on your chest,
take in your tremendous splendor, relishing in the sweet
release of every breathe that you blow my way,
let your lips kiss my beak, bask in my serenity
as I bask in yours, sing to me, cherish me like
the picture frames that you have hanging up
on your flawless wall, look me in my eyes
and see that you are my ardent star.

Let me fall asleep in your reach, hear your melodic
voice in my ears, sending me off into a deeper
realm of enchantment as I envision your hands
rubbing my wings so caringly, showing me the love
that I never could find, showing me what it means
to be free and leap into love’s kingdom,
feeling treasurable bliss now and forever.
Travis Green Nov 6
You are my morning light shimmering in the sunshine,
covered in rare diamonds and pearls, wearing the perfect
gear for summer walks in the park, like a butterfly
you land on my gentle hands, a serene innocence,
a smooth soul of poetry penning its best lines and rhymes
on my skin, glistening like city lights at night.

You feel so peaceful like touching green leaves
in the spring, like summer dreams you bring to me
the liveliest smiles and rides, a loving fragrance
that I can’t deny, a delicate gem and seashell,
a priceless artifact attracting my attention,
not to mention this amazing dimension
that you reside in, how you steal me away
to places that feel so chill and real.
Nov 6 · 45
Turn It Up
Travis Green Nov 6
Your mouth opens and closes, heating me up
on the inside, like flames blazing inside a cave,
you light up my life, make my senses spin
in the wind, transfixed on your fierce form,
how your spark irradiates through the landscape
of my world, turning everything that I love
into the most tantalizing canvases.

You dance so ecstatically in my system,
reminding me of the sky and sea in harmony,
composing the greatest duet together, like a
sweet-sounding violin, you enrapture my soul,
so fine and fulfilling, an orchestra of the softest
melodies igniting magic in my cool chamber.
Travis Green Nov 6
Your bright, dreamy hazel eyes stayed in my mind,
so full of fecund fascinations, deeply divine, entwined
in my existence, calling you my truth, my love dove,
my rainbow rain in a flame, my love letter getting
better with time, and there is no comparison
to the person that you are, how your masculinity
writes a million songs across my chest, all coherent,
elegant, romantic, stirring my body infinitely.
Nov 5 · 33
Sensational Highs
Travis Green Nov 5
Infatuation creates the greatest escape
in my homeland, ensnaring my soul,
allowing me to traverse through your
perfection, the favorite parts of your body
leading to ultimate satisfaction.  You are
all I think about, all the love that shines
like paradise, entrancing my essence.
making the hairs on my skin dance
with glee.  You remind me of a sweet
sea breeze, an indescribably blue sky
radiating sensational highs,
making me feel at peace.
Nov 5 · 25
A Love Like Yours
Travis Green Nov 5
A love like yours is extraordinary,
a rare stare that makes me believe
that we are the perfect pair, to share
my world with yours, feeling loved
and treasured, holding you deep
inside my soul, so much desire
inflaming my mind, nurturing
my nature.  You excite the fire
in my light, consume my truths
as our bodies move in magical
motion, stroking each other,
feeding our flesh the best pleasures
that life has to offer.
Nov 5 · 28
I Can See You
Travis Green Nov 5
I can see you crystal-clear,
in the inner hallways of my palace,
silky black hair, dreamy dark eyes,
your nose a vivid hill of voluptuous
details, your chiseled canvas full
of adventurous scenery, lush tats,
sublime style, so fine that you hypnotize
the rhymes careening in my ship.
I feel a peacefulness when I’m with you,
the way you hold me so tight, assuring me
that everything is fine, kissing me so affectionately,
massaging my head, taking away the stress,
giving me the best happiness.
Nov 5 · 23
There Must Be Love
Travis Green Nov 5
There must be love in this extravagant mansion,
standing beside your grandeur, feeling like
I’m gliding on the surface of your masculine wings,
so deep into your glittering galaxy, into the super
sensuous rivers streaming around your astonishing
architecture.  What handsomeness have I arrived to,
where your muscles overcrowd my mind with tender
longing, such thrilling temptation to submerge
into your freshness, into the precious petals
of your poetic melody, your magnetic frequency
hiving me astronomical energy.
Nov 5 · 20
Manhood Swagger
Travis Green Nov 5
You make me feel things that I can’t explain,
the way your yellow bright flesh shimmers
around me, your desirable pink lips, your flowing
****** hair, how the illumination of fireworks
ignite in your eyes, your salacious black
eyebrows a dreamwork of beauty.  I could
create the most exhilarating art just by marveling
at your heart, listening to the way you
speak as I seep inside your countryside
of monumental manhood swagger.
Travis Green Nov 5
Since you have been gone, all I can see
is faded pictures on the entertainment system,
dressers, and nightstand, a frozen emptiness
inside my existence, numb to everything,
waiting for you to respond to my last call.
I’m beginning to turn cold, floating
in broken oceans, struggling to smile,
the perplexing scenery in front of me
a one-sided depiction of descending
derivatives.  The sun is shining too bight
in my eyes, an unforgiving dimension
of chaos careening within my creation,
counting the days for this pain to go away.
I’m losing my fight, my will to survive
on this wild ride, stuck in somber scenes,
the drained clouds above me drunken
with damaging diction, burning fiction
and nonfiction, my heart feeling icy and blue,
unable to break free from this mental prison.
Nov 5 · 29
Love Takes A Holiday
Travis Green Nov 5
I’m drowning in my salty sea of heartbreaking memories,
bottled up thoughts rising, trapped in my mind,
resounding melodies, confused, misused, abused,
untrue, painful poetry, never-ending metaphors
crushing my core, divorced, no remorse,
running off course, surrendering to the insane
dreams clogged up in filthy gutters, my brain drained,
strained, strange, slain, dwindling in crazy, hazy stages.  
I’m sad to say that love has taken a holiday, and all these
feelings inside of me are spinning in rotten realms,
dried up, shuddering, stuttering, smashed, slashed,
sinking into restless states.  Where was I going?
Bones blown into overdone city slums, functions
shrunken, compounded conjunctions slowed down
and smoldered, buried beneath uninhabited deserts.
The sun was steaming my wretched skin,
my fingers crippled, my shoulders swollen, rusted,
shoveled, sweaty palms fallen, colored with crazed
consonants, quivering, barely breathing.
Nov 3 · 40
Forgive Me
Travis Green Nov 3
Forgive me for not being the lover
that you needed to give you that
boost to move forward in life.
Forgive me for being so controlling
that I pushed you away when you
were trying to come into my soul.
Forgive me for always holding back,
never showing you the real me,
keeping you trapped in my misguided love,
confusing you when I should’ve been uplifting you.
Travis Green Nov 3
Please tell me that we could try
and fly high together, let me be
the brightest angel in your light,
let me take you to the romantic
mansions where enchantment
amplifies and ignites rising
rhymes and lyrical lines,
give you all of me, let you feel
my tranquility, the realness of my beat,
let you sleep tonight in my ride
while I marvel at your sweet sight.
Travis Green Nov 3
The thoughts were steady coming
in heavy rotation, weighing immensely
in my head, in the deep tunnels
of my subconsciousness, trying to run
away from your toxic love, but there
was something about you that kept me
craving you when I could’ve done better
without you.  You were my first love,
the one that took me into your arms
and calmed the raging tornadoes reverberating
within me.  Who knew that you would be
the one who would create the most devastating
heartbreak in my life, leaving me utterly empty inside.
Travis Green Nov 3
In my mind, I still wanted the love
from you that I couldn’t find in anyone else,
to hear you softly singing to me,
making the world around me feel like
heaven, like you were the only person
that existed on earth.  The way you made
me glow on the inside gave me the greatest
sensation, to flow in your celestial nation.
Travis Green Nov 3
What I loved most about you
was that you were a rare and authentic beauty
that stimulated my intelligence, always kept
me in balance, showing me how to love
from within, how to vibrate higher
with profound power, how to blossom
like a serenely sweet butterfly.
Nov 3 · 29
I Missed The Love
Travis Green Nov 3
I missed the love that we used to make,
how when I was looking at you, I knew
that you were so true, so soothing to feel
our skin streaming in synchronicity,
our eyes, hands, arms, thighs, and feet
creating heat, this spectacular palace
that we lived in, to savor your majesty,
seeping in the deepest and richest parts
of your sparkling existence.
Nov 3 · 28
You Should've Known
Travis Green Nov 3
You should’ve known that I would’ve
treated you right, that I never would’ve
kept secrets from you, that my love was
the best for success, the magic that you
needed to see and believe in me.  I could’ve
made you so much stronger if only you
would’ve allowed me to enter your heart.
Nov 3 · 32
Inseparable Lovers
Travis Green Nov 3
We were two inseparable lovers
dating at the prime of our lives,
feeling the hypnotizing rhymes
in flight when our eyes came
face to face, our bodies ready
to interlock, our hearts like stars,
shimmering, the soft beat inside of us
rising, surprising, mesmerizing,
undying, the kind of sound that
harmonized with the harbors of the night.
Nov 3 · 18
Nobody Knows
Travis Green Nov 3
Nobody knows the love that I carried for you,
the many nights I stayed awake, trusting
that fate would never let us break away
from each other.  I thought I had found what
I was looking for in you, but you taught me
that I still had a lot more to learn about love.
because real love would’ve never allowed me
to wait by the bedroom window, staring
left and right, into the distant streets, into the night,
wondering if you would ever return home.
Travis Green Nov 3
I couldn’t stop the tears
from trickling down my face,
the agonizing pain coming and going,
going and coming, spinning
my serenity into damaging scenes,
unable to concentrate, steady thinking
about you, wishing that you’d give me
a chance to love you the right way
and show you that I could be your escape.
Nov 3 · 50
There Was A Time
Travis Green Nov 3
There was a time when our love
was so strong that nothing could
break us apart, two lovers gliding
on a sensational station of poetic escape,
embracing the upbeat air, your touch
so caring and incomparable, feeling like
heaven, like a galaxy of slow jams.
Nov 3 · 43
No One Was There
Travis Green Nov 3
I was still hoping for the impossible to happen
between you and me, to feel that spark
and know in my heart that I had found
the love of my life who would make me
sparkle like the endless stars in the dark.
I didn’t realize that I’d be waiting forever
to hear what I thought was your familiar
knock at my door, but when I answered it,
there was no one there.
Nov 3 · 95
You Had Moved On
Travis Green Nov 3
When I discovered that you didn’t love me,
I found myself living on the other side
of the world, so far away from reality,
feeling like I was breaking, suffocating,
incapable of erasing you from my memories,
wanting to find love in the unknown,
but you had moved on, so far gone from me.
Travis Green Nov 3
I never meant for things to end this way,
for us to split apart and drift into darkness,
forgetting about the precious memories
that we created together, the days and nights
that felt so alive and right, riding with you,
down for you, willing to do whatever it took
to be the one to complete your heart’s desire.
Nov 3 · 34
Travis Green Nov 3
The feelings were still there,
long after you had finally chosen
to walk away from this love affair,
telling me that what we had could
never be, that you were over me,
that no matter how hard I chased
after you, you would never come
running back to me.
Nov 3 · 32
A Lover Of Men
Travis Green Nov 3
I don’t know how I became a lover of men,
but somehow, I have found enchantment
in their oil-slicked swagger, their bodies
so blissful and youthful, their features
so charming and flawless, all cocky, suave,
and sophisticated, their energy so enlivening,
the oneness of them so supreme, standing tall,
all muscular and lovable, rough and tough,
highly intelligent, gallant, engaging, endearing,
encouraging, and self-driven, a glorious view to observe.
Nov 3 · 28
The Men I Adore
Travis Green Nov 3
The men I adore are full of fascinating discoveries,
unparalleled inventions, so interestingly creative
and detail-oriented, innovative, independent,
influential, and impressive.  I admire their inspiring
diction, their intuitive minds, so dapper and dashing,
so handsomely molded and well-spoken, the kind of men
that makes you fall their amazing aura, every cell
of their muscular vessel.  They are so increasingly
deep, a bright boldness of affection caressing my skin
on the warmest days when the sunlight shimmers
in the sky-blue scenery.  Their eyes are so spellbinding,
their lips so seductively juicy, their chest so impressively
flexing, the way their swag splashes in my system,
the way their arms are so hot and solid, their muscles
so robust and enough.  They have the phattest *****,
so bootylicious, blooming, breathtaking, a masterpiece
of passion so massively appealing, big bulldozer boys,
daddy **** so thick, making it hard for me to breathe,
humongous monster hanging, the head so pleasant,
the ***** so enthralling, wanting to ******* it all,
taste their manly pleasures, their whole ocean of sleekly
sweet scenes.  Envelop me in their deepest treasures,
let me feel their static electricity, let me smell
their cologne, Ethika boxers, and socks, let me
lick their tattoos, become ***** with ****** urges.
I want to enter their dreams, stream in their sereneness,
cuddle up in their man kingdom, massage their ******
skin, so covered in their florescent frequency, their pure,
milky magic, basking in their masculine *******.
Nov 3 · 23
Python Machine
Travis Green Nov 3
Let me bite your sunlit lips.  Let me taste
the anticipating desires on your strong neck.
Feel your heat release in my existence.  
Hands pressed on your mesmeric chest.
Our eyes in astonishing alignment.
Our kisses increasing with steam.
Your python machine is so brick
and thick.  Spit on me so lusciously.
Hold me tighter with no restraint.
Beat my *** up.  Slap it.  Kiss it.
Stroke my body with your naughty
thoughts.  **** me harder Zaddy.
Pound my walls until they come
falling apart.  Let me savor your masculine
package.  Let me drown in your ****
perfection, relishing your **** nature,
your hood soul, the way your flex and stretch
me out, the shoving, the great loving, and cussing,
cuddling, nuzzling, busting your creamy puddle
of dreamy liquid in me.
Oct 31 · 28
Dopalicious Dreadhead
Travis Green Oct 31
Everything about you feels so right, so joyous
to my soul, so warm and luxurious, so mesmerizingly
masculine, so immeasurably priceless, dopalicious
dreadhead, let me touch and caress them, swagalicous
handsomeness, let me into your soul poetry, chocolicious,
magicious, lickalicous king swimming in my stream,
thugalicous hotness, hunkalicious supremeness I can’t
get out of my head, all smokalicious, ecstatafucktastic.
Oct 31 · 29
Dope Dudes
Travis Green Oct 31
I became attracted to dope dudes, the kind
that made my cheeks blush, my heart flutter
like beautiful butterflies, staying up past midnight
staring at **** pictures of men, their addictive eyes
blinding the light in my flight, their lips so fit for a man,
for a king sitting on his throne.  I adore the glorious
form of their eyebrows, how sophisticated and intoxicating
they are, how they bring out the depth of their beauty,
the incredible lines and designs, the astonishing angles
and rectangles, seamless squares and triangles, their hair
so superb, various hair designs ranging from close haircuts,
buzz cut, brushed back hair, low fades, quiff with tapered
sides, spiky hair, mohawks, dreadlocks, and so much more
that made me honor their grandeur.  There was so much
power and precious desires in men, so much crowned
inventions, exponential paradise, brightly shining chambers,
their flesh so wildly exciting, taking me away from reality
a million times and more.  I was sinking in their written
lyrics of timeless adventures, enduring the extraordinary
pleasures of being imprisoned in their kingdom, in the innermost
layers of their masculine cave, in the deepest and sweetest
seas of their sheer sexiness. I loved being this close
to them, hypnotic stares, iridescent poetry of marvelous
sparks, the metaphors so hot, the similes so stunningly
sensuous, more fulfilling than anything in this world,
Oct 31 · 24
One Touch
Travis Green Oct 31
I liked you more than I liked anyone else.
when I looked at you, I saw all the stars
sparkling in your heart, the bright moon
hovering above your arms, how the passion
streamed down your chest, the breeze coming
into view to greet your captivating existence.

I was infatuated by your tasteful scenery,
falling in love with every avenue, how I wanted
to rub your thighs, feel the small hairs harmonize
with my hands, grab your lightning shaft,
put it in my mouth, and savor the passionate scent.

Devour your hanging *****, breathe in your excitement,
all your power permeating through me, imagining
all the summer nights that I slept by your side,
immersed in your universe, in the special places
that you treasured, so caught up in your smooth
and strong voice, your truthfulness, your one touch
that left me stuck in your infinite seduction.
Oct 31 · 39
Super Sensational Swag
Travis Green Oct 31
I love your super sensational swag,
the way your walks sets my soul
on a blazing high, the way your hazel eyes
changes colors in the shimmering light.

I could write about your gorgeousness
all night long, the way your stylish black beard
is so perfectly lined up,  your lips reminding me
of a thousand bridges filled with sweet radiance.

Let me stroke your beard, let me kiss and feel
your elegantly arched nose, let me rub my hands
through you curly black hair, inhale your greatness,
and all the heartfelt melodies playing in your nation.
Oct 30 · 14
Phenomenal Paradise
Travis Green Oct 30
When the morning came, I could see your lovely
face in my eyes, your head lying next to mine,
tour lips so awesome and soft, your body radiating
powerful chemistry, and I can’t stop gazing
at your scintillating canvas.  The landscape
surrounding us was the perfect setting for our love,
how we laid so peacefully on the cozy blankets,
wrapped up together, the breeze so sweet and
pleasant to romance each other, to take a chance
again in the artful pleasures of bliss.  And as you
open your sleepy eyes, the sun slowly rising
from the backdrop to reclaim its sovereignty,
the clouds beginning to form in the smooth,
cerulean sky, I want to do all the things that lovers
do when in love.  I want to hike the long
and lurid trails of secret treasures, roam through
the melodic mountains, so hypnotic and exotic,
this feeling inside of us so magical, insightful,
creating phenomenal paradise
Oct 30 · 14
Joyful Shores
Travis Green Oct 30
I can see you so vividly in the sunlight,
glowing like the truest colors of the rainbow,
a gorgeous creation rising like waves
in my dark brown eyes, deep desires
encompassing your lickable lips,
the way you bite them and stare
so intensely at me.  I was awakening
to the beautiful ballads playing in my heart
from your harp, thick, manly eyebrows,
a full black beard so spellbinding that
I felt like I was crashing into your gateway
of ecstatic escapes.  Your masculinity
shimmered in me like a bright passageway
leading to the most widening light,
I want to take off your white tank top,
sink my teeth into your chest, kiss your
dope tattoos, let my emotions coast
over us, let my tongue strum its succulent
song on your *******, let the magic around us
bring us closer to the light of passion.
You look so **** amazing to me,
so fine and exactly right, shoulders so bold,
arms so sparkling and fluid, hands so masculine,
unmasking my thoughts before I could press pause
inside my brain.  I am wandering in your delicate
elements of muscle, falling into the rhythm,
so close to exploding like a tsunami, like a radioactive
volcano.  I can’t let go of this burning sensation
that stays inside my soul, growing in new ways,
keeping so close to your joyful shores.
Travis Green Oct 30
There’s no love greater than the love
you bring to me.   You are everywhere
in the world of my dreams, a bright hazel light
of life shining in my heart.  In the moments
that you stand beside me, I feel like I’m climbing
endless mountains to reach your greatest bliss.
I lose my existence in your sexiness, enthusiastically
intrigued, hooked on your calming beat.
I am reminded of your striking power
and lightning lyrics, your fragrant landscape
a brilliant array of radiant hues.  You make me
fall into a thousand time zones of your colony,
basking in your hotness, your arms so solid
and tattooed, opening wide to welcome me
inside your flawless design.  Your lips are so
perfectly poetic, revealing supreme and serene
histories of epic ecstasy.  Let me feel your spice
and glide in your galaxy of unleashing sick beats,
swim in your sweetness until infinity.
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