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Hannah Mar 3
The seatbelt has been tight across my ribcage for a while. I'm not sure if I would reposition the strap, even if I could. The safety mechanism is broken. I want to reach for my mothers hand from the back seat, but can't reach.
She thinks I'm stuck in the story of my book, yet I'm trying to scream for help but where did my voice go?
'Please mum, don't let me grow up'
I don't like long road trips, I don't like being in the car at all.
Hannah Dec 2018
Idiocy has become imminent
Control has become remote
I know if I had the bravery to try
My source of distraction will be broke
Once your decisions were my stimulant
But the outcome fabricated just a lie
So much stipulation
I could ******* choke
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