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Hannah Apr 19
Blue as my veins, blue like the sea,
blue except for when you held my hand while you blew me
Hannah May 2019
Growing pains at 22
All those years without him,
Now three since I’ve seen you
History repeats itself, then eats itself
Sugar, I’m full
Well fed,
but not the hole
‘Cause I avoid the meds
No propane, No champagne,
No personality without the pain.
Excuse me, Sir?
Could you tighten the chains?
Maybe I’m delirious, so don’t take me too serious.
I had my cake, and it will take you too.
Hannah Dec 2018
Idiocy has become imminent
Control has become remote
I know if I had the bravery to try
My source of distraction will be broke
Once your decisions were my stimulant
But the outcome fabricated just a lie
So much stipulation
I could ******* choke
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