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  Oct 11 leila
You know what’s beautiful?
A hug from the sun in the wintertime

You know what’s beautiful?
A kiss from the rain in the springtime

You know what’s beautiful?
leila Aug 3
for me, you were the sun
you shone
and the light
engulfs my world!
leila Jul 25
tik tok
silence moment
..a tragic one
at midnight..
you are drowned at all the time dream..
  Apr 25 leila
I stared at the wall for hours
Wondering what I did to make you stop loving me
Wondering why I could never be enough
Thinking about you and her
What does she have that I don’t?
I gave you every part of me
I even created a part of both of us
But you didnt want him either
Our child was unwanted by you
My heart was broken
Why can’t I ever be enough?
leila Mar 28
what, you looking for!
come to today
and see me
I am making a journey to afar
with you
see me
I flight up above
with the steps of thee
what,you looking to
old friend!
leila Mar 17
beyond the horizon,
I go in search of thee
casting around
for the thy footprint;
I expecting paradise garden
and you are as patience as I know.
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