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Chris May 3
A foolish people has forgotten my light
I said , " Here is the Way, but they would not.
I said, "Pray for the Sabbath, but they would not
I said , "Do as I do, but they would not.
I said "There remains a  Sabbath for my people, but they would not .
Therefore their peace and their faith is taken away from them and they will walk in darkness until they acknowledge me
For anyone willing to hear or see
Chris Apr 28
a foolish generation has forgotten my ways
the Devil says be like God
go your own way and do what you want
but he doesn't tell you you'll do it in darkness
a darkness where you won't know if good is evil or evil is good if lies are truth or truth is lies Then he will feed you lies and you won't even know
Jesus says look I am the light I am the way to go
don't rely on your own understanding but in everything rely on the Lord I am the word
humble yourself before the Lord and  in due course I will lift you up
It is righteousness or right standing before God that exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people
If all you want to do is bully and enslave God will not honor that
he says righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people
He says the thief that's the Devil comes to **** steal and destroy
If you follow him if you seek to be like God  and go your own way you will do the Devil's bidding to others  of killing stealing and destroying and it will happen to you too
In darkness the Devil will feed you lies and you won't even know
Look at the British Empire
Yes they had military might
Yes they had industrial strength
Yes they thought they were above everyone else
But one thing the British tried to do was evangelize the world
So God honored them and gave them a great empire
When they gave up on evangelizing  God took their empire away
Centuries ago people were cruel even til now
But God's got a schedule
Increasingly he is saying listen to my son listen to Jesus or else
I wrote this out of inspiration. In Jesus name may it be
Chris Apr 26
In the pool of drowning mud
The bullets searching
The rusty wire
Memory of mother faded away
Task at hand

Mother waiting for the call
For the son who never will come home
Father and family
In their heart
Keep the message that never goes away
Anzac day is the NZ equivalent of the American Armistice and is held on April 25. ANZAC comes from Australian and New Zealand army corps who fought side by side against the Turks in the first world war.
Chris Apr 20
The pastor said
Those SDA
They are a sect
All those laws ha ha ha
And the congregation stared blankly
They nod wisely like so many sheep
The pastor is always right
Just listen to our tradition
I tell you it is our heritage

The virus in the wet market
Obeyed the voice of God
and did as he said
This is inspired by  changing times
Chris Apr 19
A foolish people
Has forgotten my ways
They have chosen politics and kissing the Pope's ring
They have cast liberty to the wind
They are not worthy of it.
This is a comment on man's way as opposed to God's.
Chris Apr 14
You're a bubble to me
A bubble of love
To eternity
A bubble to me
when we kiss and make up
We have and we hold
We hold and we have  to eternity
We love and we kiss
We kiss and make up
ln our bubble bliss bliss forever
Chris Apr 13
I prefer cats
They are quiet when they are meant to be
They don't *** in the hallway or **** in the doorway
Cats will let you know they love you
They pur and pur
They come to you when you are ill and stay til you are better
Cats will let you know they are hungry
(and it's a joy to feed them)
Cats love you
In honor of cats. When my dog was barking too much my cat gave her w belt.
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