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KM' Sep 5
i tried but i guess i wasn’t enough..
You did what was good and easy for you but nothing for us.
i tried, i prayed, i still do if i’m to be honest
That your soil will turn and we can make the harvest.
We have to make the harvest.
i don’t see survival without it.
All i see is a starving man begging to be feed, perhaps begging to be full again.
i know i said a Rose was my favorite flower and i didn’t mean that...because a Lily is much more kind...the greatest I ever met
KM' Dec 2019
A shadow of a ounce of doubt leaves him dripping in red

Paint the picture than start again

**** times three, my anger hatred and verocity, pull me back than count to three...
Please just say you won't leave

A mad mans tale that's what he said, a ******* marry go round that leaves him dripping red
KM' Feb 2019
Please be the truth u tell
Fragility and all
Because I'd rather stab my hands on broken glass
Than have them ****** from punching a gravel wall.
And should you break from a stumble or a fall
I'd rather stab my hands on broken glass trying to build u back up
Instead of leaving you alone
KM' Jan 2019
I'm nothing and you're nobody,
We're fine this way.
Because ether i bend and You break
Or you bend and I break.
It's just best keep us five feet apart, I would say.
Because I'm nothing and you're nobody
and we're fine this way.
Standing in noone's way.
KM' Dec 2018
I dance above the clouds on a
High Wire it seems
And I do not trip or slip as the clouds
Clap and roar beneath me
Because this is all I need, my High Wire and me.
Full disclosure I don't know what lies beyond these clouds,
Nothing more than uncertainty
But I find comfort in this in all honesty
Because this is how it's always been for me. My high Wire and me.
KM' Jul 2018
You told me you wanted the moon
So I got it for you
And I wrapped it in a pretty bow to make it even more special to you.

You told me you wanted the stars
So I purchased each one
Pulling them out of the sky just for you

Now let me tell you what I wanted.

I wanted your undivided attention
I wanted you too hold me and tell that everything was okay when it was storming outside
I wanted you to tell me you loved me with the honesty of a child.  

See you wanted the stars and the moon but all I ever wanted was you...
KM' Jul 2018
Have you ever looked up at the stars and seen a million possibilities?
It's like you're a kid again and no dream is to big or to far.

The star to your right is the dream to be a fireman
The one to your left is to be an astronaut.

And the one right above your head is to become president

Man I wish I could see the stars again...
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