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wildepick Oct 2018
parang ref sa bahay n'yo
parang lego ng kapatid mo
parang pustiso ng lola mo sa baso


hindi pwede galawin sa lugar
baka bulyawan ni nanay
o magtantrums si junie boy
at atakihin pa ang lola mo

mga bagay na permanente
hindi pwede galawin

parang tattoo ng tito **** adik
parang tsokolate sa puting damit
parang kilay ng teacher **** masungit

hindi pwede galawin

parang ikaw sa puso ko
parang imahe mo sa utak ko
parang... parang...
parang bawat permanente sa mundo na hindi mo na mababago
parang ako para sayo
at ikaw na hindi para sa akin

wildepick Jul 2018
i feel like dying
and ted I don’t mean figuratively
because it’s true
i want to *****
i want to cry
i want to plead
“please why?”
if I were to describe that dream
that’s a beautiful monster
beautiful yet horrifying
happy yet destructive
i feel for a moment
that i'm complete, whole
for a weird reason
i want to drink lots of water
i feel dehydrated inside
and at the same time
drown this feeling down
like a child
who doesn’t know how to swim
**** him gasping for air
help me
i don’t want to die like this”
but I will say
“i want you to die like that
because i'm thirsty
and I want you to die”
im just hoping
that the kid’s death
will not eventually
**** me in the long run
because I felt that it will

— The End —