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Jun 2018 · 261
Uncruel Ghoul
Gray Jun 2018
Across the street by the old elementary school,
Lives a man that is married to some strange ghoul.
In a dark old house she stays hidden,
For the world around her wished her ridden.
In my own opinion, i disagree.
Despite her strange appearance I believe she’s alright to a certain degree.
From what the man tells our town,
His wife almost never has a frown.
It’s a shame that she looks so gruesome.
Because i believe she is rather lonesome.
If only it weren't for her scary face,
She would be able to get out more often and embrace.
Jun 2018 · 218
Gray Jun 2018
A gentle breeze sways the fragile branch.
The hoard of dead leaves pours in like an avalanche.
Slowly they fall, slowly they plunged.
One green leaf is regrettably expunged.
He lays alone, he sets isolated.  
The sturdy oak is devastated.

A brutal breeze shakes the puny limb.
The sight of the leaves departing would make anyone feel grim.
Quickly they descend, hastily they lunge.
Another green leaf is regrettably expunged.
Both lay alone, both lay separated.
The sturdy oak is devastated.
Jun 2018 · 244
Big Star that Shines
Gray Jun 2018
The sun is up today!
But suddenly, the clouds start growing gray
Right now all we can do is pray,
"Please have the dark clouds delayed"
Just be ready when I once again say:
The sun is up today!
It's good having a small happy one every now and then.
Jun 2018 · 195
The Blamer
Gray Jun 2018
Remember when i told  you that you were wrong,
When you decided to sing that cheesy love song?
Remember when i told you that it was stupid,
When you decided you could only be saved from cupid?
Remember when i told you that you were used,
When he stood you up and got you accused?
How dare you say that i wasn’t there.
How dare you say that i didn’t care.
How dare you say that this was all my fault.
How dare you say that i caused this violent assault.
What about that time i offered you a sincere hug,
And all you did was silently shrug?
What about that time i told you he wasn’t worth it,
And all you did was tell me that i was out of it?
What about that time i told you that you were my friend,
And all you did was put us to a sudden end?
Jun 2018 · 308
Only a Mirage
Gray Jun 2018
The heat of the midday sun slowly cooks the top of my head.
I am not bothered by it, for i'm far too focused on the strange sight up ahead.
My parched mouth instantly waters at the sight of this mystifying thing.
“I’m saved!” I breathlessly gasp as i run towards the shimmering blue spring.
I run closer and closer, but the pool goes farther and farther.
The urge for me to drink grows larger and larger.
“What’s going on?” i ask in confusion.
Suddenly the truth hits me, this is nothing but an illusion!
My weak body drops and hits the scorching sand.
I was truly going to die in this unforgiving land.
Slowly my body shuts down due to dehydration.
This allows me to come to a bold realization.
When i first came to this vast desert,
I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that i could ever get hurt.
Jun 2018 · 249
Over and Done
Gray Jun 2018
I find it really hilarious,
That one can be so oblivious.
For instance, take the brown cow.
Some people believe they produce chocolate milk, but how?
Another one is swallowing bubble gum,
And believing it stays in your stomach for seven years, how dumb!
Finally, the stupidest one people still think is true,
It that some believe i still have feelings for you!
Honestly find this one really funny.
Jun 2018 · 272
Unforeseen Malfunction
Gray Jun 2018
Hey! What’s going on with my computer?
It’s acting very strange.
It’s making everything seem so deranged.

I’ve never seen my computer act this way.
It’s screen is frantically pulsating,
It’s making everything seem so obfuscating.

Why is this happening?
I really do not understand.
This was definitely unplanned.

Now it’s really starting to worry me.
Perhaps i should just turn it off and go away.
I think this was enough internet for today.
Jun 2018 · 443
Craving Solitude
Gray Jun 2018
“What are you doing up so late?”
My friend has been asking that very question for six days straight.
“Why do you even care?” I respond with a rude tone.
Instead of them worrying i rather be alone.
“Are you doing well in school?”
My principal asks me as if i was some fool.
“Why should it matter to you?” i respond coldly.
With an attitude like that it’s no surprise she soon scolds me.
“Hey! You could hang out with us if you want”
A group of guys ask me nonchalant.
“So i can be bored all night long? I say with a frown.
Can’t anybody realize i don't want them around?
If you could only understand how i'm feeling,
I’d think you’d realize why socializing is so unappealing.
If you cannot make the correct guess,
Than it’s better if you chose not to continue to press.
This one is kind of edgy, so I guess it's from the point of view of a pessimistic person.
Jun 2018 · 275
Independent Eye
Gray Jun 2018
I look outside my unlatched window at the remarkable open sky.
Just to simply admire the world that i constantly love to descry.

Yet, today i see something different.
Today i see something entirely vehement.

In view up by my many oak trees,
There’s a strange creature that oddly puts me at ease.

Its body is a deep soothing shade of orange, while its face is the gloomiest black.
Suddenly, the bird flies towards me, instantly taking me aback.

The bird lands on my swaying shoulder,
And eventually allows me to gently nudge her.

Finally it rests on top of me,
Then i continue to gaze upon her tree.
Gray Jun 2018
Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night unexpectedly?
Even though your faint and sleepy, your mind suddenly goes wild.
Then, to your own dismay strange questions start to flow like a senseless stream..

..Flowing.. Non stop… insensible questions..

Have you ever wondered what the breeze tastes like?
It’s an odd question, i know that, but i bet it made you think.
What if the wind had a bittersweet flavor?
Or maybe a flavor that nobody could even begin to describe?

Have you ever wondered how the average pigeon views the world?
Yes, it’s strange to think about, i realize that as well, but i bet you’re slightly curious.
What if they are actually extremely smart?
What if they don't even think at all, and are just acting purely on animal instincts?

Have you ever wondered what your own house smells like?
When others come over they smell something completely different, right?
What if it smells really foul, and all the outsiders are just being kind to you?
Perhaps it has a normal smell, and i’m just dwelling on this idea too much.

I see how all these questions can be viewed as foolish thoughts,
But doesnt everyone think strange things?
There are very few who are audacious enough to answer honestly.
Would it be better if we all stayed quiet?
Usually i like writing poems that rhyme, but i figured it's better to always try something new.
Jun 2018 · 354
Road Trip
Gray Jun 2018
I climbed into my car and bid farewell,
For i was off to go to some old hotel.
After several hours of nonstop driving,
I became closer and closer to arriving.
Even though the trip fueled my boiling frustration,
I finally reached my desired destination.
I got into my room, and jumped into my freshly cleaned bed.
Yet for some reason my mind has some built up dread.
Deep deep down i know there’s something i simply cannot deny,
Which is at some point i’ll have to man up and say goodbye.
Jun 2018 · 183
When Things are Vague
Gray Jun 2018
You know why i was put into this awkward situation?
Well, it’s a little thing called procrastination.
If only I’d behave just a little more immersed.
I’ve wouldn't have to feel like i’m cursed.
I wonder what my future has in store.
I wonder if all this even matters anymore.
Everything nowadays just seems so unclear.
Perhaps i’ll feel better later next year.
Jun 2018 · 259
Don't Press Snooze
Gray Jun 2018
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
No no! There’s no more time to sleep!
It’s so early, i might just give up,
But for some reason i decide to sit up.
Here i am now, climbing out of my warmness.
The amount of rest i got was certainly not enormous.
My hand rubs against my aching head.
I look at my watch, and i am filled with dread.
I have so much built up stress.
My hair is quite the mess.
I am the opposite of a total success.
Down the stairs into the kitchen, there he is, my dad.
Is he mad?
Oh no, he spotted me.
This isn’t going to end well, i guarantee.
This morning ritual we share seems like an anti jubilee
“Xavier, you stubborn mule!
Why must you always break my simplest rule?
Why must you always be late for school?”
I look at him and force a painfully strained smile.
His expression doesn’t improve. It just gets more hostile
Here comes another lecture that will probably never be done.
I guess this is what i deserve for being such an awful son.
May 2018 · 273
An Average Normal Morning
Gray May 2018
I wake up, it's already almost afternoon​.
My face looks like a gross greasy spoon​.
Now I'm hauling myself out of bed​.
I think to myself I rather be dead​.
I just don't understand why​,
My eyes just feel like they want to cry.​
Immediately I am collapsing down those wooden stairs​.
I feel like I'm descending into my own personal dark eternal despairs.
Now I am eating expired corn flakes​.
Here's another tally mark to my list of headaches​.
To answer your burning question​,
Yes, that's right I do have depression.

I'm on my way to my boring average school​.
I can already tell the day will be cruel​,
Just by seeing all the other loud students​.
Oh, heck I think I forgot to take my antidepressants​
I think I rather pass​,
On heading over to math class​.
If I don't finish all these problematic math equations​,
I'll be forced to take even more medications​.
Finally, the bell rings​.
Everyone else starts to pack up their things.​
I do the same as the rest​.
That's right, I am still depressed.
This one was meant for an ELA project i did awhile ago.
It's meant to be ruthless, but in a 'funny' kind of way.
Gray May 2018
I wish i was able to look in the mirror and admire myself in delight.
Yet, whenever i do i cause myself a great fright.
The few friends i have, acquaintances really,
Aaron, Gregory, and dear old Billy,
Are often telling me I have a quality that will one day be enshrined.
It’s easy to see that they’re just trying to be kind.
I know this sounds depressing,
And i am usually really good at suppressing,
But it’s just so hard,
To always keep up your guard.
So this is it, i've finally cracked
I guess i’m very easily able to distract
Here it goes, i am going to say it
No longer shall i force myself to delay it,
I just wish without giving myself a great fright
I’d be able to look in that mirror and admire myself in delight.
May 2018 · 180
The Reflection
Gray May 2018
Go on, go closer to the mirror.

Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll see her.

She is exactly like you, and exactly like me.

Promise me you’ll never set her free
May 2018 · 193
I Don’t Understand
Gray May 2018
I lay in the uncomfortable hospital bed,
Every day at this time i hear ringing in my head.
“What is wrong?” i ask the doctor.
She looks to me as if i shocked her.
The doctor responds, “Isn’t it obvious?”
I still don’t understand her unnecessary tone of opprobrious.
“Please ma'am, I need you to explain!”
I’m begging to know if i have gone insane.

— The End —