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Anya 3d
Acedemics, I have some
Art, they say I’m good
They say I’m smart

What if the world was controlled by

Social skills?
Which it partially is

I’m smart
I’m talented
I tell myself

There’s so much-
I keep myself from
Let myself
Be intimidated by

The supposed
Best years of my life
More like





Am I?
Am I really?

I look at those
Worse than me

And I feel secure

I look at those
A seemingly larger majority

And that security unravels
Like a shriveled up plant


It’s scccccintimmmmidate-

I dunno
Why am I in such a mood?

Am I?

If I can’t even,
Get the one think I’m good at right
Can I do?
Anya 3d
I have a box
A nice cozy box
I try to make my way to the
But...I never make it

That doesn’t matter
It’s still fun to try
To push my limits


Still in never out
I won’t go out
I. Can push
But I. Cannot
Go out

Because it’s warm and cozy in this box
I know what I can do,
I know,
The extent of my abilities

Why should,
I push through?

You’ll be regretting those words,
One day
She tells me

I don’t care

But what if
Your protected world




Anya 6d
My mouth, awash with the remnant of the 320 calorie pack of six oreos I know I shouldn't have bought
My eyes glazed after succumbing to the irresistible allure of hours of youtube rather than the exam I should be studying for
My mind entrenched in every ****** thing I've ever said or done (quite a list if I may say so myself)
When all you see is a little girl
Studiously typing away
Anya Feb 10
The strands tangle and twist
As if my finger,
Is the center of a tiny universe
Of interlocking twining twirling black
With a simple twist and snap
Are ripped,
Star crossed lovers
Every Romeo to his Juliet
Are rip, rip, ri-torn apart
The hair from the hair tie

Like tentacles clinging on
A stubborn slug, repulsive
Yet in an obscure manner
Admiringly persistent
It continues to hold on

Like a lizard regrows it’s tail
To truly chop off
So too does the hair insist
Upon an adamant refusal to separate

As if hair and tie are one
In a ferocious battle...     Or,
Perhaps, a passionate embrace?
Are they one?

Whether it be so or not
I decide not to bother
Why,  should I take up the mantle
Of the evil stepmother, wicked witch, cruel king...
You name it
To separate the two, lovers or competitors
They maybe

Why insist,
Upon what will never
Come true,
At least,
In the case of any proper Disney fairy tale

Is what I tell myself,
throwing down the hair tie
In favor of writing poetry about it
Anya Jan 31
A fist bump
My hand-wet
Yuck, no, no, no

A smile
Can't see the joke
Weird, no no no

They turn
Eyes meet?
What it means?
What it means?

Don't ask me.

Don't LOOK
Don't SEE
Just let me be
Just let me be             free
From this endless torment
by the name of
social anxiety
Anya Jan 17
On the girl's side:

Are you going to winter formal?
No, I wish I was. They even have a candy bar.

On the boy's side:

Theoretically, if I was to consume cyanide...
You know you could...

On the girl's side:

Look at how perfectly I filled the gel!
Yeah, girl power!

On the boy's side:

Who filled the gel C?
I'll use you for my source of error.

On the girl's side:

Eugh, beef tacos:
I never eat them, only paninis and pizza...sometimes

On the boy's side:

Ooh, beef tacos!
Finally something good to eat.

I find myself smiling. It is true, I'm only describing a tiny microcosm
Not nearly enough,
to make conclusions

Aligning to stereotypes?

Maybe, I don't know
But I do know,
While listening,

I was fighting to keep a smile off my face
How funny people can be when you remove yourself from
Main character to audience
Anya Jan 12
We-I am so silly clinging
To that little bit of control
When out of place
Out of shape SO annoying
In my face
I HAte it
It has to be RIGHT
or it could be WrOng but I say
It’s right so it’s Right
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