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Such is your beauty dear
That the black sky is brightened
by your glare
I fear
Losing her friendship
While trying to gain her love
It's not that
The sun shines , when she wants light
It's just that
She is as bright as those sunlights

It's not that
She watches the world upside down
It's just that
The world feels different when she is around

It's not that
Flower blossoms when she walks
It's just that
She seems like a blossoming flower

It's not that
Time stops when I see her
It's just that
Time is more precious with her

It's not that
Everything disappears when I look at her
It's just that
Everything is peripheral to her sight
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
HER silence wrote the SPEECH
That WE are never going to MEET
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
He had never seen her
Nor had she faced him before
But they were seeing the same setting sun
And feeling the same awakening of love

He had the first sight of her
She too looked at him
But Before they could talk
Sun had set and it was time
To return back

Next day, back to the place where they initially met
But this time, a little bit early
This is how the strangers became friends
And the sunset point a place to meet everyday

Their talk grew tall
The duration stretched long
Their friendship reached new height
And finally they felt love
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
You can't capture the nature
By single or multiple clicks
It's beauty stretches to infinity
And infinity can't be reached
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
All my tears are absorbed
All my heart breaks are dissolved
You are more important for me
Than any other thing
Because you remain closer to me
Than anyone had ever been
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