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15h · 33
Ally 15h
Him, standing in the beautiful
morning sun...

Her, smiling, for nothing
ever looked this beautiful to her...
Ally 1d
I look up at the night sky
I see you between the stars
The half moon smiling
as I close my window

Draw the curtains
another night, another wish
I fall into a deep slumber
forgotten memories
revealed in my dreams

When your kisses were still
warm against my cheek
When I could still feel
your breath against my neck

At dawn I am reminded
that you will only
to live
... only in my dreams
1d · 74
Fallen Rose
Ally 1d
Petals dry and withered
The once pastel blush, now pale
Given up your thirst for rain
... you fall
Petal after
Once, beautiful petal
Ally 3d
For a decade or so
I believed that love
wasn't meant for me,
My heart denied any love

I stopped looking
The crushing breathless
scattered emotions
suffocated my will

Determined, I lived
in absolute solace
dreaded the dawn
longing for the moon

Fate, oh FATE

A rollercoaster ride
emotions drowning
My soul
My heart

Fate, oh FATE

On a day when love
and disbelief carried my
fragile heart
I looked into your eyes

An extraordinary moment
Our hearts felt every heartbeat
in our chests
and my soul danced a glorious twist of fate
4d · 41
Our infinity
Ally 4d
Holding your hands
breathing in your scent
Your tender whispers of love
found their way into my soul

Love has captured
               My cynical heart

This is our infinity
                This is our forever
4d · 74
Lyrical emotions
Ally 4d
Today I sing
A song of love
Of tender words, like
I love you

Today I am grateful
For the beauty in
Our souls
Merging our tears with our hearts
7d · 60
Love is...
Ally 7d
love is
the space
between my heart
and yours
when you pull me closer
Jan 19 · 72
Scars vs Love
Ally Jan 19
I give to you
all my heart
and all I am
I am ready, my love

I have waited
for your
beautiful soul
for longer than I should have

You know my scars
You love them
You show me yours
I embrace them
Jan 14 · 63
Armour of love
Ally Jan 14
The memory of
Your love
Protects me from
More heartache

The memory of
Your hugs
Shields me from
The bitter cold

The memory of
Your smile
Strengthens me for
Another day, without you
Jan 13 · 27
Heaven's love
Ally Jan 13
I gave you my
broken heart
You gave me
unconditional love

The heavens above
Witness my tears
As I fall
...To my knees
Jan 10 · 26
Ally Jan 10
Somewhere between
the wind and
the rain
we missed the
beautiful rainbow
Jan 9 · 203
Your soul
Ally Jan 9
Your soul

I have known you, for so long, yet we explore a little more
Each day

I know
Without a doubt
That my soul
Needed... only yours
Jan 7 · 58
I am
Ally Jan 7
I am the wind
My words breezing through
Broken souls
And shattered hearts

I am the rain
A downpour of emotions
Through my pen
Drenched with tearful memories

I am the sun
I wait for the morning
Sun, after a dark night
I get up and smile, to a new day
Jan 4 · 93
Bleeding pen
Ally Jan 4
My emotions

rippling through

scattered memories

liquid pleasures, my comfort

All the questions

that desperately need answers

my pen bleed

for you, tonight
Jan 3 · 37
Ally Jan 3
Though it's hard
and often, I am
close to giving up
I remember you
your love,

It gets me through
yet, another day
Jan 3 · 44
Ally Jan 3
Dance, dance, dance,
like everyone's watching...
Jan 1 · 167
Fragile memories
Ally Jan 1
This world was not for you

you left too soon

I whisper your name

and dream of forever


I will remember


I will wait for you to whisper my name

                        through our fragile memories
Dec 2019 · 940
Happy New Year
Ally Dec 2019
Dearest poets

we understand each other

through our universal language

of love and compassion

Our words

our love

our pain and joy

dancing with our words

Into a beautiful 2020
Dec 2019 · 49
I see you
Ally Dec 2019
The parts you won't

or can't show to anyone...

I see your scars

I see you

and it's ridiculously

precious  and beautiful

that you trust me

I see you
Dec 2019 · 46
Ally Dec 2019
A collage of
colorful memories
turns to
tearful cheeks
Dec 2019 · 546
Ally Dec 2019
My sorrow will
always find
your memory,
and smile...
Dec 2019 · 163
Ocean eyes
Ally Dec 2019
I often stare
into your ocean eyes
emotional waves...
crashing through my heart
and soothing
my soul
Dec 2019 · 291
Oh, What a morning!
Ally Dec 2019
To wake up with the chirping birds,

inhaling the jasmine scents

and the sound of the rain

dancing to the song of a new dawn


grateful for

yet another

beautiful day
Dec 2019 · 49
Tuck my love away
Ally Dec 2019
You mean the world to me... remember that,

and keep my words

safely tucked into your

beautiful heart

                          ... forever
Dec 2019 · 70
Footprints - (Tri-Haiku)
Ally Dec 2019
Lonely path I walk
one set of footprints, today
you are in my soul

While I gaze at the bright moon,
the stars know my heart ache well

to have you walk here,
Surrender to the heavens
I say goodbye, now
Dec 2019 · 66
Ally Dec 2019
You find a way to
sneak in briefly, tenderly
again, fading slow
Dec 2019 · 42
I'm alone
Ally Dec 2019
It is late and all is silent
The summer night has closed in...
A solitary whiskey to ruminate
on the world... I love you.

Three simple words that encompass
the universe and all its beautiful mysteries.

I love you,
Your soul is with mine, as you sleep,
Like strange incense, they wisp and play.

Our souls know more than
they will reveal...

I love you
The only certainty, my only truth
I love you
Reflecting on love, so long ago, yet still, I remember.
Dec 2019 · 53
Bleeding heart
Ally Dec 2019
Embrace each moment
with tender thoughts and your soul
bleeding heart on page
Dec 2019 · 206
Ally Dec 2019
Although the silence

was necessary,

to heal my hurt -

my heart

and soul

aches to hear the sound

of your laughter
Dec 2019 · 166
Ally Dec 2019
everlasting love for you
nothing more to say
Dec 2019 · 77
Prisoner (Haiku)
Ally Dec 2019
through the bars of love
she longed, a caress in stars
sunrise, acquittal
Dec 2019 · 189
Glorious rainfall (Haiku)
Ally Dec 2019
Leaves falling so slow
Every white petal muddy
Evergreen grasslands
(Visit my FB page "Haiku from my soul to yours")
Dec 2019 · 72
Sing me a lullaby
Ally Dec 2019
I remember your voice
Your words linger

Like a piano
ivory keys stoking

the memory of each
straight into my heart
... and memories
Dec 2019 · 165
Ally Dec 2019
I am distracted by the notion
of love
and a little hope
and everything
in between
Dec 2019 · 68
A new dawn
Ally Dec 2019
I feel your pain
I cry with you
Just a little
While watching the sunset

Ember ebbs
Into the night
Where hearts are broken
And lovers cry

A new dawn
We renew our souls
To love...
... again, once more
Ally Dec 2019
The morning rainfall

drizzled petals pink and white

the chill in the breeze

morning coffee, woken soul

tiny birds sing a new morn'
Dec 2019 · 127
Portraits of my hurt
Ally Dec 2019
As I walk through

These blurred, darkened walls

Displaying portraits of my hurt

Bloodstains that gives

My memories color

My handprints

Grasping, at my will

To reach the light
Dec 2019 · 58
The wind
Ally Dec 2019
I blame the wind

for whispering your name,

luring me

into the intoxicating

fury of your love
Dec 2019 · 52
... Exhale
Ally Dec 2019
We have been hurt
insensitive words
... let it go

take a deep breath
... exhale
feel what I feel
give me... all of what you feel
Dec 2019 · 192
Ally Dec 2019
Close your eyes
feel my skin
your breath on my neck
a third eye kiss

Your fingers
... linger
silky smooth

Kisses trailing my
twin pleasure
sensations rising
Dec 2019 · 149
Your love
Ally Dec 2019
Your beautiful voice
I close my eyes and hear you say
"baby, hold me"
"don't let me miss your arms"

Your smile
it use to light up
my darkest day
I could only... smile right back

Your love
you're gone
but I remember your love
it will last for all eternity
Nov 2019 · 107
Leaping frogs (Tri-Haiku)
Ally Nov 2019
In the morning light

Happy birds sing their duets

The owl sleeps and dream

A willow tree weeps for rain

The thirsty brown leaves frowning

A thunderous storm

Soaking up the desert sand

Frogs leaping in ponds
Nov 2019 · 42
Just my thoughts...
Ally Nov 2019
Nov 2019 · 64
Silence and Screaming
Ally Nov 2019
Our the wordless goodbye's
Misery of your silence
My mind screaming loud
Nov 2019 · 160
Memories - Haiku
Ally Nov 2019
lazy day, ponder
memories of you linger
memories fading...
Nov 2019 · 53
Perhaps, in the wind
Ally Nov 2019
I hear your voice,

Calling my name

I swear, even

During a thunderous storm

I feel your arms

Around me

Keeping me safe

From any harm

I see your face

Only in my dreams

But I swear I know

Your beautiful eyes

Perhaps, the wind itself

Knows how I yearn

For your arms to hold me

And to hear you whisper my name

From my new book "Unforgettable" now available on
From my new book "Unforgettable" now available on
Nov 2019 · 483
If these walls could talk
Ally Nov 2019
There is a darkness
I have known
For longer than
I should have endured

I have not shed too many tears
Last night,
I cried myself to sleep

I dreamed of your touch,
But in my dream
You faded…
In a clouded dust storm

Forced… to turn away from you…
What – the - hell was I thinking?
I - can - not turn – away
Not – from – you, I cannot bear it

But I did… I finally did
I woke up, I step closer to
The window,
Glorious raindrops falling

My tears dancing
On my cheeks
While I smiled and said,
Goodbye, my love
From my latest book "Unforgettable" available on
Nov 2019 · 53
Time stopped... briefly
Ally Nov 2019
I carried you
for 9 months
In the safe confines
of my body

I sang to you
I played the classics for you
I read poetry
It was utter excitement

The waiting was torturous
could not wait to see
Your precious face
and touch your little toes

The day, finally arrived
pain, indescribable
Joyous tears
I was to be a new mommy

But here I sit today
you didn't cry
But died

I held your lifeless body
my hands shaking
my heart shattered
you were gone

All these years later
On this day
I still remember
Your birthday

I celebrate your soul
for I know
God had better plans
The answers I may never know...

All I know
On this day, 22years later
I still remember how
Time stopped... briefly

R.I.P my little boy, always in my heart.
Nov 2019 · 654
Ally Nov 2019
Your beautiful brown eyes
A window to your soul
I can tell you everything
My mommy, my friend

I know you love me, unconditionally
It is the one certainty
I have always known
Your love for me never questioned

Mommy, you are my anchor
In my happy days
And my darkest days
My mommy, I love you unconditionally
Nov 2019 · 79
Arrows and Dandelions
Ally Nov 2019
I have many arrows
Straight through
My heart
Penetrating my soul

Every time you hurt me
I danced with
In A breeze of hope
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