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If I had a dime,
For every time you sighed.
I would have built us a new paradise,
Where I would drown you
And die.
The peace and the calm.
The waves settled down,
And birds flying high.
With the sun beating down,
Will death grant me this
For the rest of my life?
And I’ve seem to lost my innovations,
And I’ve seem to loose my patience
With you,
It can’t be true.
I don’t love you anymore.
This morning
I burnt my tongue
Sipping coffee
It left a mark
It still haunts me
How do I cure it ?
How do I cure my tongue?
It all heals in the end .
If you only knew,
how much I love you,
You would never ask,
if I’d Leave you.
If you had the heart,
to ever love me back,
I’d bring paradise into your heart.
It’s a dream,
I always had,
For you to love me back,
But now I’ve learnt the truth
And that..
That ain’t you.
On the bus,
Late yet again,
I feel low,
Like this year will be a waste,
But I still drag myself,
Because I’m halfway there.
River flows.
It's a natural cause.
Some consider it a beautiful one,
But for some it's an ugly one.

River flows.
There are species below,
Sometimes treasure,
Sometimes pain.
Pain and pleasure,
some long for,
and treasure forever.

River flows.
Gently it fades,
finding it’s spring,
Calmly it stops,
And waits for the next month.
The cycle.
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