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She's an angel among all the stars
She's a healer of all one's scars
She's the usual customer in bars
She has wicked, poisonous claws
She's the winner, of all draws
She's the breaker of all laws
Did I pass the test oh sweet sorrow
Should I close my eyes till morrow
To see if I need a heart to borrow
I'll search for a path to follow
Within your heart that's so hollow
Oh sweet life, what do I owe
To see your beautiful face tomorrow
If I could choose
I'd go back and love you all over again
Though did destiny not tear us apart?
Did fate seek us to meet again?
Did cupid
Intend on pulling his arrow
Stuck in our hearts?
I dreamed a sweet dream last night
and for a moment all was right
We were together again
and we kissed in the rain
Your hands were stroking my back
As I was kissing your neck
We were perfectly cut out
in a vision soon to be about
I dreamed a bitter dream last night
We were together again
With all love and pain
Kissing in the rain
Eyes blinked, you out of sight
Eyes open, empty arms in bed
I wish we'd be together instead
I still love you, and seek your touch
I want to help you
I may not involve
Though I wish I could help
Though I wish I didn't even meet you
I have a lost for all words
Holding my hand over my heart
Hearing it slowly beat your name
Till it doesn't
Broken hearts cannot utter
Did you ever truly love me?
You sure as **** don't anymore
But I still do, and I always will
Innocent souls, meant to strive
Dark demons, allowed to live

Casualties that had it all
That should've kept it all

Words escaping
This ravaged reaping
My bestfriend and my oldest highschool friend has grown sick
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