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1.8k · May 2018
A Girl Is
Edric Daumier May 2018
A girl is more than just dresses, butts, and *******,
she is worth more than your dares and bets,
on trying to break her heart,
and break her down.
She is more than just a toy to play with,
until you see her crack and frown.
She is not used to please you, to serve you,
for you to demean her,
a girl is not just something to amuse you,
as if you hired a clown.
No, she is worth more than that, and she deserves more than that,
She deserves to wear a crown.
Allow her to feel like royalty,
not to feel unworthy,
as she walks the streets in fear,
because they say she is flaunting her gifts,
and she is something to hunt, like a game for deer.
No, a girl is someone special,
a girl deserves to show her confidence,
where her body has acceptance,
not of *** or lust,
or of the size of her bust,
but for her self-esteem,
so let her dream,
and make her dreams come true,
where she can wear her pink dress, or skirt that was blue,
she is more than just something for you to do.
200 · May 2018
Biblical Death
Edric Daumier May 2018
Always hurting, feels like I'm crucified,
today and yesterday, I wish that I had died.
My smiles and my "I'm okays,"
I'm sorry but I lied.
I asked for self-esteem, they said I had enough,
Don't they ever know, my times are really rough.
I'm falling to the dirt,
tears falling to my shirt,
pretend that you care,
doesn't matter, I have lost my ember flare.
I'd like to hurt myself, my past I'd like to dwell,
got a mask full of smiles, I'm just an empty shell.
I hear my funeral, I hear the church bell.
How I'm feeling I can never tell.
I'm in denial, don't want to face this trial,
I just want forgiveness but I don't know how.
148 · May 2018
Edric Daumier May 2018
Breaking reflective glass, feeling outnumbered and outclassed,
those "beauty contests," not one did you pass.
Now you can't stand your own face, features so out of place,
and I know they called you ugly again, so you redrew yourself with a surgical pen.
You say it's just a little plastic, but now your face looks so elastic,
but they now call you amazing, you feel ecstatic,
but tell me, do you really feel that fantastic?
139 · May 2018
How About
Edric Daumier May 2018
How about a few more pills,
to make up for my lack of skills,
Or how about a little alcohol,
drinking bleach and petrol,
Or how about a little blade,
to let my skin degrade,
Or how about a noose around my head,
and wait until my breath is dead,
Or how about I pick a gun,
and shoot at me for my own fun.
Or how about I jump to fly,
as I fall, and I cry.
130 · May 2018
Guilt of Mine
Edric Daumier May 2018
I've been lost in the forest of guilt,
and I don't know the way out,
I tried to call for help,
My thoughts I tried to shout,
but I could only do a whisper,
that you didn't even hear,
now intoxicated,
my sight's hazy and unclear.
But I know I put myself into this,
My actions that tear me apart,
anger took hold of me,
now the price I pay is the pain in my heart.
I've always held back,
it's love that I lack,
wanting to disappear,
now surrounded by fear.
It's time to finish this,
the war I started,
no use finding,
all the hearts that I discarded.
To the dark I had confided,
all the secrets that I spilled,
all the people I had killed,
now the altar is filled with my sin.
My heart spinning out of control,
will someone please pull the brakes?
Cause all of my life,
it's just full of mistakes,
and I unfortunately drink tea with liars and fakes.
123 · May 2018
Even When
Edric Daumier May 2018
Even when I'm sweet and kind,
I'm still hated.
Whenever I'm nice and polite,
still harshly berated.
So when I try to be myself,
they then get irritated.
But even when I'm loyal,
I still get alienated,
and now that I act perfect,
my soul has dissipated.
109 · May 2018
A Boy Badly Hated
Edric Daumier May 2018
I know a boy who was so badly hated, but he never let down, he was always elated.
Till he was so hurt, he felt suffocated.
It wasn't long before his hope dissipated, and his mind, heart and soul slowly degraded.
They asked him if he was fine, but they didn't really care, they just wanted attention here and there.
He saw his skin was bare, he didn't feel fair, even though he was religious, he took the dare.
He didn't stop till his whole arm was bleeding, he knew it worked, cause now he feels like fainting.
The last thing that he saw was his lil sister's painting, it showed him and her together, it was heartbreaking.
His friends walked in and saw his cold body still, but they just laughed until they had their fill.
His sister goes to his school to pick him up, but when she sees him, she comes to a sudden stop.
She starts to cry and falls down to the floor, she keeps shouting even when her throat is sore.
She sees a note in his hand and sees what it's for, it says "I'm sorry sis, I love you, but I can't take this anymore."

— The End —