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Barry Jan 2020
Lost to this world.
Streets are full yet empty without you.
Days and nights grow longer, now  seeming to be as one
never-ending lost moment standing still in time.
Lost to this world without a home.
For my home was with you.
Barry Dec 2019
Crossing roads in time, just to stay a little longer.
Drifting off waking up no longer knowing day from night.
Still smiling still so strong.
Now just longing too be home.
Where it will be forever to rest.
Barry Dec 2019
Memories of you will always walk beside me.
Hand in hand they’ll keep you here with me.
When you leave it won’t be goodbye, for you’ll live on in my mind.
No matter how many years may pass.
I’ll keep the flame of your memories burning bright, until such time we meet again.
Sorry these are sad . They're for my mum. Writing is helping me at this time.
Barry Dec 2019
In this time we must be strong.
For a gentle heart that has done it time.
Yet holding on for every beat not yet ready to give in.
Sleeping now still waking at times.
Still smiling not knowing.
Just being till the time comes to say farewell .
Barry Dec 2019
I cried a tear
And then noticed it was clear that you were no longer there.
As this tear was left to stay .
Where you used to wipe it away .
No smile no words to say it’ll be alright.
Yet that’s ok you rest now in a painless sleep.
Knowing that you are loved .
And you’ll never be forgotten.
Barry Dec 2019
No cure for this day as the rust has already set in .
As time is already eating it away, even before we get to make our way.
No cure for this day and the next will be just the same.
No matter what we do the days will never last.
So we must take from them as much as we can.
Barry Dec 2019
Braking rules by being when I shouldn’t.
Not knowing how or why, just knowing I shouldn’t.
Should’ve gone but didn’t go.
With days and nights now being time stolen.
Yet not resting .
Happy to be breaking rules even just for more time.
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