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Sep 2019 · 946
Love for Imperfect Things
Indranys Sep 2019
Sometimes a person prays with tears
When the words are missing...
It hurts the most
When your heart bleed...
But no one saw it including your dear ones...
You pretend to smile...
And No one feel your pain through your eyes
You feel loneliness...
Your pain is growing slowly
All you can do it let your heart bleed..

And the last..
You must take a deep breath
And you must to say...
Don't you sad !!
Don't you sad !!
Every pain that makes your heart bleed gives a lesson...
You are strong person
Strong to forgive..
You are strong person..
Strong to forgive
Because forgiveness is the best form of love
Jun 2019 · 137
Indranys Jun 2019
The  raindrops nourishing the earth
Make a piece of memorize appear
Make of prayers are answered
Make of sadness was evaporated

The pearl from the  sky come on
To kissed my soul with her aromatic smelled
To kissed of wilted flowers
All Glory be to Allah

The pearl from the sky come on
To gave water for thirsty trees
To taught me of  "passionate"
Although she was  falling
She never complain and always coming
All Glory be to Allah


The raindrops nourishing the earth
Jun 2019 · 761
Indranys Jun 2019
She is small and white
She will broken into some pieces when the wind blows
She has beautiful visual
She is symbol of strength
Do you know the secret of Dandelion?
She hid her wounds from rain, sun and wind...
She never complain for her pain
Try to look out of  their root when they grow
She can live,,
Wherever she live

She patiently sowed her hopes
Although she losses a thousand hopes
Even though, she looks weak and fragile...
She can survive and live well
Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust in process. Please give me comment or suggestion to make my poem more better. Happy reading
Jun 2019 · 452
Indranys Jun 2019
A curve sign in my poem has spoken..
To make a pause between our stories..
Between you and me are asking each other..
Are you still there..?
I'm so sorry for my followers because i didn't write for a long time. Please give me comment and suggestion for my poem to more better. Happy reading
Jan 2019 · 466
Indranys Jan 2019
Love is pure
             Love is honesty
   with a reason
                    is easy but
              is very special
Habib Ali al Jufri said : when you able to love someone unconditionally, without reason,,
you begin to understand God's unconditional love for you,,,
Oct 2018 · 7.3k
Indranys Oct 2018
We live to love..
We live to learn..
All the earth won't be enough for us..
If we live without tolerance..
If we live with love..
And even if the land isn't enough..
We live in every heart..
Spread it among all humans..
The mean of peace..
With love and smiles..
Spread it to the world..
The mean of peace...
With love, smile and beautifull manners...
Sep 2018 · 12.2k
When I see the "Sunset"
Indranys Sep 2018
When I look up at the sky..
I see beautiful colours like sparkling gold..
The only other sound's from the wind blows...
And she will appear when the night comes..
We know as the "beautiful evening".
When I look up at the sky..
Her colours look beauty like huges the sky..
"I close my eyes to see"..
My heart said to me " you can learn from this beautiful phenomenon".
And I ask her" How I can learn it? "
My heart answered "you can learn from beautiful sunset" that anything which look beauty and charming" ..
They will disappear when the time has passed..
When the sunset has arrived " you can learn that "the time is precious".
So, never look back at your past..
The past is the past..
Look into your future..
Because there are brighter days wait you.
And I ask again..and then..?
My heart answered " it is very important to you and I hope we always remember it".
"When the sunset has arrived"..
Is the way from the God  reminds us that don't you love the world too much because we never life forever and oneday the world will gone forever.
I hope you can read my poem with enjoy and Iam sorry for my followers because I didn't write my work for a long time. I hope the God always bless us.
Jun 2018 · 1.2k
Scenario 2
Indranys Jun 2018
Have you ever felt the sadness in your life....?
Have you ever felt the pain in your heart...?
Have you ever felt the lonliness without someone beside you..?
Have you ever felt the loss of someone you love..?
You want to see-
But you can't see...
Because there's darkness everywhere...
You want to hear-
But you can't hear...
Because there's darkness always singing in your day..
That's why this world has existed for you..
To train you -
How you can learn to be  strong and survive your life well..
When I fell sadness my favorite quotes is " life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but it's about learning to dance in the rain" The God will always with you.
Jun 2018 · 608
Lonely moon
Indranys Jun 2018
In the night...
I walked in the middle of forest...
I saw the grass was talking while looking up to sky...
They were very noisy....
They were talking about a lonely moon...
The grass said " The moon was always lonely and the stars weren't a real friend to her.
I was confuse and asked them "why...?"
They replied " The moon was always alone since millions years a go because when the all galaxies loved the sun she always loved the earth".
Jun 2018 · 592
Scenario 1
Indranys Jun 2018
When you look into your heart..
Can you feel the peacefulness..?
When you look into your heart..
Can you feel the kindness..?
That's why the beautiful world was created.
To tell you how  your life..
Can be really meaningfull.
Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world.
Jun 2018 · 495
Monologue of Rain
Indranys Jun 2018
Do you know the secret of rain..?
There is a hidden of wishes..
The raindrops is flowing without injury...
The sound of his tones are noisy..
Like playing and dancing in noiselless night...
So cold and softness..
That's why I love rain..
He always comes...
To lose of sadness...
He always comes to grows some wishes...
And he always comes..
As a memories...
That's why I love rain...

— The End —