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506 · Sep 2020
The Jellyfish
Syd Sep 2020
Forever altering acid rain
All the pleasure without the pain
Lysergic acid tattooing the brain
Gods beautiful pulsating gift

Dope Lemon & The Psychic Ills
Pure emotion, neon thrills
Glowing gold like daffodils
I air guitar a Hendrix riff

The Jellyfish is the centre piece
If there was war she would be peace
Out of her book I take a leaf
Jettison paddles and slowly drift

Aching cheeks and racing thoughts
Jason and the ******* Argonauts
Amid the chaos thoughts pause...
Is life genuine or counterfeit?
The Jellyfish is actually a flashing bluetooth speaker observed under the influence of LSD.
455 · Jul 2020
Syd Jul 2020
Tess Park's lyrics
dripping purple lilac
they are the purest
angels kiss

Fuzzy leather of
silk & velvet
harmonic bliss

Worries gently elcipsed

Viscous vocals
melding gently
with Anton Newcombes
musical genius
Inspired by the beautiful voice of Tess Parks from the song Fingertips
394 · Jan 2019
Syd Jan 2019
Full of momentum
Intoxicated on summer's sunshine
No respect for the rain
I need to stop suddenly
Can't do it gently
Slam on the brakes
And drift eloquently
In slow motion...
I aquaplane

Danger in beauty
Beauty in wisdom
Bones fracture brilliantly
Like light in prisms
No room for logic
Slow motion gliding
Common sense hiding...

Palace of wisdom?
If I live, leave me bleeding
******* moist air
With blood, hair and glass
Wrapped around my face
Whiplash with no headrest
Leave me crippled
And crumpled...

Another rusted ruin
At the side of the road to excess...
Inspired by William Blake "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" and my life.
216 · Jun 2019
In To The Fumes
Syd Jun 2019
Words flow like worms
Swept along in the silt
Of murky river beds
No match for the current
And content
Of a cluttered unfiltered head

Moments perish like daffodils
Fragile to a stiff
Spring breeze
Petals turn dark to auburn
Permiated with jaundice
Depicting decaying disease

Ferrous dust lines lungs
Along with choking
Metallic fumes
Time ticks in slow motion
Steel faced suppressed emotion
As impending doom looms
104 · Jul 2018
Syd Jul 2018
Dust laden wings
Drunk on the moonlit sky
Seduced by the warm summer air
They splat off my windscreen
Do they value their life?
They don't seem to care

Their lives to most are like mine...
Beyond comprehension
They live like I drive
Without due care and attention

Ninety miles per hour
I race home to my flame
As more splat on my windscreen
A realisation washes over me
Maybe we're quite the same?

I am captive
In society...

Anchored in the open sea

They have wings
And the open sky
They can fly...

But they are not free
Inspired by a drive home from work on a hot summer night. I'm racing home to destroy my liver with ***** and at the same time the moths are splattering on my windscreen.
102 · Feb 2019
Syd Feb 2019
Icicles hang
Temporarily melted by low winter sun
Under the pristine crystal skies
You and I hung

Like metamorphosing butterflies
Webs of intricate thought
Are simultaneously spun

At night we're stunned
By the unfiltered cosmos
In its ultimate wisdom

No pressure of life
No consequence of decision

The stars are the headlamps
Resurrected by the crisp air
We are the paralysed and mystified
The rabbits in the cross hairs

We care not, the why, when nor how

Time and emotions are frozen
Starstruck..You and I
Lazily gliding through the mirrored still ocean

What wisdom lingers here?
In the pauses between thoughts...
What currents guide us here?
My fellow cosmonauts
74 · Jul 2020
Green Banana
Syd Jul 2020
Remarks hang
low in the gut
so dense they have there own gravity...
Freedom of opinions
ignorance is bliss
free speech becomes a travisty

Out of taste
and fashion
like a garish 80s bandana
an appendix burst
or rupture to the spleen
a spanner in the works
of a fine tuned machine

Hard to digest
pain bursts through my chest
like a xenomorph in nirvana
indigestible & foul
dry cat **** on a trowel
you are my green banana
I coined the phrase "A green banana" to describe a friend who you cherish dearly but has an opinion about something that you can't agree with eg. Disagreeing with the Black Lives Matter movement. You can't cut this person out of your life because of this as you've been lifelong friends. That person is your green banana.
65 · Jan 2019
The Void
Syd Jan 2019
Conned by currency
Lured in gently
Hours wasted generously...
I am full time employed

Melded soft metal
Idea's now skeletal
Decaying wilted petals...
A scream with no noise

A stunning star collapses
No more quick firing synapses
The addict relapses...
His dreams are destroyed

Disposable consciousness
A pawn in all of this
The blackness of all of it
Welcome to...The void
Inspired by my current employment

— The End —