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 May 2018 Aemr
Holly Parker
 May 2018 Aemr
Holly Parker
I like the dark.
Nobody can see you
Or what you are doing.
What your expression is
Or what your emotions are.
You can cry in the dark and nobody noticed until
They shine a torch in your face.
Your eyes change colour in the dark as your night vision adapts.
Like your eyes, your mood can change.
From happy to sad by watching a gut-wrenching scene.
Nobody notices.
Nobody knows you are there.
You can be so invisible in the dark,
It's like you aren't really there.
Like you've faded
From the very world and time itself.
I like the dark because I can be me
With hundreds of people
Surrounding who never notice or see.
It helps me see them for who they really are.
Whether they are truly good or not.
I need good people,
To share the light and
Pull me back into reality
When I'm too far gone.
To comfort me in times of sadness and to share my pain.
Or simply to be there.
Like I said,
I like the dark.
 May 2018 Aemr
Lava love
 May 2018 Aemr
As she sits on the park bench
Watching the happy couples
Pass by she thinks to herself

She’s alone. Why ? Why ?
Why is she never good enough
She can feel the pieces of her
Heart shattering

Rage filling the cracks like lava
It fills the crevices of her heart

It passes painfully and slowly
The pain of the lava in her chest
Bring stinging tears to her eyes

The tears roll down her cheeks
As the lava passes through

She’s burnt , battered and bruised
From a love that felt real but wasn’t

Dear child it wil be fine in the end
Don’t let the world make your heart hard.
 May 2018 Aemr
Milton Robertson
When you plant a good seed watch out for weeds. They will try to supersede and ***** out all good deeds.

Because weeds only grow to impede and to do misdeeds. Once freed the weeds will procede to take the lead and will have you treed, indeed.

So take heed when you plant your seed don't feed the weeds or they will breed and can make you concede.

Proof read then proceed with Godspeed.
Fight the good fight. It's LIFE.
 May 2018 Aemr
New Way Around
 May 2018 Aemr
The years add up
But you never truly forget  
Just cover it up
with leaves, some brush
an old sheet or blanket
A drive
a new route around
Sometimes an old box in a closet
or under a bed work fine
to hide the time

until the winds of seasons change
bare it all again

..and there's never any tissues around
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